Kandi Electric Car & its Vending Machine

China’s Kandi Electric Car seems to be an exciting car and an exciting company.



Kandi’s new model KD5011 EV — which has a retail price of RMB 89,800 and is approved for a national subsidy of RMB 60,000, for a net cost of just RMB 29,800 (approximately $4,600 US) (E2O cost around $10,000) – provides average consumers with a low-cost, eco-friendly alternative for urban transportation. The lithium-ion KD5011 EV improves upon existing EV technologies by allowing consumers to travel up to 230 km (150 miles) on a single charge.


The company also plans on making 100,000 cars available to the residents of Hangzhou for hourly rental.

Not content with that goal Kandi is also building automated garages (see the video below produced by filmmaker Aaron Rockett) that hold between 30 and 300 cars apiece. They work like giant vending machines: Put in your card, out pops a car.

The car vending machine:

The cars are stored in big towers where they’re charged  and then the cars are taken out to serve the needs of other customers.

It is similar to the bike-sharing operation in the city of Hangzhou, the largest of its type in the world. Customers can select a car from the tower and drive across the city, where it’s deposited in another.

For just $3.25 per hour, you can rent one of the Kandi cars. They are built in partnership with Geely, best known in the west as the company that bought Volvo.

Kandi battery quick change demo:

On a closing note China beat the US this September in electric car sales by becoming the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) market.

According to the Auto Sino report, there were 11,991 electric cars sold in September in China as opposed to 10,551 in the US.

Among electric car models, Zhejiang-based Chinese automaker Kandi rose to second place by sales in September with its EV model while Shenzhen-based BYD entered top ten list with its Qin model.

Sales of electric vehicles have been growing on the global market.


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