How to make an electric / solar boat! – Full Guide

Sukoon Electric Tractor – only 2.35 Lakhs !!! Cheaper than a NANO Car

Sukoon Comany produces Electric Tractora and Solar Water Pumps

This electric tractor can be powered by a 2kW Solar panel provided on a trolly for Rs 100,000. No more refueling and expensive periodic maintenance… EVER!

Cellestial eTractor… who needs traditional polluting tractors

Cellestial Electric Tractor

High diesel cost for tractors, high costs of ownership and operation still make it difficult for farming community in acquiring them.

A Hyderabad-based start-up Cellestial E-Mobility have come up with an operational prototype of an electric tractor that costs less than the traditional diesel-run tractors.

This start-up could swallow the ENTIRE 8.78 lakh-unit tractor market (2019) in the country as there is no other major eTractor manufacturer in the country. “The market is growing at…

ZunRoof gets $3 million from Godrej!

Home-tech company ZunRoof has raised $3 million in Series A funding from the Godrej investment office.

This is the second round of investment by Godrej, after its $1.2 million funding in a pre-series A round in April last year, ZunRoof said in a statement.

ZunRoof, founded in 2016 by a group of IIT graduates, aims to…