Jay Leno’s honest Tata Nano review

I liked Jay Leno’s Tata Nano review… its honest and to the point… he is spot on about the number of people the car can accommodate and the air-conditioner….it can accommodate more people than you can imagine and the conditioner is awesome.

Many people say Tata tried to save money by putting one nut less on each wheel of the Nano but they don’t realize that… “smaller the wheel-size… lesser nuts can fit”. Bigger wheel size need and have space for more nuts… SUVs have more nuts than cars… Buses and Trucks have more nuts than SUVs.

One thing I never liked with the Nano till 2015 was that the Boot doesn’t open… but now they seem to have solved it with the Tata Nano Twist Active 2015 which comes with Automatic Transmission & open-able boot… this combined with easy handling of the car in traffic, breeze to park,  power steering, power-front-windows, amazing air conditioner and unbeatable mileage… really makes the Tata Nano one awesome car to have…irrespective of the price.

…And because of the interior room the carrying capacity can be awesome… as Jay Leno said “it can fit all the dancers”… here is another proof of the carrying capacity in an emergency:

It is the perfect car for a price below Rs 300,000 or US$ 5,000


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