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Holes in Peter Mukerjea’s Story

Since Peter & his family story is quite electric… let us at PlugInCaroo lay it bare… It seems like Peter & Indrani had planned this murder through and through… possibly had even handwritten instructions on what to do if things went wrong… how one person must not lead the police to another person. Which is why Indrani said Peter is innocent when he was arrested. Which is why both Peter & Mikhale reiterated that there is NO MONEY ANGLE… The fact is there is money at the end of the trail… Money so big that they dare to kill people… or their own. Greed for money has always been the reason for unhappiness….

Let us check out what were Peter’s statements and stance during the entire investigation:

  1. First of all he gave himself an alibi. The common thing criminals do… either going for a movie or taking care of kids. Being at a party or meeting. Being out of the country is the safest way. Doesn’t matter if he made arrangements to book her car even though there are so many Call Taxi like MeruCabs which was very well established in 2012 and he was talking to Indrani on her phone before, DURING and after committing the crime.
  2. The faithful Driver in question was sourced from… Continue reading

Electric ATV

Electric All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are a rather unexplored terrain… but it is an exciting range of vehicles… for which (as they are below 35kmph speed) there need no licence, or permit, or certifications required. Excellent space for budding startup entrepreneurs…

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Energy World Qatar


Visited the Energy World Qatar expo in Doha, Qatar going on from 18 to 28 November 2015. An awesome display of information regarding Science and Energy aimed towards the kids and people. What was interesting was while people were having a great time playing with different equipments they were also learning the science behind it. Even the parents were enjoying themselves. Qatar should seriously consider setting a building for this kind of stuff. Wonder why no Schools were invited to attend the Expo? Most of the volunteers were very active and enjoying distributing information.

It started off with a short Movie show which explained the resource crunch that the world will experience in the coming years not on one front but on 3 fronts – ENERGY, WATER and FOOD. The world will be screaming for these three as more… Continue reading

Toyota Mirai – The Fuel Cell Car

Toyota Mirai.jpg

Early adopters pay for the privilege of having the latest technology. That will certainly be true for the dozen UK customers who will take delivery of a new Toyota Mirai by the end of the year. Buying one outright will mean laying out an eye-watering £66,000 for the mid-sized fuel cell hybrid—more than twice the price of the similarly-sized, but utterly conventional, Toyota Avensis saloon. Most Mirai customers will probably opt for a… Continue reading

Government, Tax and Oil… the happy nexus!

You hear a lot of talk about the Government setting up targets for Electric Vehicles and the so called not too famous FAME scheme for faster adoption of Electric vehicles. But you dont see any action on the ground. You dont see any company coming forward to create electric cars, nor do you see the government placing any orders for Electric Bus or Cars. No we are not talking about “Pilot Projects” which are… Continue reading

Scooters or Motorcycles? – What’s better?

Both scooters and motorcycles enable riders to enjoy low fuel prices and quick navigation through town. However, these two-wheeled vehicles also have major differences in engine size and body design that can mean the difference between safely riding at highway speeds and the ability to extract yourself from fast-moving, hazardous conditions.

When you are building an electric 2 wheeler you will always come to the… Continue reading