Who Killed The Indian Electric Car-E2O?..

In an era when India is trying to battle the environment pollution and jump onto the clean energy bandwagon it may come to you as a surprise PlugInCaroo announcing that Mahindra could be on a mission to do away with India’s one & only electric vehicle. It is as much of India’s pride as is Tata Nano because E20 was and is the most economically practical & sustainable electric car in the whole wide World.

Who Killed The E2O - the Indian Electric Car... the answer could be... AN INDIAN!

Who Killed The E2O – the Indian Electric Car?… the answer could be… who else but AN INDIAN!

Why we are saying this is because our voice could be the last desperate & feeble voice in the wilderness before life could be snuffed out of E2O… just like the mother Indrani Mukerjea who smothered the life out of her daughter Sheena Bora in the sensational murder case.. there is a possibility that Mahindra is trying to kill E2O. Right now E2O is lying in ICCU counting the days…

For instance how much advertisement do you see on for E2O?… now compare it with… how much advertisement you see for “Rise”? which is neither brand nor vehicle… nor is it a replacement for Viagra…. but just Rise… probably a command by the great Mahindra!

The plug on E2O could probably be pulled in the year 2018. Pretend to give it 5 under promoted years and say “Sorry Chetan Maini & India… It was a great vehicle… perhaps a little before its time… it didn’t sell… we tried but it didn’t sell”… Mahindra would surely be looking excitedly to make petrol small cars at the very plant. Small Car is a field which Mahindra has yet to get into… and it is also the biggest selling section. The small car IS CODE-named Mahindra BLR… The fact that E2O is an electric vehicle and the concept is very new to people should have led Mahindra to give E2O more advertisement budget THAN Scorpio as Scorpio is the bestselling and already a well known Mahindra vehicle other than the Tractor.

For those who already have the car need not worry as the car doesn’t need any maintenance or service other than replacement of battery after the mentioned period. For those who have not bought the car and plan to do so in the future should buy it at the earliest as production & sales could be stopped anytime… but surely by 2018 citing low sales volume. Even the Tata Nano was on its last leg… Nano AMT 2015 was the last version… failing which would have led to the cancellation of Nano as production vehicle.

You will not find what we say here in any Automobile Magazine of website. But let us tell you that following are some of the many reasons for our suspicion that E2O is being bumped off:

  1. There has not been many charging station that Mahindra built beyond their dealerships.
  2. There are not many expensive “visible” advertisement.
  3. No other electric vehicle (neither passenger nor commercial) was introduced after E2O although Mahindra did make a lot of noise at various Auto Show and even showcasing models of both commercial vehicle Maxximo, Ace and passenger car Verito.
  4. These above vehicles were promised to be released “next year”, every year since 2011.
  5. The response from the management has always been “the feedback is poor and inquires are not being converted into sales” when in fact not a single 4 door car has been released and people are inquiring about 4door electric cars.
  6. With the falling petrol prices it is easy to say “due to the low petrol prices people prefer petrol cars“.
  7. Mahindra has a motorcycle division and could have easily adapted electric vehicle technology to 2 wheelers but instead chose to design and introduce a bike called GenZe in US – now US is a place which has a very tiny motorcycle or scooter footprint compared to Asian countries especially India.
  8. It is not the first time a promising electric car was smothered to death. Some other Electric Vehicle were Toyota RAV EV, Honda Jazz EV both of these vehicles were abandoned and their performance report are closely guarded.

Thus we sing our ode to E2O…

Goodbye E2O
Though I never knew you at all
You had the grace to hold yourself
While those petrol-cars crawled
They spewed soot out on the streets
And they drank up all the oil
They modified your body and they made you change your name

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never knowing who to cling to
When the rain set in
And I would have liked to drive you
But it just was not to be
Your candle burned out long before
Your legend ever did…

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