Cow – the source of Electricity, Fuel & Health

Cow…Since everybody is on it… let us at PlugInCaroo also get into the discussion.

For the past 200 years war is being waged on India

For the past 200 years India is on WAR

A war is being waged on India for more than 200 years. In any war the main objective is to… “cut the supply lines of the enemy”…meaning to cut the arms, ammunition & food supply reaching the soldiers engaged in the battle. That was in active war but what about during peace time? War can be waged even during a seemingly peaceful times. The goal of War is to destroy a country, to take over the country or its economy and both of these goals can only be successful by making the country weak commercially. Wars can be fought Militarily or Commercially.

To fight a war commercially the economy of the country has to be weakened so as to assert the “invading country’s” trade.  The goal is to break the backbone of the economy… Different countries have different industries as their backbone. China destroyed American and European economy by targeting their manufacturing industries. Anything manufactured in USA is today available in the market made by China at 1/3rd the price. From paperclip to Aeroplane… everything is 1/3 price.  China manufactured slightly inferior products at 1/3rd the price and built a range of “use-&-throw” products with the strength of its population.

Hitler had declared very clearly in Mein Kampf that war can be fought using military or by using commerce. He preferred military war as it was the quicker way to capture territories while a commercial conquest might take decades.

Due to China’s commercial war today both USA & European economy are on the verge of destruction… possibly  in 10 more years (2025) these countries could be a bigger mess then they are in right now… if the price of Crude Oil stays around $50 it might take 20 yrs… but the countries are finished for sure… their glory days are over. US holds a cheat card (it can buy oil with paper it prints called dollars while rest of the world has to buy dollars first to buy oil… its like saying if you want to buy coconuts from kerala you have to pay in Bangladeshi Taka to a Malayali… where is the connection… oil in Middle East and USA far out of the way… but White man has ensured that he will benefit from Oil Trade)…  this could make USA survive little longer… but with very high inflation… but the Euro is doomed for sure and the only respite is that they have embraced renewable energy.

Another way USA & European countries are trying to counter this is by trying to stop Asian countries from marching ahead by hitting them with “Climate Change” which was practiced and benefited and poluted the world with their industries for over 100 yrs and then when they loose the plot… say… hey you cant have Industries… you can have but you cant use fossil fuel else US & Euro might die due to flooding. But are you guys willing to pay the penalty in dollars for destroying the environment for 100 yrs? Do you guys have regret for what you did in Iraq? In Afghanisthan? In Libya? In Syria? To Red Indians? To Indians by wiping out 30% of the population in India during 200 yrs of your attempt to prove that White man is supreme? It was only the Kama Sutra that helped us keep our numbers intact.

Due to the emergence of Asian Industries particularly in China in future there will be many technological innovation in USA & European countries but it would be economically un-viable to go under production in their home countries due to the very high level & scale of production required due to the globalization they themselves had ushered in. Any economically viable product should be able to scale at an enormous level for it to be profitable and that too after a couple of years. Such a model is only successful if China is not in the equation. Thus there might be great innovation in US & Euro countries but it will all be made in China. Thus the industries are slowly closing down in US & Euro. Apple Car could be the last major US product.

US & Euro Economy Vs China

US & Euro Economy Vs China

But shed no tears for US & European countries because these very countries are keen on destroying farming in Asian countries like India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. The Plan was to not only weaken the countries economically but to put these countries below them, to be forever under US & Euro clout and to lower the population in these populous countries by handing out Genetically Modified Seeds… and Bill Gates is right out there in the front… leading the way. These hi-breed seeds are the worst of the bio-warfare as these genetically change the genes of future population also lower the population.

Top GM Foods... GM Cotton known as BT Cotton has been the main reason for farmers sucides in India....more than 100,000 gave up their hopes, self-respect and lives in 2015 alone!

Top GM Foods… GM Cotton known as BT Cotton has been the main reason for farmers sucides in India….more than 100,000 gave up their hopes, self-respect and lives in 2015 alone!

GM Crops cannot be farmed without a multitude of fertilizers, pesticides, weed-icides, nitrogen, super-phosphate, etc which require up to 900% more water and to pump water 500% more quantity of diesel is required.. cost go up 800% this method has only one disastrous outcome for the farmer…  to leave farming…

What is is killing the Bees & Earthworms? - Chemical Fertilisers-- How can you grow more crops when you are killing all kinds of life form that farming needs?..and then eat that poison through your food... and get cancer!!! Green Revolution = Cancer Revolution.

What is is killing the Bees & Earthworms? – Chemical Fertilizers– How can you grow more crops when you are killing all kinds of life form that farming needs?..and then eat that poison through your food… and get cancer!!! Green Revolution = Cancer Revolution.

The EARTHWORM’s role in farming success and water-harvesting is VERY UNDERSTATED, UNDERSTOOD AND EVEN UNDERESTIMATED. Earthworms are nature’s micro-tunneling machines. An organic farm that do not use chemicals has almost 1 million earthworms in 1 acre plot area. Now if you consider that one earthworm can burrow enough holes in a day that it can drain 1 ltr of rain water into the earth. This water will flow down below the surface of the earth with the help of gravity to reach tiny water passages created by last year’s rains, these passages will travel further down to reach even wider water passages flowing towards the river or sea. This goes on for hours even after the rain has stopped for the day. This activity repeats itself every the rain comes and goes.

Now imagine a million earthworms draining a million ltrs of water DAILY… right through the monsoon!!!

And now imagine a countryside full of farms with earthworms… easily saving billions of ltrs of water every monsoon.

But today with the use of chemical fertilizers these nature’s micro-tunneling machines are dying. This leads to the soil hardening up and the water flowing over the topsoil without percolation leading to flooding. The bees too are either avoiding the chemical sprayed plants or are dying because of it. Without the bees there will be lesser pollination leading to lesser yield and thus lesser crops. With these two best friends of a farmer deserting him… he can only expect bad times ahead.

In such a situation when the farmer loses the farm it has windfall profit for the politician who buys the farmer’s land from the bank under auction at a very low rate under his relative’s name) the farmer’s family move into some nearby city slum (the politician’s vote bank increases), when more people follow the farmer there is demand on real-estate thus real-estate price increases, slum children who cannot find jobs turn into goons & extortionist to make a living. These goons are very vital for the growth of a politician and thus are cultivated by politicians to maintain and increase their clout.In such cases the Government doesnt have to legally Aquire the land using the Land Aquisition Bill as it was the farmers who lost it to the Bank. The companies entering into the deal get the land at a very cheap rate. That is why one will never find any proper records or reasons with the Government for the reasons for the Suicides of Farmers.

Farmers committing suicide can be considered Land Acquisition by proxy and getting them to leave farming without anybody suspecting anything fishy and by flying under the radars of NGOs etc. People think it is the farmer’s fault but the problem is that people, Institutes, Banks, Government Officials encourage him to farm using Genetically Modified Crops. At the end of the game he has to quit… and these people move in. Game over.

Thus the whole Illuminati BRITISH RAJ system still flourishes as it is in Independent India and many such countries.


ABOLISH LAND AQUISITON ACT which was created by the asshole Dalhousie in year 1849 and advocated with pride by Indian Prime Minister & Finance Minister and the whole cabinet. Citing this Act Land was taken away forcefully by Dalhousie from farmers who didn’t have any clear written titles. More than 60% didn’t have clear title as it was passed down the family and a joint family consisted more than 20 people. India made a small edit in year 2013 but Pakistan continues with the act as it is. How similar are the corrupt in both these countries… 

The reason GANDHIJI was killed could also be because he, being a lawyer,  had listed 34,755 of British Laws that had to be struck down. This was probably not a beneficial situation for those who came into power with the British withdrawal. These new leaders saw so much money being collected which could easily be siphoned off illegally that they found the British Laws a safe haven and thus continued with them.

One such draconian British Law being followed even today is the LAND ACQUISITION BILL which was used to take away land from farmers is an untouched rule of law even today (it had a minor edit in 2013). Instead of abolishing it PM Narendra Modi wanted to add more teeth to the draconian British ACT meaning the British was better than Congress & BJP (Mr Modi)!!! All the excess lands with the Industrial and corporate house lying unused was captured similarly from the Farmers for various projects which never got completed or started. THIS IS A BLACK BILL IN OUR HISTORY THAT HAS TO BE ABOLISHED AT THE EARLIEST…. And here we have a PM who was trying to bath in its glory. We already have the Tax on SALT now this…  personally I feel that Salt should be TAX-FREE… at least in a symbolic gesture to the great man.. Mahatma Gandhi… if not stop celebrating Gandhi Jayanti…Independence today has just become just a word in our dictionary. INFRASTRUCTURE OR NO INFRASTRUCTURE GOVERNMENT HAS TO BUY LAND AT EXISTING PRICES UNLESS FOR DEFENSE PURPOSES… for any other purpose all and sundry have to buy at existing price because:

  1. If the future infrastructure cannot pay the value of existing “infrastructure” (agriculture or residential land) then by definition that infrastructure is of no value… and thus obviously he has to be compensated by paying him the existing price of land.
  2. The existing price of land has to be calculated at the highest price of the land sold in the year for the 5 previous year.

The Cow is not the Cow

Jersey Cow (A1 Milk) vs Zebu Breed (A2 Milk)

Jersey Cow (A1 Milk) vs Zebu Breed (A2 Milk)



But hundreds of years before Santa started handing out Chem-farming the Cow was in the process of being replaced by a similarly looking genetically modified animal called “Jersey cow”. For an economy that is completely dependent upon Agriculture there is no question that the role that a cow plays is very important. There is no other animal in the whole world that plays such an important role… not only in agriculture but cow also directly influences multiple industries. The only other example we can think that matches closest to the Cow is Electricity. What would be the effect of an industrial world without electricity? Is it even thinkable? Is it even sustainable? NO… today we cannot even think a house, office, industry or even garage without electricity. Electricity has just one dimension where as Cow has about 5-6 dimensions. It can also create electricity. It can create food, it can fuel your car, it can quench your thirst, it can give you oil to cook your food in, it can keep you healthy, etc. Many of the medicines in Ayurveda are based on the Zebu cow milk & ghee non-availability of the animal will spell the end of Ayurveda. Cow is the secret of Free-Energy and Healthy life in the World.

Gold -Salts in Indian Cow:

  • Scientists at Junagadh Agricultural University (JAU) have actually found gold in the urine of Gir cows. They used gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method to analyze the urine samples.

  • Ranging from three mg to 10 mg from one litre urine, the precious metal was found in ionic form, which is gold salts soluble in water.

  • Till now, we have heard about presence of gold in cow urine from our ancient scriptures and its medicinal properties. Since there was no detailed scientific analysis to prove this, we decided to undertake a research on cow urine. We analyzed 400 samples of Gir cow urine and found traces of gold,” said Golakia head of JAU’s biotechnology department said.

  • The researchers also screened urine sample of camel, buffaloes, sheep and goat but they did not find any anti-biotic elements.

  • Of the 5,100 compounds found in Gir cow urine 388 have immense medicinal value that can cure several ailments,” said Dr B I Golakia.

    You think the British and the west did not know this? That is exactly the reason to bring in Jersey Cows to breed with our local breeds and spoil the breed quality. You think the Brazilians did not know this? Else they wouldn’t risk their life in trying to smuggle this breed into Brazil where t was banned. Today they are leaders in Milk and Beef only because of this breed… and Brazil Milk is the best milk in the world.

No wonder the wise Ancient Indians respected this animal and placed it above all animals on the earth. There is no animal on the surface of the earth that is remotely close to the usefulness of a Cow. In fact the dung is more useful than the milk as it can create biogas (which can be used as a much safer source of fuel than LPG and it can run generator set to create electricity, it can also be used in CNG-Cars as fuel to run the car). The waste slurry generated from the creation of biogas is a high quality fertiliser which can be used to create food on the farm.  Both the Fuel and the Fertiliser are “green-compliant” and not harmful to the environment. More zebu cows more healthy output from the farms. If the Zebu dies out the farming have to follow them…

IIT-ian’s research on Indian Cow:

It is sad and to an extant even hilarious to see the Jersey cow owners attempting to sell the inferior cowdung & urine of their cow without the knowledge that is is of NO USE. It is even sadder to see people who do not know that both the dung & urine of Jersey cow have no use and are willing to buy it. These people who are unaware of the properties of the dung try to sell it in dry form not realizing that by drying they kill even the little bacteria that is present and is needed to fertilize the farm.

Those trying to sell Jersey Cow Dung can try farming with even kitchen garbage as fertiliser and even that will give better effect than Jersey Dung as the Jersey Dung will be full of medications and injections given to it. The Indian cow has be traditionally known to hold the poison in its neck because of which it was said that Shiva resides in a Cow’s neck. This was also proved by an experiment carried out by Rajiv Dixit.



While researching various methods of population-reduciton Nazi US & European scientist decided to replace the intelligent and potent Zebu breed with the dumb, and infertile Jersey Breed. The male Jersey is a very aggressive animal possibly derived from the Nazi Heck Cattle The Jersey Breed was a breed which they had succeeded in creating by way of genetic modification and cross breeding. This was not by an accident or “error” that they brought Jersey to India. This animal was obviously brought in India in a planned manner and encouraged. Although the donkey has more features that make it look like a Horse but then it doesn’t get called a Horse. Then why was this animal called a Cow when it doesn’t have any single features of the original cow. These were all done after the Illuminati Robert Clive had carried out a detailed survey on the economy of India and understood that Agriculture was a MAJOR industry and the FUEL that powered the Indian Agriculture was the INDIAN COW BREED especially its dung and urine. He used various means to destroy Indian Agriculture so that the people become weak and dependent upon British for employment and business. Tax collection was increased heavily. If people paid the tax then it was profit for the British … if they didnt pay British took away their land and closed down agriculture making it even more beneficial for the British as the landless farmers could be taken into the British Army. Even the British in England were appalled by the means and methods used by Robert Clive to extract revenue from the poor farmers. The British Parliament put the blame squarely on him for the Bengal famines for 5 straight years from 1769-1773. Then he went back to UK taking with him 900 ships (not boats) full of his “acquired” wealth from not India but a small state called Bengal which the parliament contested as Clive’s gains were made at the expense of the Company and the government. Clive pointed out that they were not contrary to accepted company practice, and defended his behavior by stating “I stand astonished at my own moderation… given opportunities for greater gain“. (Meaning he acknowledges the could have made more). Finally when he could not hide the fact of his theft he had to plead “Take my fortune, but save my honour.” Robert Clive finally killed himself as the legal case against him in England found him guilty of cheating the throne of England of the wealth taken from India. What Robert Clive had done is being continuously practiced today in “Independent” India under the camouflage of:

  1. Green Revolution (GM Crops & Chemical Farming)
  2. Industrial scale Diary Farming by using Jersey or Exotic cow.
  3. Land Acquisition Act.

By using Jersey or exotic cows for diary farming our whole Diary Industry is reduced to laborers looking after cattle before they are being slaughtered. Not only are these laborers cheap but they also look after the cow, clean its cowshed, put fan for the cow, play it music, give regular medicines and vaccines, pay all the vet fees, buy all the machines made by Turkish, Europeans countries (yes… they swear by their Master’s standards), grow grass, buy the expensive hydroponics systems to grow fodder and then keep selling their hard earned work for the price of bottled water Rs 20 to Companies.

The sad part is when people are interested to start Diary farming the first advice given is “go to the nearest animal husbandry department  and contact concerned Veterinary Officer. They will sponsor your project to the Bank and only then it is acceptable. SEE THE KIND OF WEB THE WHITE MAN HAS MADE FOR HIS BENEFIT.  The Vet will NEVER ADVICE YOU TO BUY LOCAL COW EVEN THOUGH THE ANIMAL HUSBANDRY DEPARTMENT HAS SAID SO ON ITS WEBSITE. Because with a Jersey Cow he or some of his pool of Vets benefits and they do not get much profit with an Indian cow.

Thus with a jersey cow the diary farmer is forced to sell the large volume of milk (close to 100 to 200 ltrs of milk) to a local company who have machines to cool store and process the milk. The Diary Farmer finds it beyond his ability/capacity to market and sell above 200ltrs milk. The fact that Diary Farmers are selling Milk (even the crappy A1 milk has been farmed with hard labour, time and money) at the price of bottled water at Rs 20. Which makes getting in Bottled water business more profitable than Diary Business.

Thus the Milk and the Meat is cheap for the World to buy. It would have been impossible for any single European country to produce, maintain and then process the milk & meat at such a cheap rate especially considering for the huge number of cattle that exist in India.

Europeans know Milk (A1) from this cow is white poison and most don’t drink Milk. This is because this (A1) milk cannot be easily digested and creates stomach gas which leads to bloating and farting just like a Jersey Cow. A1 beta casein and its byproduct BCM7 have also been linked to cases of type I diabetes, digestive disorders, neuro-degenerative disorders and heart disease. And do note the fact that the milk is called A1 “implying superior quality” when in reality it is inferior quality. It would have been impossible to sell or distribute Genetically Modified Hi-breed sterile seeds to farmers when they already have full stock of grains. You remove the Cow and the agriculture suffer and then give “aid” in the form of GM Hi-breed seeds and to sustain the seed the farmer has to buy fertilizer, water, petrol…etc and the farmer looses the game check-mate.

The Dangerous Jersey Cow is like the Putana who came to kill Krishna with milk!

Jersey Cow is like Putana who came to kill Krishna by giving him milk!

Just like how Putana the lady from the Puranas who had poison in her milk and was brought to kill Krishna similarly Jersey is the Putana brought to kill Indian children and its agriculture. Jersey looks vaguely similar to a cow, moos and has udder but has none of the below features of the Zebu breed of cow which is the original breed.

Milk: Zebu Gives A2 milk which is good for health and brain development. Jersey cow gives A1 milk what is directly linked to a variety of diseases. Jersey can give more milk on any single day but Zebu Breed give more milk per year over a period (of say 10 yrs) than a Jersey Cow. Jersey cows are not fertile and do not breed well and threat to their life is more, need a ton of medicines, and so nobody likes a Jersey that do not give any milk.

Head: Has convex prominent bulging shield like forehead and a long face.

Ears: Their ears are long and pendulous. Jersey’s ears are small.

Horns: Horns are set well back on their heads and thick at the base.

Skin: Their skin is darkly pigmented with short glossy hair, very loose and pliable. They can twitch it anywhere on their body to dislodge insects and have a whip like tail, which is deadly on insects. They sweat just like a horse which is greasy and acts as an insect repellent. Jersey’s cant twitch…

Eyes: Zebu have beautiful and doe-like Eyes. It is hooded and black pigmented. They can close their eyelids so it is impossible for insects to annoy them. They have a lot of loose skin around the eye area. Jersey’s eyes betray their confusion, gloom and boredom.

Feet: Zebu’s feet are black and very hard. This allows them to walk and run on hard surfaces easily. With Jersey’s walking is a difficult task.

Rear: Zebu’s rear is rounded like a horses and thus allowing them to walk or run fast and do more work. Jersey’s rear part is like a boney clothes-hanger about to fall off.

Fertility: Zebu are highly fertile and calve very regularly. Their calves are born small so calving problems are unheard of.

Hump: Zebu’s have hump and this is considered the most valuable as it is believed that this is what create the medicinal properties in the milk. Bigger the hump the better is the quality is the milk. Jersey’s back is s flat and resembles that of a pig’s back.

Weight: Zebu breed is small and averages around 300kg, Jersey is commonly referred to as a “small” animal but weighs heavier at average 500Kgs.

Dung: Zebu’s raw dung is full of nutritious bacteria for the soil. The bacteria is about 100 times more than in Jersey cow. The texture of the dung is harder and fuller than Jersey Cow dung. Farming can be sustained by using only this dung. Dung from one Zebu breed cow is enough to farm 30 Acres of Farm! Jersey Cow dung is useless for farming.

Urine: Zebu breed cow urine is top quality organic pesticide. It has applications in many clinically tested medicines. Jersey Cow urine is useless.

Health: Generally Zebus are healthy and does not require ANY antibiotics. Unlike the Jersey breed which are easily prone to a variety of diseases and require antibiotics.

Male: Zebu breed are active, hardworking, pull heavy load and can walk long distances even on little food & drink. Jersey’s are just plain lazy and nowhere close to a Zebu’s work capacity.

Environment: Zebu Breed do not need cooling fans and water spraying while the Jersey cow needs cooling systems to maintain body temperature. If the temperature drops below 27 degrees Centigrade Jersey and all GM cows will drop milk production, while Zebu is unaffected by temperatures as high as 40 degree Centigrades.

Intelligence: Zebu breeds are very intelligent and sociable and are even known to walk in to be milked on their own. Zebu breeds can hold their milk and let down milk only to the people they know. While Jersey breeds are inherently dumb, nervous wrecks and can be milked by all and sundry thus called the “milch-cow”.

Jersey gives more milk per day… Gir gives more milk per year…for longer years. Mose Jersey cows are executed by 8yrs of their life on earth.

Jersey eats more food….Gir eats less.

Jersey cow develops body heat and need frequent and regular showers and fans  to cood down every day and sometimes even at night… Gir cows do not require such ICU type care.

Jersey is kind of dumb… Gir is almost as smart as an Alsatian dog

Jersey cows are not very fertile…while Gir cows are highly fertile and calve very regularly. Gir Calves are born small so calving problems are unheard of.

Birth of Calf in Jersey could be life threatening and needs human presence and intervention… Gir cows are as natural as nature.

Jersey is weak and feeble… Gir can walk & run quickly and can even jump over small fences.

Jersey is open to many diseases… Gir can withstand disease quite naturally.

Jersey Bulls are a complete waste as they are unhealthy to do any work and sits around all day eating and drinking, they are dumb and notoriously aggressive towards one and all.

Jersey dung is useless to a large extent for biogas & fertilizer while Gir dung has better texture, excellent for biogas and fertilizer.

Jersey Milk called A1 is considered poison in Europe and a lot of people avoid it and clinically tested and proved to promote diseases & Lactose intolerance.

Gir Milk called A2 has been clinically tested and proved to be good for health, tasty and doesn’t have lactose intolerance problems.

Both Jersey & Gir Cow Milk have 4.5% fat but Gir Milk is healthier and better suited for production of many other diary products other than milk. As most of the milk is made in the villages and lack of technology & infrastructure the cheapest, best and easiest way to preserve shelf life of this A2 Gir Cow milk is to be turned to curd, churned to make ghee and buttermilk. This way one will get buttermilk to drink and Ghee which will replace vegetable oil like corn oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, ect. All these vegetable oils are highly dangerous to human body as chemicals are used to “refine” these oil. One can use as much as A2 ghee as one wants. (Ignore the doctor who for he is being instructed & taught by those very people who peddle the Jersey cow and they themselves do not drink its milk). Drink 2 spoonful of A2 Ghee with hot A2 Milk and a dash of turmeric daily for increase calcium content of your body instead of Calcium San-doze. Now not only the Ghee can be easily stored but lasts long if it is properly packed, and its like wine, older the ghee more better it becomes. This ghee also is easy to store & transport and demands a much greater price than the milk it was made from. Thus the Goal of all Farmers should be… not to sell A2 Milk, but to use the milk,  to produce A2 ghee and sell it at their convenience. Its value is in gold. While normally, the farmer is forced to sell milk at prices as low as Rs 4 & Rs 7 per liter because milk as a product is perishable. This stupidity has to be avoided at all cost!

There is so much headache and less calving, high calf mortality rate with the Jersey breed then Why The Fuck is Jersey promoted as a “good Diary Cow”? THIS ANIMAL HAS TO BE BANNED.

And who do you think is promoting the Jersey cow? Government, Banks, Village Agriculture Dept, etc. Why they are giving wrong information?… because the education they received did not allow them to question what a person in authority is handing down to them. They were selected on this basis in the first place on the rules laid down by Indian Civil Service made by the British. Then there are some who get seduced by money.

This is not “by chance”… this is all planned by race-conscious Illuminati people who think bribing few government staff and political leaders is enough to keep people under ignorance and poverty… well it is not… its payback time… Internet is here to gain knowledge and information that ARE DENIED in Education Institutes where people are “trained” to follow orders and follow the existing system. The best student in any education system today is one who CANNOT think independently, CANNOT take decisions independently, Cannot think outside the system, is best in following the flock, and most importantly studied and trained in the skills that has the least value in what he will probably do in his work… while the part that was of value was never part of the “curriculum”. This system has come about not due to “error”… but was meticulously planned and perfected over hundreds of years and implemented to train people with tools which they will never use in their life… its like being educated but doesn’t know how to write with a pen and use computer. It’s easy to tell such people “see you guys are no experts… in making cars… in making aeroplanes, in making missiles,…. and in farming and diary farming too we are better than you guys… because…our race is superior”

Also we have to note WHO are the people who benefit directly when diary farmer buys Exotic Breed cattle (Jersey, Holstein, HF, etc).

  1. The VET – The vets love this exotic breed which brings in a lot of income for them. The exotic breed is an unhealthy breed and falls sick easily, have calving problems and high calf death rates. These are all good news for them. Most people who want to start diary farming approach the village animal husbandry unit officer (a vet) and walk into their trap. Never listen to a VET who tells you to buy a Jersey Cow.
  2. Then there are people who profit by selling you their exotic breed. They try to sell you how high their milk yield per day is and hide the milk yield over the lifetime of the animal. Exotics anyhow have short life before being sold off.
  3. The Pharmaceuticals companies that sell medicines to their favorite animal – the Exotic Breed. Lesser the desi breed is good for their financial health.
  4. Slaughter house – who are impatiently waiting for your cow who you are hardpressed to sell to them as it is not profitable to keep it a very long time. They are aware that you will take care and nurture a cow, give it medications, make it healthy and finally sell it to them. Without the diary industry it would have been expensive for them to rear cattle themselves, pay for labour, medicines, vet fees, pay for thousands of kgs of fodders and water for a single animal before it is slaughtered.

Best diary breed is Gir Cow an amazingly docile social animal that can fearlessly take on lions when in danger. They love being with humans. They adore being brushed and scratched on their big dew laps, around the head, and between the back legs. Their temperament is well illustrated in Brazil where the cow will come into bails to be milked by machines just like any Friesian or Jersey cow. They are very gregarious and at night form a circle very close together with their calves sleeping under their necks.

Zebu Cow breed are endangered species in India and on the verge of becoming extinct, they have to be protected by all accounts. Today Brazil is the country developing and guarding the precious cow breeds and in fact takes great pride in proclaiming it as a scientific achievement while we put forward religious ideologies but do not even know which breed is what.


Personally I feel the current Modi Government is going about it in an unreasonable and unscientific way. They could have said that Zebu cow is endangered and killing it would be punishable by 10 yrs in jail.

Another corresponding decision SHOULD HAVE BEEN:

  1. Remove any Support to Jersey Cow.
  2. Phase out Jersey Cow from Indian within 1 to 2 yrs.
  3. Rs 100,000 fine per cow for anybody breeding zebu breed in India.

Jersey Animal must be PRONOUNCED AS A DANGEROUS BREED IN INDIA. Jersey Breed is responsible for destroying the agriculture in India. Jersey & its variety should not be termed as “cow”. It should be defined as Genetically Modified Animal and injurious for human health. Why US & European countries ban good Indian products citing flimsy reasons while India is not banning the fake, inferior and stupid products of US & European countries is beyond understanding. India should ban not only the import of this Cow & its semen but also ALL DIARY PRODUCTS MADE FROM A1 MILK. All diary products MUST MENTION on its cover which breed the milk is coming from.

Jersey cows are one of the main reason for the destruction of the farms in India as the dung was of very inferior quality and could not regenerate the soil biodiversity. This got multiplied many times when GM seeds were adviced, instructed, and distributed among farmers. This act was done by fooling/bribing government and bank officials to advice the farmers to farm with chemicals to get better output. These GM seeds desperately required chemical fertilizers, various pesticides and a huge quantity of water. Chemical fertilizers were killing the soil biodiversity and the jersey cow totally failed to replenish it.

Even if one imagines a Jersey cow to be a milk giving machine… why on Earth would a businessman buy a machine that has a very short life? Take a lot of effort to fine tune the machine… pay a ransom just for the “service, maintenance & vet ooops repairman his fees” of the machine and then sell off the machine after 5 yrs usage and then again invest in a new machine and go through the whole cycle of pain???!!!??

Whether there is proof that these animals are Genetically Modified, genetically mutated or heavily hybrid… the fact remains that these breeds are unsustainable just like GM Crops. These breeds cannot be left  unattended in the open with enough feed and come back after 2yrs and see that the herd has grown. These animals cannot survive 1 year without the medication, vet on perpetual standby and specialized food, vitamin & calcium supplements. If this is not the most stupid way to do business then what is?

Same is the story with Boiler Chicken (white chicken) V/s Desi Chicken that live and breed naturally. These Desi chickens are healthy and are immune to a lot of disease that the boiler chicken cannot survive. The boiler chicken cannot hatch its own eggs. The male boiler is killed as an infant. The broiler itself is so unhealthy that it cannot survive beyond 4 to 5 weeks of life on earth. All Broilers are killed, cleaned and cold-stored around 4 weeks. The pain and torture that these birds have to endure are incomparable.

The whole white-man theory of using cheap labour (slaves) to farm in one place under high-energy climate-controlled green-house, then stocking, packaging,  storing, it in one place and then transporting it across continents it to other even though tons of fossil fuels are burnt up is completely unsustainable. Also this type of farming can only focus on hand full of variety of vegetable, fruits & food grain while there are hudnreds of types of banana and mangoes and other fruits.

Ban Genetically Modified Food

BAN Genetically Modified Food

Without the cow and with GM seeds the cost of farming shot up, in general by 4 times, overnight. As the farmers now had to buy the following… not every year… but 3 TIMES each year:

  1. Seeds – GM seeds are good for only one crop. The seeds from GM fruit are blanks and cannot germinate. By the harvest the land is barren, raped and devastated.
  2. Not only fertilizer but quite a 3 to 4 types of fertilizers and pesticides have to be bought. Every year the fertilizer used goes up as the land becomes more and more barren.
  3. Water – the requirement of water shot up more than 5 times. This meant more labour, and cost for maintaining/availing water resource. Even if the water is free the time spend for organizing and arranging the water is “wasted time”. Every year the amount of water required is more.
  4. Diesel – Water is free in India but not diesel is not and it is used to pump the water into the fields. Every year the water required is more and thus the diesel required goes up annually.

What previously the farmer used to get as profit is today spent in the purchase of Seeds+Fertiliser+Water+Diesel.

Evolution of GM food eating man

Evolution of GM food eating man

If there is bad rain or climatic interference the farmer loses his crop and has to start again from scratch!

The loss is not US$ 2,000 or 3,000 for each farmer the loss is about US$ 6,000 which is about the cost of a small car. But imagine loosing 3 cars a year!!… Would you even buy a car in future? And before you do that how would you even pay back the cost of those 3 cars, because at that time you don’t even have a job? This was the time previously the British Raj used to step in (after destroying the crops) and tell the farmer “ok come and join our army we will pay you salary”.

To put it in simpler terms Genetically Modified farming is not sustainable. The inputs are far more than the outputs and even then the outputs will have very poor quality.

GM Crops are UNSUSTAINABLE... Suicide in the only end!

GM Crops are UNSUSTAINABLE… Suicide is the end result!

After white-man discovered industrialization there has been a tendency to “scale up everything”… in business circles it is said… “if you can’t scale it up… it isn’t worth pursuing”. Then white-man decided that farming can done on a VERY LARGE SCALE in cheap labour countries like Asian & African countries… by choosing the best breed that can withstand diseases and pest. Harvesting can be done by using large automatic machinery and after harvesting vegetables & fruits can be chemically coated, shrink-wrapped, cold-stored, preserved, flown to different countries, transported to giant warehouses and distributed to giant stores in Malls. Now to do this requires stupidly enormous amount of fossil fuels in the whole process right from checking soil maintenance, selection of handful variety from hundreds of variety of seeds, process of sowing seeds, watering, harvesting, transporting, warehousing & up to distribution. Suddenly a tomato that grows for free under the sun & sky becomes expensive in another country. This is not only unsustainable but one of the most moronic white-man theories ever proposed and preached to practice to mankind. Another of the latest white-man theory is hydroponics. In a country where grass grow freely under the sun expensive system have been brought in that use expensive rates of electricity to grow food that could be grown freely. Anybody can grow wheat or similar grass fodder on trays… then why the electricity usage?

Yeah a few hundred years back when Indians knew the earth was round white-men said no and killed anybody who said the earth was not flat. When Alexander came to India thinking he will come to the “edge of earth and once India is conquered he will become king of the world” but a battle with the smallest and most unheard of kings in India made Alexander wake up and smell the coffee… and decide his soldiers were “tired and wanted to go back to their mama”.


Dharampal Agrawal with his Best Student the one and only Rajiv Dixit

Similarly in Ancient India the British cut many pillars of the economy eg: the then-existing Vernacular Education system which was way better than British education (proved beyond doubt by Dharampal’s book “The Beautiful Tree”.. & “Indian Science &Technology in 18th Century” oh wait… this they didn’t teach this at school? They just taught us that “Gandhi is father of our nation… man of peace” end of story and taught nothing of what Gandhi’s vision was about Swaraj our Science & Technology) , Agriculture, Martial Arts, Ayurveda all these were banned and those which couldn’t not be banned was taxed 300%. Nobody puts tax at 300% for the purpose to collect revenue…. 300% tax is collected only for one purpose – to Stop Farming… Clear the land… and tell the Farmers “stop farming and join British Army for your livelihood”.

But today its far easier as there is just one main backbone to destroy… they just have to destroy India’s Agriculture Industry… and the whole country will not only come on its knees, but will also be in debt to US & European countries for another 100 years. Same for other Asian countries.

Indian Agriculture is Huge

Indian Agriculture is Huge

India has many industry but no other industry is able to employ the number of people and export in as much quantity (not in price as agricultural products are low priced) as that in Agriculture Sector (India is in the top 5 exporter of almost ALL agriculture goods) especially when combined with those employed in and export of Diary Products and Meat & leather Industry which is directly influenced by agriculture. The SCALE OF INDIAN AGRICULTURE IS MINDBOGGLING. It is as big as the world. There is no other industry that is even close to Agriculture… possibly Railway is somewhat similar on scale…  To put it in perspective the Indian Railways is as big as the Railways running in the whole of Europe! But… even then Indian Railway is not able to employ as much people as the Agriculture, Diary, Meat & Leather Industry. In Agriculture Indian is second only to China… but then China is 3 times bigger than India… USA which is 3rd biggest Agriculture producer has even bigger land area than India but climate is not suitable for year round farming. This is why INDIA is called a GREAT Nation. It is primarily the geography more than anything else that makes India blessed and produce food in such large quantity, so much so that NO country in the world is even its equal …right through centuries and for centuries in future. Countries have to learn from India… HOW TO FARM… not the other way around…

Agriculture Industry is being destroyed in India by distributing GM Seeds and the use of Chemical-Fertilizer without which the GM seeds cannot survive… and this results in 70% of the 1 billion population living in Villages to lose their jobs and move to the Cities… thereby putting IMMENSE pressure on the infrastructure of the City, Law & Order and Govt. These tactics are used during WAR time… If India does not check this India will be destroyed… just like USA will be destroyed if it does not check Chinese export of cheap use-&-throw goods worldwide. USA & its people today realizes that globalization is not a good word.

Factories closing, Unemployment rising - The Elephant in the Room

Factories closing… Unemployment rising – The Elephant in the Room

GM-farming Theory is once again the illuminati’s “earth-is-flat” theory and he wouldn’t let it go easily… the people who refuse to believe this must be fed fruits & vegetables grown from endosalfan. After they eat this they must be shown what will happen to them and how their children will be born. If they still protest they must be given a good spanking and made to work on chemical farms for a year…

GM farming has totally failed… otherwise India would have been a land flowing with agriculture produce, milk and honey. People in India would be leaving their jobs in cities and running to villages to start farmhouses. There would not have been any Farmer suicide. But the suicide rate of above 100,000 in year 2015 have proved “Green Revolution” cloaked chem-farming has failed.

The Emperor wears no Clothes

The Emperor wears no Clothes

The stupidity of GM farming & Jersey Cow Diary Farming its so much in your face that it’s time for the Kid in the crowd to stand up and say “Hahahaha…the Emperor is wearing no clothes”.

Want To Make More Than a Banker?

Want To Make More Than a Banker?

Looking at the future over the horizon, and analyzed with the fact of growing population, scarcity of food, long working hours, longer travel time, less physical workout and congested quality of life in the city it makes more (financial, physical & spiritual) sense to MAKE IN INDIA as a Farmer than as an Engineer or even as a Banker or a Doctor. But in doing so one has to pick the best of traditional practices (of water conversation, soil fertility, non-chemical farming) and combine it with the latest technology  (use of Solar Panels, Electric vehicles on and off farm, and use of Websites, Blogs, Social Media for advertising and sales) to produce & distribute more in clean, green and sustainable environment. In doing so produces clean energy and clean fuel to be used for all mankind.

This viscious cycle of producing unhealthy milk just because it produces a little more milk is crazy and has to be broken. This is a cycle brought in by monetary greed. Else soon you will see even Diary Farmers trying suicide to get out of the huge debts they will take in their quest to follow “European Total Industrialized diary farming”.

To come out of this cycle you have to ask your soul… is this milk good… can I give it to my kids? If you know the answer is NO then traditional Indian business principles tell you that you should never have sold the unhealthy milk. Start with one cow for your own family. Learn and research the medicinal properties in the milk, curd, buttermilk. Learn and research the different medicines and the healing properties of different and easy use of cow. You will slowly start or have demand for not only milk but also for medicines too… and your herd will grow too. Try to set a high standard on credibility & honour like Japan and try to grade and certifiy your goods yourself and explain on the pouch how you do it and why you do it. Or explain on website/facebook and leave the link on the pouch. NEVER SELL PRODUCTS AT A LOSS. STORE MILK NOT IN COLD STORAGE BUT CONVERT TO GHEE (by Curds method) AND STORE FOR LIFETIME. The reach, speed & power of social media is mind boggling…use social media to advertise. Reach people just like this article reached you.

But please stop getting into Diary Industry with the only intention of MAKING MONEY, blind faith on Vet, western textbooks and websites, rat-race competition of blind rats (yeah imagine that… that’s how Indian Diary Industry is), low knowledge of what fodder is given and how it affects the metabolism of an animal, not knowing if hydroponic fodder is required in your area, complete adoption of western methods and burning with greed with the patented question “Kitna ltr deti hai?”

KITNA DETI HAI? LAAT DETI HAI… How much it gives? It gives a Kick if your approach is not human or based on greed.

Dr Sree Kumar :- Sustainable cow course in English:

The history of the great difficulties that Brazilians went through to get Indian cows into Brazil once they came to know about their divine qualities. The Brazilian Government at that time were opposed to bringing in Indian Cows and wanted to kill them but the Brazilians had with great difficulty smuggle the animals there using ships, boats and even aircrafts. Today their struggle and victory is a tale in itself as Brazil today owns the biggest and the best quality cattle in the world and their have taken the vedic method of grazing the animals and not followed the western method of stall fed cattle. Not surprising their cattle are the cleanest hygienic diary cattle in the World! Not an ounce of dung on them!!! Its sad that even after the shastras and Vedas have taught us how to milk and what to do with the milk and even having the greatest cowherd boy in India (Krishna) a lot of Indians have lost respect for the Indian cattle breed (Zebu). Thus it is only natural that agricultural lands go out of farming and farmers commit suicide. After all the biggest divinity of the Indian Cattle is its ability to increase the fertility of the ground and increase agriculture output. India is uniquely blessed with the climate and the cow breed to harness rainfall and grow food for years together. Today due to the digital world and social media slowly people in India are beginning to understand its importance. Here below is the Brazilian struggle for getting Indian cattle in their country. Long live Brazil and may your tribe increase… after all at least India and Indians have some concrete method to follow because our “learned” idiots farmers and diary farms have lost the ability to think and analyze what is good for the earth and how it affects them.

Indian cow breed is a fantastic machine to turn grass into milk and beef. Zebu’s stomach is very small while other breeds have very large stomach. In the below video you will see that these cows do not have even a single rope on their nose, neck or mouth and their ears are not pierced with insurance tags. Brazilian farmers are much more than just diary farmers… they are agriculture producers, beef producers and also milk producers… all three. Brazilians claim with pride that there is nothing healthier on the planet than their beef and milk. They vouch that Nellore breed eats the least but develops the more beef. At 11:55 you have the guy clearly spelling out that Cross Breed cattle is not economically viable and how they are better off with Indian Cattle. At 16:24 the guy tells us that there is less need for Ectoparacides, Deworming medicines and antibiotics which also saves time and money.


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