Ather Electric Scooter or Hero Leap Hybrid?

Ather Energy has planned an Electric Scooter launch for 2016 with speed of 75kmph and range of around70 kms while Hero Leap (hybrid) has a speed of 100kmph and range of 350kms. Both are priced around 90,000.

Which one would you buy? Me?… neither cause I think both look kind of sissy or lady like.

Probably if they came out with an Enfield Bullet, KTM Duke or a Pulsar I would be the 1st to line up…but right now… its time for sissy launches… so make way for the lady bikes ūüėČ

Hero Leap Hybrid Scooter

HERO LEAP Hybrid SCOOTER                        ATHER ENERGY Electric SCOOTER

Dont they both look similar?…Except for the rear exposed monoshock of Ather! When will our bad boys design some mean machines?… I guess never…phew!!!¬† ūüė¶

The Hero Leap Hybrid Scooter is scheduled for commercial launch in late 2015, expecting to sell around 6,000 units. Ather Energy plans to roll out its scooter around the same time in early 2016 expecting to sell around 1,000 units. Hero has its existing dealers to get the orders while Ather has online and mobile apps of Flipkart to get it orders but presently has no dealers. We expect both of them to meet their respective goals.

We expect them to not only meet but also double their sales goal as there is a dearth of quality electric bikes in the market. They could even sell 5 times their goal in the first year itself if they advertised through Automobile/EV websites and social media. But all Car companies are equally dumb in this aspect and we are quite confident that they too will never bother with this effort . Both of them are capable of increasing the production to meet the demand if in case of any sudden increase.

Hero Leap Hybrid Scooter

Specs of Hero Leap:

Price: 90,000

Lithium-ion battery + 10.7 BHP electric traction motor = 60 NM Torque right from the word go.

Fuel-combustion powertrain is a 124cc unit

LED projector headlamp

A tiny dainty wind shield which they probably forgot to paint pink for “girl-power”

Dimensions: Length= 1884mm, Width=850mm Height= 1162mm &  Wheelbase=1347 mm

Brakes: 240mm Front disc brake  & 130mm drum brake in the rear + Regenerative braking

Tyre: 110/70/13 Front tyre  & 120/70/11 Rear Tyre  РAlloy wheels

Weight: 140 kgs

Fuel Tank: 3 litres

Top speed of 100 kmph

Range: 340-350 kilometres (petrol+electric modes)

Conclusion: Although we dont usually advice hybrids… but if both bikes are priced around Rs 90,000 then it would be better to go for the Hero Leap as at least you could take the bike intercity and refuel from the petrol pumps as well as from electricity.


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