Amazon Electric Delivery Van to launch in 2022

To see the test vehicle see below:

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Foxconn’s Electric Car & Bus to Launch on 18 Oct 2021 | Foxtron EV

Electronics manufacturer Foxconn may be best known as an Apple iPhone supplier, but the company is getting into the car business — and it’s starting off with plans for multiple electric cars (and a bus).

On Monday, the company shared a teaser video for its Oct. 18 Hon Hai Tech Day 2021.

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Lithium Phosphate Generators | End of Diesel Generators?

USING Solar Panels as FENCE in FARMS | Shade for Poultry farming, Vineyards & Creepers| Agri-Voltics

Is Suzlon Energy a good stock to buy? | Renewable Energy | Coal Plants shutting down?

Suzlon is not andu- pandu company. It is one of the biggest companies in the WORLD. Revenue is in billion Rupees (million US Dollars). Clean and Green power is the future. Usage of Coal, Diesel & Petrol will be curtailed in India and the World due to 2025 Target which was accepted and signed in the Paris Agreement.

Countries will be punished by Western Countries for not reducing fuel that contribute to Global Warming. Situation is like WAR for western nations and they are increasing the pressure. Trump had reduced the pressure to a certain extent but now Bidden is a person supporting the cause of Climate Change.

So the direction in the country and for the world …the future is WELL SET and Clean Energy companies WILL benefit in the LONG RUN (5 to 10yrs).

It became a loss making company because they wanted to expand into Europe and bought a few companies there. The European laws restricted Suzlon and finally Suzlon sold that arm (RENewPower/Senvion).The company was on the brink of closure due to this few years ago but overcame the problems.

If my memory serves me correct around Sept-2021 Suzlon cleared the last tranche of payments which will give it back its earlier agility.

Indian companies will always be penalized if they do business in other countries unless they open a headquarter in western country. Call it racist laws or patriotic law.

Tatas & Mahindra too had faced it… recently it was M&M’s Roxor vehicle. This is how the world operates. But now that Suzlon sold of their European Business (although at a huge loss) and paid off their major debtors it can operate with greater freedom.

The WORST DAYS of Suzlon are over for sure!

Why wait for an IPO-share when you can …

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Gobar Gas से CNG कैसे बनाई जाती है !! |Biogas to CNG making & Refilling in India

What is substitute for petrol bikes? Ethanol? | Rs 110 Petrol or Rs 60 Ethanol? |Fuel you can make at home | Ethanol

Ethanol Motorcycle:

Land rates for Industrialists

Adani Group bagged land for its port and special economic zone (SEZ) project — between Re 1 and Rs 32 per square metre.

K Raheja Corp was sold land at Rs 470 per sq mt

Maruti Suzuki, bought about 700 acres in Hansalpur at Rs 670 per sq mt

Tata Motors was given 1,110 acres for its Nano car plant in Sanand (near Ahmedabad) at Rs 900 per sq mt

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Evergrande Crisis is FAKE… the war is REAL

In the Year 2020 China had made an unprecedented run to list a lot of its companies on the US Stock markets. China also listed its shares on the Hong Kong stock markets.

Most of these companies collected huge amount of money when they got listed on the US Stock Markets and these stocks were purchased by American Individual Investors like you and me.

US Stock Market is HUGE!!! China has been targeting in in 2021

When a company offers its shares at the Stock Market it is called Initial Public Offering (IPO)

As Chinese IPOs rushed in, American investors picked up billions of dollars of new equity to feast on the Dragon’s astonishing growth.

When Jack Ma’s Alibaba scooped up $25 billion in 2014. It was the biggest IPO in American history.

Thus Alibaba overnight joined the elite…

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