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No waves…to surf? No problem at all!

If you want to surf on flat water, you either need to be towed by a boat, or have a built-in motor on your board. It used to be that the latter option was impossible, but now that batteries and electric motors are smaller than ever before, surf startups all over the globe are building self-propelled boards that you can ride anywhere — not just the ocean.

The latest entry into this burgeoning category comes from Onean Electric Jet Surfboards. The company has recently unveiled a pair of boards equipped with powerful electric engines — effectively allowing you to surf without waves.

The Carver and the Manta, as they’re called…

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Suggestion for Ather – Part 2 – Edsel Effect

Bill Gates had said that the Tata Nano in its early version did not sell in large enough numbers due to the “Edsel effect”.

What is Edsel? Of all the car he created Edsel was Henry Ford’s favorite car… it was so good that he named in memory of his only son Edsel Ford….  who died at a relatively young age at 49, of stomach cancer. Edsel was supposed to have some truly awesome features and was to be like no other car before it. Edsel Car was long, wide, lavishly decorated with chrome, had a lot of gadgets and was equipped with engine which could really rustle up some serious power.

In fact, even before the Edsel car was launched there was a lot of hype around it. For months, Ford had been telling the industry press that it “knew” (through its market research) that there would be great demand for the vehicle. Ford also insisted that, in the Edsel, it had built exactly the “entirely new kind of car” that Ford had been leading the buying public to expect through its pre-introduction publicity campaign for the car. In reality, however, the Edsel shared its engineering and bodywork with other Ford models, and the similarities were apparent once the vehicle was viewed firsthand.

Two years, two months and fifteen days later, it had only sold 109,446 Edsels (this included cars bought by Ford executives, dealers, salesman, workers etc). The number amounted to less than 1% of the cars sold in America during that period. On November 19, 1959, Ford pulled the plug on the car. Estimates suggested that Ford lost around $350 million on the car.

So what went wrong? Lets find out…

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Electric Car with Unlimited Range truly Imortal…the THE IMMORTUS


The Immortus is a limited edition bespoke solar electric sports car with on-board storage capacity. Inspired by the world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies, the Immortus is designed to exhibit a toughness that no other car has: endurance. The ability to run on the power of the sun and store the energy for later use make it a car of practically infinite endurance. As long as the sun shines the Immortus lives…

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Tata Motors wins TU Automotive’s Telematics award

Tata Motors wins TU Automotive’s Telematics award

Tata Motors winning TU-Automotive Detroit award for implementing Telematics solutions in its vehicle comes at the time when the Indian transport industry is moving towards advance Telematics solutions.

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Foxconn is coming to India… for Electric Cars!!!

Foxconn is coming to India… to make Electric Car its going to invest US$5 Billion in 5 years… and its not coming alone!!!

Many people think that with this Apple will be manufacturing iPads in India… yeah it would… but what is obviously hidden under the 5Billion project tag is the fact Foxconn would also be making electric Cars along with iPads and iPhones for Apple.

We at PlugInCaroo are the first to leak this information to the World. What makes us say this? Lets read between the lines. First of all Apple has targeted Electric Cars as the next big industry and in its cross-hair is the best in the EV Industry – Tesla.

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Suggestion for Ather – Part 1 – Infrastructure Support!

Part of the problems with Electric Vehicles in countries like India is that there are not enough “Re-fueling” stations on the Highway. Chetan Maini’s Reva Startup did manage to set quite a few charging stations in and around Bangalore but did not set enough on the Highways for Intercity travel, probably Chetan didn’t imagine people might take a 80km-range car inter-city! Probably he was right but to see the countryside such a car was excellent, especially as people have to stretch/refresh themselves after an hour or two of driving during holidays or weekends.

Ather Bike with its expected range of even 80kms has the ability to travel to travel 640kms in 6 hours of charging or say 12 hours (riding+charging)!!! Which means by you could travel from Mumbai or Bangalore to Goa in 12 hours taking into consideration travel time +charging time.

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Nano Sales TRIPLE!!! Nano GenX a success!!!

Tata Nano GenX - the Automatic version with open-able hatch!

Tata Nano GenX – the Automatic version with open-able hatch!

The Sales of Tata Nano have almost tripled (from a mere 800 units per month to 2100 units per month) after the Automatic Transmission introduction. People have welcomed this version of Nano wholeheartedly.

After all… companies do well when they incorporate the demands that people make on it. Now a more powerful Nano is requested by most people…something like a “Nano+” a premium Nano which is  bigger engine 1.2L, longer wheel base, bigger 16inch wheels, SatNav, Airbags, Alloy wheels and Front & Rear Disc Brakes… something like a Mean Machine…


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Indian vehicle to compete in World Solar Challenge 2015

A solar powered car designed by city-based engineering students. A team of 20 students from RV College of Engineering is providing finishing touches to Soleblaze, a single-seater car that will cruise from Darwin to Adelaide – a distance of 3,012 kms – entirely on solar power from October 18-25 in the World Solar Challenge 2015.

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