Solar Panels… pumping life back

Water water everywhere not a drop to drink” is a quote that fits perfectly on India. With an average rainfall of 1,083mm and 306 rivers… India has enough freshwater to fulfill all its needs.


One thought on “Solar Panels… pumping life back

  1. plugincaroocom Post author

    Indian business are kept away to a great extent in US and Euro markets citing stuff like “inflameable fabrics”, “fruitflies” “below 200km range for EV”. Which fabric is not inflameable? Which fruit doesnt have fruit-flies as it ages? Which EV except Tesla can go beyond 200km???… Lets do the same eradication to US and Euro products… its very easy if one considers their low RULE rule of “dual-use (solar & wind) technology combined with 1 acre farming or 1acre pond as a must for each acre of installation”… this would be difficult for US & Euro installers but easy for Indian businesses to follow.. Even if US & Euro installers are able to follow then it will be beneficial to India too.



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