E2O vs Nano GenX (AMT)vs Alto

E2O takes on the Nano GenX  (AMT) vs Alto and barely scrapes through to survive and tell the tale. Nano comes out shining second while Alto gets some respect from the defeat due to its mammoth 35ltr tank!

E2O vs rest

E2O vs rest – Cost of traveling 1,000 Km on E2O is just Rs 500 which makes it Rs 0.50 per km while Nano CNG is close behind with Rs 1.20 the rest are well over Rs 2.50.

It is really beyond explanation how a car can cost 7 Lakhs even after the FAME discounts and still is 3 times the cost of another car. Even if you remove the battery cost which is around 3 Lakh…the car still costs double the cost of the Nano! Maybe the market needs some competition or maybe the E2O maker wants to kill Electric Vehicles. This looks possible as the car is now in the hands of a company that gets income from selling petrol based cars and is the biggest tractor maker in the world 🙂 Anybody’s guess is that E2O would not be a car that would make them very happy. Pretty soon I expect Mahindra to develop petrol cars in E2O workshop… would be akin to adding salt to injury. Possibly only the Electric NANO can prevent this.

E2O vs rest-_Page_2

Numbers in brackets are the score. Its obvious the Alto increased its bootspace by reducing the rear passenger seating while the Nano increased the rear passenger space by reducing the boot…. no Nano did not “reduce”…but was designed like that. But one can get around the tiny boot of the nano by installing rooftop carrier.

In Nano and E2O you can see the “Made in India” difference with the ground clearance. That is innovation while Alto has stuck to its global design Indian companies have designed the local car about 20mm higher than the international cars. That is innovation and that is where globalization fails! You cannot have a single design-answer to all the questions. E2O and Nano are cars to have especially if the roads around your place or the road you travel often are bad or there are high speed humps. Both are cars for the rough and tough road.

The Nano GenX Dashboard with the Speedometer centrally mounted.

The Nano GenX Dashboard with the Speedometer centrally mounted. Light colored dashboard is so weak looking. The Speedometer and Dials should have been bang in front of the driver.

E2O Dashboard is the coolest with Navigation panels controls and more storage.

E2O Dashboard is the coolest with Navigation panel controls and more storage. It also comes with reverse camera for parking assist. E2O is a breeze to park and drive.

The Alto K10 AMT Dashboard functional and good.

The Alto K10 AMT Dashboard functional and good.

For a person forking out 7 lakhs to buy the E2O (which he cannot even take intercity cause Mahindra expect the Govt to install charging station for their car) they could have provided luxury seats. Probably Mahindra could have even advertised for probable franchisee charging kiosks/stations for residents/investors living on the Highways of India which they could have included in the E2O navigation map. But no… a car manufacturing company will make cars and nothing else! But without doubt people will come forward and set up charging stations the Indian Juggad way, but even for that to happen the company has to sell some EVs.

Alto K10 Seats

Alto K10 Seats

Nano GenX Seat

Nano GenX Seat

E2O Seats

E2O Seats

Most automobile companies as they say in Hindi “have their brains in their knees” and these companies have always been low tech and were always behind in catching up with the trend. Yesterday they considered MP3 and then Bluetooth a luxury today they consider dashboard navigation a luxury when every single kid uses touchscreen to play with. Is it too complicated to install an android touchscreen and then get rid of that CD & Radio players !!!??!!

Take my word for it most Automobile companies are sitting smug but one day some company will come and change the way people drive car and refuel. THIS FOR SURE WILL NOT BE AN EXISTING AUTOMOBILE COMPANY (except Tata). This company will arrive from an IT background…. probably Google or something else. But they will build electric buses, trucks cars, bikes and charging infrastructure while these automobile companies sit on their fat asses and twiddle their thumbs. This new company cannot be an US or European company as they are used to building expensive cars… but this company could be from China or India… I lay my bet on it being from India just like the Nano could only be conceived in India. It could also come from the house of Tata as Tata have always been interested in philanthropy and are used to developing a low-cost-high-quality cars rather than an expensive car with 2 doors.

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