Best method of Rainwater Harvesting

NEVER use the RAINWATER-PIT because:

  1. Clean rooftop rainwater gets in contact with soiled ground water
  2. The pit will get clogged with debries within an hour of heavy rain and it will save just 1% of the rainwater. Where as Roof to Borewell saves 100% of rainwater.

People who do not understand EV talk about charging infrastructure

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Rainwater Harvesting | The full story

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Revolt Electric Motorcycle Launch Highlights in 10 minutes

Revolt Electric Motorcycle Launch Highlights in 10 minutes

Patanjali Solar Power |पतंजलि सौर ऊर्जा

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Ather scooter – 1st Advertisement

Ather is really ramping it up… on their Chennai launch! Ather should do more advertisments on Google & YouTube like the Wix advertisement!

Check out Ather Advt – Way beyond a scooter!