Holes in Mikhale Bora’s story in Sheena Bora Murder Case

Holes in Mikhale’s story based on his interview with Arnab Goswami, Times Now


  1. Mikhale was told in Feb 2012 that Sheena would be going to US. He never got in touch with her by phone between Feb and 24 April 2012? In feb she was working with Reliance and staying with Rahul. So he could not confirm with both?
  2. Did he ever get reply from Sheena’s real emails? Did he send emails to it? After April 2012?
  3. If you know on your brother or sister’s or parent’s email and suddenly the person is contacting you with different email it is sure shot some person is impersonating the account. And the way a person respond to the mail is very easy to makeout if it is real or fake. All this while the original one is silent… and the the person is suddenly vanished… would you not feel suspicious and Indrani giving the answer is involved in conflict with the person would have all made it very suspicious.
  4. Before travelling to Mumbai did he not call Sheena and tell her Indrani called him to Mumbai? Why? As they both were suspicious and didn’t trust the lady, this would be the first reaction…. As to why Indrani is calling him to Mumbai?
  5. Even on the night he landed in Mumbai on 24 April he thought Sheena is in US???? When Sheena was alive in Bandra 6hrs ago. Because “Sheena-is-in-US” story emerged only a day after 24 April and he SAID HE was expecting Indrani to let him speak to Sheena on Phone in US????? It was only after the murder that Indrani spread the story that Sheena is in USA…this is a VERY MAJOR hole in Mikhale’s story.
  6. If he was drugged and they were planning to kill him then there is NO WAY they would have left him off with an open-able door… they would have locked it from outside… This lapse especially when they had killed someone and the body was lying in the garage is just unbelieveable????
  7. Even if we believe that the drug “bundranga” (the drug the thieves give people on trains to get away with their luggage & money after the victims fall asleep) was given and he was feeling very sleepy… there would be no chance that he would have even made it into his flight as he would have fallen asleep in the airport terminal if not in the Taxi
  8. There is no way he could have made out of the house if they had given him say 5 to 10 sleeping pills with the vodka. So this part of the story too is unbelievable.
  9. If Indrani was to buy him a flat and he feared she would drug him then he would have gone away in the night and stayed in a hotel and return next day and waited for her to sign the papers and not run away as he would have wanted the money or flat desperately. Else he would not have come in the first place. Nobody would leave a unfinished business and go back home when the whole deal is for free and involves a real estate property somewhere. Running away means some deal which he came for was closed.
  10. Also there is a big hole in the story that says he went away in the morning because it was around that time they were taking sheena’s body to Raigad and it would have been easier to have taken both body together rather than one by one as the total riding time (as per google maps) would be around 2 Hours one way.
  11. Another way to cross check would be to check when did Indrani ring Mikhale from her mobile after 7am (sunrise time) + 2hrs to Raigad+2hrs from raigad to Worli house… which would mean she HAD TO CALL Mikhale at around 11am on 25April when she came to know he left and left her bungalow door open. If she didn ot call him then that means she knew he would be gone as Mikhale too was onboard and they had preplaned.
  12. According to Mikhale he came to his senses at his home at 26 April morning and the moment he switched on the mobile Indrani called! This is possible if a person has Facebook and those on his “friend’s list” is able to know that Mikhale is back switched on or logged into Facebook Messenger. This happens as a default feature unless its switched off intentionally. So it is possible Indrani called him the moment he switched on. But if Indrani never called or missed called Mikhale before that time period between 11am 25 April to 11 AM 26 April 2012) THEN it would seem his story is hard to believe. Because she would be desperately trying to call him and find him to kill him, probably thinking he is somewhere in Mumbai.
  13. And in any way there were 2 guys and 1 strong woman and there was one fat guy weak on vodka and feeling sleepy. Add to the fact that it was a Bungalow. They could have turned on the Music full blast and strangulated him very easily. So his Story that they tried to murder him rings a little shallow.
  14. Mikhale’s story that Indrani would threaten him by un-inheritance could easily be fought in court with DNA proof and she would have had to pay him, Sheena and her ailing parents something. So this Paternity & Maternity was probably not the real reason.
  15. Also if somebody is paying him money and his sister is being put in mental asylum he will keep his mouth shut?
  16. Mikhale too came to Mumbai like Sanjeev Khanna came from Kolkata. So the real reason why he came to Mumbai is still unclear. The only reason would be he too was involved in it somehow… possibly giving the social media passwords away for money etc.
  17. Indrani’s money was probably kept in Sheena’s HSBC Account in Singapore and not with Mikhale so the question of killing Mikhale doesnt arise as Mikhale was always following Indrani’s orders unlike Sheena who used to protest and even fightback… giving as good as she was getting..
  18. How did Indrani get access to Sheena’s email?... most probably given by Mikhale who was close to her and knew her password because there was no way for Indrani to get sheena’s laptop from Rahul’s house as he was suspecting where Sheena disappeared. This is proof that Mikhale too was involved and gave the password in exchange of a lot of money which Indrani gave him on the night when Sheena’s body was in the garrage.
  19. See Link1 & Link2 Which says that “But a senior police officer echoed the relative’s claim. “Not just the letter of resignation, Mikhail also sent a letter to Sheena’s landlord in Mumbai in July 2012, cancelling the lease of the rental apartment. He posted a picture of his mother Indrani on Sheena’s Facebook page on February 11, 2014. Sheena’s LinkedIn profile was kept in operation by Mikhail till two weeks ago,” the officer said.

    The resignation letter was sent to her employers on May 7, 2012, and the letter to her landlord sometime in July 2012.

    Mikhail had said that he knew Sheena’s social media and Internet passwords and they trusted each other completely,” said the officer.

  20. He possibly HAD a SPIKED DRINK and waited from 2am to 6am without passing out (is it even possible that a person can hold off sleepiness for 4 hours especially after being drugged and feeling drowsy??!!??) and below are the symptoms of a spiked drink of which he never claimed even one single symptom:”symptoms of spiked rinks usually include some of the following:

Hope no girl has a brother like Mikhale Bora….EVER. Even now he seems to be hiding something. For whom? For what? It is obvious he is waiting for money to reach him… if it fails he might open his mouth and starts to sing. But in all probability the money will reach him!!! But will he be able to sleep peacefully with his conscience?


Vidhie’s Lie No. 1:
I have met Sheena couple of times when she used to “drop in during weekends. She was introduced to me as my aunt. She was nice and lively and was always good to me“. This is a lie as they used to live in the same house and Sheena also used to bring a 7-8 year old Vidhie to INX offices too. Mikhale in the interview too has said that Sheena, Indrani, Peter, Rahul & Vidhie were staying in the same house and Sheena & Vidhie’s  had even (shared) the same bedroom. Here Vidhie seems to be supporting Peter with his story that “he hardly knew Sheena as she used to drop-by occasionally”.

Vidhie’s Lie No. 2:

It was little weird that I used to address my grandparents as “Nana and Nani” and Sheena used to address them as Mummy and Papa“. Sheena’s Diary has proved that she used to call her grandparents as “Aita and Kaka” and not Mummy and Papa as Vidhie was trying to get across.

RAHUL”S Behaviour is questionable too because he “believed” that:

a) the person who stayed with him went off to US without telling him

b) the person went to US when the Passport was with him

c) No Indian can have 2 passports… and this all NRIs know very well unlike non-NRIs… and Rahul is well aware of this rule as he was living in UK which allows dual passports (citizenship) and also this issue must have been discussed with his father as Peter was holding a British Citizenship.

d) Was he was contacted with a different email than Sheena? There was no way Indrani could know Sheena’s email & FB passwaords without Rahul’s or Mikhale’s know how.

e) Most importantly it was Rahul WHO CONVINCED SHEENA TO MEET INDRANI when she didnot want to meet her. He BROUGHT HER FORCEFULLY TO MEET INDRANI. Why will you (Rahul) ask a person who wants to marry you to meet a person (Indrani) who is willfully against your marriage?

f) Rahul never tried to contact Mikhale (the only person who was close to Sheena) after she vanished into the night? He didnt feel suspicious that Sheena never came to collect her clothes, documents, visa, passport, bags from his house as they were staying together…duh?

g) Why does Rahul have nothing to say to the media? What is he hiding?

The news coming up in the media after Rakesh Maria’s outster is trying to paint Mikhale & Sheena as blackmailers… This cannot be true as Sheena did not want anything to do with Indrani and did not want to meet her, it was Rahul who convinced Sheena to meet Indrani and she had to be pulled inside the car. If Sheena was trying to blackmail Indrani there would have been emails or messages from Sheena proving that.

The removal of Rakesh Maria is tantamount to removing the whistle blower from the investigation as it was Rakesh Maria who “led” the investigation. The political leaders wanted to find some excuse and his constant media glare was pointed out as “in-correct”. Sanjeev Khanna had in fact in August 2015 suggested to his friends that he was in trouble and might have to invoke a politician to bail him out!!! Looks like he got in touch with “someone” in time!!!

Personal Reasons where Sheena was having a illicit affair with a person ‘close’ to Indrani Mukherjea and had sent him intimate pictures of her on whatsapp & also went to Thailand with him and Indrani came to know about it and she exposed them! What a lie!!! In such a scenario Indrani should be the one who should be threatening both the person in the dock and Sheena… but Indrani seems to be claiming the opposite…If they did have a fling would she plan and kill Sheena? But then how is Indrani telling Sheena “NOT TO ACT SMART”. A person having a illicit affair is never threatned “NOT TO ACT SMART”.

If one connects the dots… Peter & Indrani setting up fraud companies, steeling millions from it, Vidhie lying, Rahul silent,  Mikhale holding back things… looks like it was a well orchestrated event and all in the family were aware about it and possibly they are all waiting for their part of the loot. The loot so huge that they can kill for it or keep silent for it…. Also being Indrani it seems like this murder was not a fit-of-rage murder but a well researched, rece-ed & planned murder so the clues got till now is just the tip of the iceberg. Only after many years will the country know the whole truth.

Mikhale was getting PAID:

The alleged donation was made just before Sheena was murdered in April 2012.

Investigating the money trail in the Sheena Bora murder case, the police have found that Indrani Mukerjea had donated around Rs 10 lakh to the famous Kali Dakshineshwar temple during one of her visits to Kolkata in May 2012.

The police sources said that Indrani’s former husband Sanjeev Khanna had accompanied her to the temple, and one of Khanna’s aides had completed the donation formalities.

Sources said that the investigators found details about this donation while questioning people who worked for Khanna, and also a few of his friends in Kolkata. Khanna allegedly confessed that such a donation was made.

The police have also discovered that Indrani had on several occasions transferred money to Khanna in Kolkata using the hawala operators. The transferring of money to Khanna started from April 2012, and Khanna in turn would send some of that money to Indrani’s son Mikhail in Guwahati.

“This flow of cash from Indrani to Khanna started immediately after Mikhail left Mumbai for Guwahati in April 2012. Khanna would send some money to Mikhail to ensure he didn’t raise astink regarding Sheena’s disappearance,” a police source said.

The source added that the investigators have identified the hawala operator in Mumbai, and are in the process of tracking down the operators in Kolkata and Guwahati. The Mumbai Police have already asked the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to look into the financial transactions of the accused, also probe the business ventures floated by Peter and Indrani Mukerjea.

A source from the investigating team said that Peter will be called again to record his statement once the forensic analysis team decodes the complex fund flow entries.

During the forensic analysis of Indrani’s laptop, the investigators managed to recover several deleted files related to the financial transactions carried out by the Mukerjeas.

‘Indrani got the car vacuum-cleaned’

The investigators have also found that the rental car in which Sheena was killed was vacuumcleaned by driver Shyam Rai, as per Indrani’s instructions.

“During interrogation, Rai said that he was asked by Indrani to make sure that the car was cleaned and there was no trace of mud or hair,” a source said, adding, “The driver said that he used a vacuum cleaner to clean the car.”

MEDIA: A certain section of the Media & Police are trying to stop the press from covering the story. One such website is FirstPost which belittles the media although it was the media who found Siddarth Das who was said to be absconding & Mikhale Bora was defamed “with running some nefarious racket”. These stories could have been planted in the media to character assassinate the so called victim.

There is a section that believes that Sheena was trying to reveal to Peter her relationship with Indrani. Now this is something he knew a decade ago. Was there something else that Peter didnt know… possibly about Indrani’s relationship with somebody else??!!?? If this is true then she could kill to keep the secret else all wealth could desert her. But on the other hand even if Peter believed Sheena about Indrani being Sheena’s mom would hardly matter to him.

1 . How can Sheena threaten to reveal something Peter already knows??!!?? It was Peter who after receiving letter from Sheena’s grandparents encouraged Indrani to bring them to Mumbai.

2. Peter agreed that Sheena told him the truth and he chose to believe what Indrani  told him.

There is also a section of the media that is feeding wrong information to the public which conflicts with the real findings…probably to confuse people.

One example being – Find the correct answer:

a) Indrani sent email to the landlord.

b) The driver Shyamrai took the letter himself.

c) Mikhale sent Courrier.

d) All of the above.

 Hopefully by the end of the Year the case would be solved… and it would be decided that the driver was at fault as he had the gun and he was blackmailing everybody…  END OF STORY!

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