People prefer a Hatchback in India… if not an SUV

People in India prefer Hatchback cars more than Sedans. Perhaps the trend had been set by Maruti 800. So if you are a maker of Sedan cars you probably cut a poor sales figure the exception has been Honda City which is a better car to drive than the Honda Jazz that looks a little cooler than City.

Car Sales

People prefer a Hatchback in India… if not an SUV

Honda City is better in driving & handling and but Jazz with its innovative rear seats provide lots of volume for unusual or bigger size objects. But City has decent space… actually City has more boot space than Civic…

Although the Petrol price is still low people are still hesitant as of now as shown by single digit growth and if the petrol price stays the same or falls… expect the carmarket to take-off… almost vertically. We at plugincaroo expect almost a 30% increase of sale same time next year (Sept 2016) provided there is no increase in petrol prices which is not expected in the International Market (to cross $50 a barrel) and the local market petrol price do not cross Rs 70.

25% of the cars sold are SUV which show that people prefer it to drive over bad roads and more people are getting into the habit of driving for their holidays. People also have started to buy higher end cars… possibly indicating spurt in blackmoney rather than in business.

The increased sales of the imported cars that car speed over 200kmph are also the reason for the increased accidents and death on roads Janhavi Gadkar, Salman Khan & Hema Malini are a few of the examples. These vehicles are built for roads with even road levels which aid in braking unlike the uneven Indian roads which increase braking distance by 10 mtrs. Eg Cars that take 20 mtrs to stop on the Autobhan in German after stepping on the brake will require 30mtrs on Indian roads to stop.

All in all its going to be a great year for Petrol Cars!


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