K-Rail… to be or not to be? | Kerala @200kmph | PlugInCaroo

What is KRail?

Kerala Rail Development Corporation (K-Rail) is a public sector joint venture company under the ownership of the Government of Kerala for the railway infrastructure development in Kerala.

Goal of K-Rail:

  • It intends to connect the north & south of Kerala (a distance of 529kms)
  • With a semi hi-speed train travelling at a peak speed of 200kmph.
  • It will have 11 stations
  • The travel time between the 1st & last stop is 4hrs.


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The World is moving towards Desertification | #SaveSoil | Farming | Rain Water Harvesting

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Milkman on EV hotwheels! Result of wrong Engg practices in Engineering Colleges

Don’t know if you guys realized that he is riding an electric vehicle?

The hub motor in the rear & the electric motor in front of the rear wheel at 00:07 is a clear giveaway… he also seem to have a set of 3 Lead-Acid batteries on his bonnet… at least he doesn’t have to worry about any battery fire 😉 in the lifetime of the car.

As a Go-Kart it is very good.

At least he put his automobile engineering project… to some good use… but it is VERY UNSAFE… because…

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China is doing all it can to bring its biomass project to life. The country’s largest single biomass RNG cogeneration project was put into operation recently. Anhui Wuhe Modern Energy RNG cogeneration project constructed by China Energy Construction was put into operation. This project is the largest single biomass RNG cogeneration project in China. Furthermore, it is a joint project, reason for its significant largeness.

commercial electricity
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Saudi Arabia was a Rainforest… believe it or not! | How to Farm | #SaveSoil | Farming | ZBNF | Permaculture |

The desert that is Saudi Arabia was once a Rainforest! Can you believe that?
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Importance of Prairie Dog | Dust Bowl | How To Farm | PlugInCaroo

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Time to save the soil!

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Tata Motors to build on NexonEV success | Nexon the best selling SUV in India (March 2022)

From a ZERO to a HERO…what a comeback from a company which was to be sold to Ford a decade ago!!! FORD has asked Ratan Tata why he was in car business if he did not understand it.

Sweet revenge will be when Tata buys Ford’s factory in Tamil Nadu. Then Ratan Tata can ask Bill Ford “why he invested in India if he couldn’t understand India”.

Climate change & Colonial mentality

Vijay Prashad