Electric Cars Threaten the Grid!!!


Well thats what you are going to hear A LOT from now onwards. You would literally see hording on the Roads screaming at you not to use the grid for re-charging your car.

The result could be that the government might altogether ban charging the car from the grid due to bribes by the oil companies. Probably the government might add a tax or special rate for all electricity meters that are used to charge cars. They might even say that car owners are rich so they are taxing the rich to serve the poor! And you guys are expecting a REBATE or DISCOUNT for Electric cars from our Government? lol

Whatever it may be… but in future you will not be able to charge you electric car from the home power line. If you try to charge it from the common building line that powers the lights in the stairways and common areas… then that will inflate (if more than 1 person charges his/her car/e-bike) the common building electricity bill and rest of the residents will not be happy.

So what is the answer?

Let me conclude by saying the answer is Solar Panels. Buy it now…  but don’t buy solar panels considering only the Car. Plan your solar panels purchase in such a way that you will be using it to power your house electrical system and charge your car too. Plan to go off the grid completely. Plan to become independent power producer for your own house & your car.

I suggest you to invest in a Solar Panel+Battery+controller set which is worth about 5 Lakh so that you can power your car as well as your home. This will also enable you to have an Air conditioner  in your house. If you will use your car once a week (ie on weekends) then you will need only the 1.5 Lakh set but then the small size of Panels & battery will not be able to support A/C in your house.

Where to find Solar Panels and its installers?

This is one question that clean bowls the common man. Of all the supermarkets in the world only IKEA is selling Solar Panels. Other than than in India there are small companies that deal in installing the panels.

“Caveat emptor” – Buyer beware:

Note that you should not pay the entire sum of the solar panels , batteries, charge controllers & framework at one go. You have to first make inquires from multiple companies that are willing to install them. Check their track record and if they have installed anywhere. First pay for the materials that the company will deliver before starting the work and the rest you should pay once the panels are setup. Setting up the panels should not take long.

There have been one company by the name of Team Solar that had taken a lot of money from many people and tried to run away without installing anything. Beware of such companies and agents.

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