Foxconn is coming to India… for Electric Cars!!!

Foxconn is coming to India… to make Electric Car its going to invest US$5 Billion in 5 years… and its not coming alone!!!

Many people think that with this Apple will be manufacturing iPads in India… yeah it would… but what is obviously hidden under the 5Billion project tag is the fact Foxconn would also be making electric Cars along with iPads and iPhones for Apple.

We at PlugInCaroo are the first to leak this information to the World. What makes us say this? Lets read between the lines. First of all Apple has targeted Electric Cars as the next big industry and in its cross-hair is the best in the EV Industry – Tesla.

Foxconn would have been happy with its manufacturing facility in China… but the fact that they are moving into India speaks that they are developing something more than just smartphones. While Foxconn has just 5 facilities in China it is planning 12 facilities in India probably across India. They already had a plant in Chennai with about 22,000 workers which they had to close down in Dec 2014 probably planning ahead for a bigger plan of action which will now employ about 1,000,000 workers. This also gives Foxconn market knowledge & experience advantage. Possibly they will be up and running by the end of 2016. Moreover India unlike China is a virgin territory for Electric Cars and Bikes.

Foxconn could also be planning charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles & Homes as they have signed up for Joint Venture with Japan-based green energy developer SoftBank and Bharti Enterprises for a $20bn renewable venture in India.

We at PlugInCaroo had always predicted the year 2016 as a watershed year for EV in India. We were expecting China to come in with tonnes of EV… ok they did come in with Electric Rickshaws and did succeed to a great extent but to see some of the best in the business set up shop here was even beyond our imagination.

Foxconn would not only be making cars for Apple but also making cars for itself and for other companies like…like…like NOKIA… yes NOKIA!

Ex-Giant Nokia has hidden itself very well among the undergrowth and lies unseen or undetected by the electric car makers of the world. But ignore Nokia at your own peril as the Finland based “NOKIA” is exploring possibilities that can be considered unthinkable or even bordering on the realm of fantasy called “intelligent-car technology”. Nokia is considering the possibility of the Car itself becoming a phone and connected to the Internet Highway as it drives. They also seems to have developed a kind of solution for the charging infrastructure – customers across Europe will soon have access to a variety of different authorization methods – ranging from RFID cards to mobile phones – to recharge electric vehicles. smartlab Innovationgesellschaft mbH, a German public utility joint venture, and Nokia Siemens Networks have developed to facilitate authorization and authentication procedures at local and international electricity recharging stations operated by different energy providers across municipal and national borders.” All this is credible claim as you might be aware that Nokia has also perfected the wireless charging solution in mobiles.

“We’re seeing innovation that’s happening across the auto ecosystem through the combination of mobility and the Internet,” Paul Asel, a partner at the Nokia venture-capital arm, said in an interview. “The car is really becoming a platform like when the mobile handset became a smartphone and all the apps and services developed around that.”

Paul Asel also goes on to say ““People tend to look at BMW, Tesla and Google, but we think of this as a global play,” Asel said. “There’s also innovation happening from a different perspective in China and India that impacts how this plays out. Some of these car manufacturers may adopt services faster than the established ones to gain a foothold.”

Finland the land of Nokia also has its own world’s first –  Convert Your Petrol Car to Electric car… an open source project.

You may not have heard of the Samsung Galaxy Electric Car but in year 2014 Samsung had almost double the amount of automotive patents than Google, Apple, Tesla and Uber combined!!!

LG Chem announced at the Electric Vehicle Symposium in South Korea, earlier this month that it now has a 300 mile battery available for car makers. Its new lithium ion battery packs are between 80 and 120 kWh in size. That’s enough to outdo the Tesla Model S in range.

It is reassuring to see that while the petrol cars companies are buying up successful electric car startups to show they are producing a certain percentage of EV to get tax discounts and thereby killing the growth of knowledge and technology. These companies also “play” with those projects by making expensive or tiny or both but largely unpractical cars (or in the case like Reva where new models were repeatedly or purposely delayed for more than 3yrs), Computer and Mobile Phone companies like Apple, Foxconn, Nokia, Samsung and LG (LG is already world’s biggest battery producer) are investing hugely in the EV space.

We at PlugInCaroo also expect Apple, LG and Samsung to find making smartphone an unprofitable business (due to the existence of Android which has kind of leveled the playing field) in the future and move on to more “income generating business”…read Electric Car, Motorcycles and other related vehicles.

Most of the Petrol Car Makers are playing the game of “launching-the-Car-next-year” which has been going on since year 2010… who are they fooling?… Of course themselves… wait till Apple Electric, LG & Nokia electric cars kick them out of their sleep.

Car makers of all countries are usually 10 years behind the latest wave in technology… like selling cars fitted with Radios when CDs were in, then selling Cars with CDs when the world moved on to Mp3… then equiping cars with MP3 CD Players when the world had already moved on to Bluetooth connectivity… when finally when the world had already have GPS SatNav on their cheap Chinese mobiles no car-maker has this in entry level cars….duh???

The next big step in the IT world is moving on from smartphones to development of affordable Electric Vehicles and almost all of the Giants are moving towards it!!! This aggressive charge by these smartphone giants into (Toyota, GM, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, BMW, Tata, Mahindra) territory is going to catch the Auto-giants with their pants down….the worst part is these car makers would have no idea how to deal with it. These IT firms are sure to wipe them out.

Cant wait for year 2016 to reveal itself 🙂

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