EV Charging Stations = Rs 100,000 Business Opportunity

Bussiness Opportuinity to earn Rs 100,000 per month if you stay next to any Road.
What is needed:
-House or shop on the road side
– Parking space next to or near to your house… for 5  to 10 cars…
– A few feet of good quality heavy duty (15 amp) cable with proper +ve, -ve and ground points and you are done.
– Electricity either grid powered or by solar panels/wind turbine.
Optional Services:
– Offer snacks and tea or a proper Restaurant
– Shopping Mart

Solar Panels can be installed if your house is not connected to the grid and you can use the power to power farm machinary, electric cars, ebikes & power tools. This will free you from paying electricity bills and you could even earn some money by letting EV owners to charge from your outlet say at a rate of Rs 100 for full charge (8hrs).


The person who needs to charge the car will be happy to pay you Rs 100 while a petrol car owner would have had to pay Rs 100 for 1 Ltrs of Petrol which is good enough for just 10 kms. while by charging his Electric car he would get a range of 100 kms. Thus a petrol car would have cost him costing him Rs720 (10ltrs of petrol at Rs 72)…. 7 times expensive!!!

Its a Win-Win situation…. so if there are 3 to 4 car that come to you for charging…you could earn Rs 300 in 24 hrs (3 shifts) ie in one day… and for 30 days you could earn Rs 9,000.

If you have a bigger solar grid say the set that costs 5 Lakh one you could charge 5 cars daily so in a month you could earn Rs 45,000.

If you charge 10 cars daily you could earn Rs 90,000 a month!!!

Adding more facilities like car wash, Sandwich or fast food counters, paid toilets, Grocery/Vegetables to shop etc are good secondary business in themselves.

A group of people could pool in money to create a grid for themselves so that they have power while the government provided power is pulled from you (power-cut). They can use this Grid to charge their EV Car or Bike or collect a certain amount for charging other people’s car (RS 25 or Bike Rs 10).Communities and Building Housing societies too can install such Solar-Panels to power their street lights along with their EVs. This will also lower their electricity bills.Not only communities but also Coffee Shops, Car Parks, Petrol Pumps, Hotels, Home-stays, Library, Malls, Railway Stations, Municipality Buildings can earn quite a bit charging EVs. They could mention “EV Ready” on their billboards, stationery, advertisement etc.They need not necessarily charge the full 8 hrs… people can charge if they are low on milage and wouldn’t mind paying Rs 5 an hour in case of emergency. (So if there are 100 parking bays for charging then for 8 hours one bay will earn Rs 40, therefore 100 Bays will earn Rs 4,000. This is just for one shift. Round the clock they have an opportunity to earn Rs 12,000 in just one day. If you multiply this with 30 days… the bays can earn Rs 360,000. Now that’s something!! And everybody is happy.

The Government itself is thinking of proposals to provide generation-based incentive (GBI) to solar power developers, in addition to the savings by them through replacing the high cost grid power with the solar energy,” the Kerala Electricity board said in its proposal during the process.

… and its profitable for all…Amazing!!!

Who needs the grid?…..


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