Holes in Peter Mukerjea’s Story

Since Peter & his family story is quite electric… let us at PlugInCaroo lay it bare… It seems like Peter & Indrani had planned this murder through and through… possibly had even handwritten instructions on what to do if things went wrong… how one person must not lead the police to another person. Which is why Indrani said Peter is innocent when he was arrested. Which is why both Peter & Mikhale reiterated that there is NO MONEY ANGLE… The fact is there is money at the end of the trail… Money so big that they dare to kill people… or their own. Greed for money has always been the reason for unhappiness….

Let us check out what were Peter’s statements and stance during the entire investigation:

  1. First of all he gave himself an alibi. The common thing criminals do… either going for a movie or taking care of kids. Being at a party or meeting. Being out of the country is the safest way. Doesn’t matter if he made arrangements to book her car even though there are so many Call Taxi like MeruCabs which was very well established in 2012 and he was talking to Indrani on her phone before, DURING and after committing the crime.
  2. The faithful Driver in question was sourced from…the Security Chief that worked for Peter. This Security Chief worked also with Rakesh Maria.
  3. The vehicle in which the crime was committed was booked by Peter not from India… but from UK. He must have spent almost equal amount for the International phonecall as it must have been for the car-rent for one day.
  4. Rakesh Maria was well connected to Peter. When things got too hot even with Rakesh Maria leading the investigations… Peter got his influences working and Maria was kicked out and another closer friend of Peter Ahmed Javed was brought in by none other than Davendra Fadnavis, CM of Maharashtra to lead the investigation and it so happened around the time that IPL betting king Lalit Modi was given his passport by Sushma Swaraj to travel out of the country. Media had already created a ruckus to the faux pas by Sushma Swaraj and now with this the govt did not want another guffaw and handed the case to CBI. The only one who could have done this was PETER. As he was the only one outside and having connections and free to move about, make the calls and get things moving. Indrani couldnt do anything as she was arrested and behind bars.
  5. Peter must be the 1st person in Indian murder case history coming to the Police Station with readymade statement which he tried to hand over to the Police and which the police did not accept. For some untold reason he did not want to make verbal disclosure. Pretty alarming I would say. Possibly because writing gives a person enough time to make up a story unlike verbally.
  6. During Times Now live Interview Peter did not want to be interviewed on camera (cameras don’t lie) unlike Mikhale who fell for Arnab Goswami’s trap and gave the interview on camera which he too cut short saying “it is getting uncomfortable because of the heat from studio lights”… obvioulsy he was uncomfortable because he had to defend lies… and its not easy defending lies. This is in stark contrast in the Aroushi Talwar murder case where Nupur Talwar had come to the studios to be interviewed.
  7. Peter sat in Arnab Goswami’s studio and did not show his face on camera kind of the saying “hid his face” and preferred to give the interview on phone while sitting in the Studio. WHY? Oh WHY? If he was REALLY innocent? AND IF HE WAS NOT AT ALL CONNECTED TO THE MURDER.
  8. Note His initial statement to the press “Sheena was having an AFFAIR with my son”… his choice of the word Affair instead of relationship… borders on the sickening… it is an attempt to character assassinate Sheena… as if she had…  a one-night-stand with his son… but the fact was both Sheena and Rahul were planning to get married as they had revealed to their close friend in Guwahati. Sheena had discussed this even with Indrani and Rahul had discussed this with Peter… and both the parents were trying to stop their marriage. It seems that their marriage would have been a financial setback for both Indrani and Peter.
  9. If Peter believed Indrani and thought Sheena was really his sister in law… there would not have been any grounds for him objecting his son (from an earlier marriage) marrying his present wife’s sister as they are not related in any way. Then why was he in opposition.
  10. His Statement “My version is very clear. I am completely shocked and horrified by the information that I am getting, both in terms of who Sheena Bora actually is, whether she is the sister or daughter (of Indrani), who is Mikhail and whether he is the son or brother (of Indrani), how many marriages Indrani has had in the past and the entire episode of Sheena Bora going missing and getting murdered.” – was a complete WHITE LIE
  11. His Statement “Sheena was staying in a paying guest house and she would come home on Sundays to visit her sister. They got along seemingly fine.” – Again White Lie. Sheena was staying with Peter & Indrani till 2011 when things got absolutely downhill. And there never was a moment in Sheena’s life when she got along with Indrani even remotely… “seemingly fine”.
  12. His statement “was really shocked when the police said that it was to do with the property, which I had no knowledge about… Indrani would say from time to time that they had some tea gardens but I never really visited them.”… He is pretending to be like… omg … I don’t know what happened… I don’t know anything… keep me out of this… we were so rich that we lived out of India and kept visiting like tourist… yet a tiny property which was so unimportant that was never visited become so important to get Indrani to kill her own daughter and then Peter goes around trying to get his friends to lead the case. Also note his attempt to lay the blame square on Indrani so that she doesn’t escape the noose.
  13. His Statement “My marriage with Indrani is over”… why? He got rid of her or was it his plan the whole time?… Cause that could be the only way he could possibly have got rid of her. Indrani stays behind bars or gets hanged… he is free with the 50:50 property. Half his Half Vidhie’s…
  14. His statement “So, when I was informed that Sheena was being sent away to the US, I thought it was a positive thing since her relationship had been broken. Sheena was sent to the United States for further studies. I had no reason to communicate with her anymore (after her disappearance) because my son was not in communication with me at that time, because of the relationship.” – again a WHITE LIE as he was continuously being questioned by Rahul and he was even leading Rahul on to believe that Sheena was in US, alive, and he had in fact spoken to her.
  15. To the question were there heated exchanges between Sheena and Indrani Mukerjea? Peter LIED “I never witnessed any such arguments or heated exchanges because communication would happen over the phone and I would never speak Assamese; they would speak in Assamese and I did not understand that“. Again WHITE LIE. Everybody knew Sheena and Indrani were not on good terms… especially since 2011. There is also claims that in the period between 2011 to 2012 Sheena was not keeping well and doctor found that she was being poisoned, it was around this time that she moved out of the house.
  16. His statement “I spoke to my son this morning, after three years.”… He was constantly being questioned by Rahul.
  17. When in fact he texted his son “I feel sorry that you are having to go throught (sic) this bullshit but that is why I keep trying to tell you to put all her s**t in a box and get rid of it or send it to Indrani’s office in Mumbai and forget her make it — out of sight out of mind.”… They didn’t want Sheena to have relationship with Rahul but PETER ASKS for Sheena’s stuff… a person who he claimed never stayed with them and was not on good terms since 2011. Why?…Were they looking if she left some clue? Or password? Or Key to some bank locker?
  18. His statement” Right now I am in a state where I feel that I had been kept in the dark for so long and I really need to get the matter resolved in the most transparent way, so that everybody is clear. And I don’t really want to live under the shadow of a cloud or in ignorance anymore; three years was long enough to be in a state of deceive.” … He is pretending … oh me so innocent… babe in the woods… for a guy who was supposed to be a very shrewd, calculating and along with his wife formed ruthless media boss-duos team.
  19. His Statement “Of course I feel betrayed by my wife at this point of time because if it is true, it is wrong for her to come back.”… he wants her to stay back in Jail…repeat “it is wrong for her to come back“…LOL
  20. His statement “I am here in Mumbai and I am ready to give the police any support and information and any cooperation that they need from me.”… actually the police have claimed that he is not cooperating fully with them and the lie-detector test has confirmed that he is in fact deceiving them. Peter had been ‘evasive’ when CBI started investigating the case, which eventually led to his arrest
  21. To the Question So the name Sheena never really came up in the last three years? Mukerjea:Definitely not“. When in fact it came up again and again especially by Indrani who wanted all and Sundry to shut up from discussing Sheena and to believe that Sheena was in US and for this Indrani constantly used Peter to convince Rahul, Mikhale & her parents to convince Rahul and her friends in Guwahati and Mumbai.
  22. The Rigad Police covered up the case of burnt body of Sheena. This could have been possible only with Peter’s clout within the Police Circle and although Indrani had contacts … she couldn’t have got it done.

 The above statements of Peter clearly show him contradicting himself with outright lies. Even if one were to assume that he trusted what Indrani told him about Sheena being Indrani’s Sister. Then Why is he lying and tricking people… not only Rahul but all and sundry.

Also Note Mikhail’s statementI know there is something else behind this murder. It is not about property or money. But let her admit it first,”. He claims the murder is not related to money, just like Peter claimed, but at the same time is hiding the reason, not wanting to reveal the reason insisting the accused person reveal it first. This is tantamount to saying I wont tell you anything I know. Which is hiding the known reasons.

Marlow to Gagode, Pen

Marlow to Gagode, Pen – The distance from Peter’s Marlow Bldg to Gagpde Budruk, Pen is just 1 hr 57 early in the morning. Going to the Airport to drop Mikhale and continuing the journey to Pen would take another 20 minutes only. Would they have taken this risk? Or probably Mikhale took taxi? Was Mikhale a victim or a conspirator in his Sister’s death?

Consider the above statement when analyzing the fact that Mikhale was also present technically “on the scene of crime” for about 4 long hours at the Worli residence with Sheena’s body in the boot of the car parked a few feet away. Mikhale claims that Indrani drugged him and then left him unattended for 4 hours without locking the door.??!!?? What kind of murder attempt is this??!!? Where did Khanna and Indrani go for 4 hrs in the middle of the night (2 am to 6am is a mystery) unless they paid Mikhail his share… celebrated the death… with food and drinks (which the servant found the next day, the male slippers must have belonged to Mikhale or Khanna) told him to rest and all of them left at 6am (“as the sun was rising”)… Mikhale took a taxi to the airport or possibly they droped Mikhale to Airport and then (Khanna, Indrani, Rai drove with dead Sheena in the rear seat to Raigad to burn the body.

Indrani must have traveled to Guwahati one more time probably to pay another big amount to Mikhale to “manage” to keep his side of the story…. Which he is doing very well with “let Indrani reveal first… then I will reveal everything”… meaning if she doesn’t reveal anything I won’t either… else she won’t pay me… doesn’t matter if my sis was dead.

The deal must have been quite straightforward . Indrani & Peter was paying 40K to both Sheena and Mikhale… Indrani must have told Mikhale if he keeps quite then he can have Sheena’s monthly share too and probably gave him the Guwahati property in his name (the place where he stays) as a bonus.

There is grave danger to Peter’s life since Indrani was trying to make Peter’s will 50:50 in favour of Vidhie and Indrani. Meaning Indrani can continue her control on their money if Peter was bumped off. What was the reason for Shyam Rai to possess the gun which was procured in 2012 during the murder plan even 3 yrs down? It is obvious they had not completed the task at hand.

There is a very good chance that Rakesh Maria got information about these people planning to bump off Peter and the only way out was to get Indrani & Khanna arrested and it was easily done by getting Shyam Rai to confess. Probably Indrani came back to bump off Peter and possibly even Khanna and she could easily blame both for “getting into a heated argument and fighting over her and then being accidentally shot”… both Peter & Khanna.

Just wondering… if these people didn’t think anything of killing their kin for money they surely must have bumped off a few guys here and there for their money or revenge not only in India but also in other countries they had been.

But one thing looks quite clear that both of them were not doing quite well financially since their hey days and afer winded up their crappy news, music and whatever channel.


One thought on “Holes in Peter Mukerjea’s Story

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    1. There were calls to other people too including police officer and Indran’s secretary on both these days. Why are they not under suspicion. After all they are husband and wife and he was with their daughter, so they can have other things to talk about.
    2. Nothing implicating in this.
    3. Has CBI checked whether Peter has ever booked cars for Indrani from UK before or after?
    4. Assumptions only
    5. Peter is a well organized person. He must be prepared before having meetings , interviews in his professional career. It’s rarely anyone in his caliber being arrested for murder. So we don’t know how others would behave.
    None… of the points are valid…. Sorry to see that internet has already implicated him. I think Peter is innocent, but believed blindly in his wife.



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