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Oil might not climb back over $50 a Barrel…EVER!!!

Oil might not climb back over $50 a Barrel…EVER!!!… and Saudis know it very well… that’s why they are pumping every single drop of oil while people are willing to pay for it. All of you must be aware of the fact that what Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, former oil minister of Saudi Arabia, said in 2000 “The Stone Age came to an end, not because we had a lack of stones, and the oil age will come to an end not because we have a lack of oil.“… but this is only the last half which was publicized of what  he had said…the first half was almost unbelievable 15 yrs ago so it was left out… the full statement is Thirty years from now (2030) there will be a huge amount of oil – and no buyers. Oil will be left in the ground. The Stone Age came to an end, not because we had a lack of stones, and the oil age will come to an end not because we have a lack of oil.”… he has 15 more years to reach the target date of 2030… probably he did not expect Shale Oil to be explored and to come to the market so soon. 

He was speaking with information that… Continue reading

End of Road for Diesel Vehicles…

VW Cheating is biggest proof that Diesel cannot meet emission standards!!!

                  VW Cheating is biggest proof that Diesel cannot meet emission standards!!!

The dangers of vehicles polluting our fresh air is a real one… and finally the world is waking up to the fact and taking action accordingly. Global fight against Polluting Vehicles is a battle for the survival of Mankind. Not only in Delhi & Bihar but also in the World the governments are considering taking active steps on curbing vehicles that pollute the most – Diesel & Petrol Vehicles… whether they are.. Continue reading

Solar Baskets will change the World

TinyTechPlant have recently designed and started manufacturing large solar baskets which will be proved to be the most revolutionary tool to produce local power in farms, in industries and in villages and to decentralize world economy from oil based to soil based. My solar baskets are one type of parabolic solar concentrators or solar collectors or solar reflectors with short focal length which will be produced at the cheapest rates even by village technicians even from wood, bamboo and local materials. Focal point is fixed with the ground and it has no connection with the revolving paraboloid on horizontal axis as well as… Continue reading

Steam Engines for Human Happiness

Steam Engines are ideally suitable for protecting freedom and liberty of people.

Once you are having your own power, solar or biomass through steam engines, you are not affected by fossil fuel prices or electricity tariffs. Let the diesel prices may go up by 20 times, let the electricity becomes expensive by 40 times, you are not affected at all. This is real freedom.

So enjoy your freedom and liberty through Steam Engines.

Get rid of slavery of government and government sponsored energy companies.

Abolish grid power, boycott grid power.

Grid power is Greed power.

No society can be said as free society if you are using energy from government sponsored big companies.

Mahatma Gandhi has asserted that all the means of… Continue reading

Farmers can generate 8,00,000 MW Solar Power in India


Solar power has come as a blessing to the humanity, not only to provide energy to all but to save humanity from the evils of industrial revolution. The biggest evil of industrial revolution in last two centuries is the concentration and centralization of wealth and resources and also huge political powers in the handful of people. So huge factories, mass production, big industrial and financial corporations, large cities, huge network of transport, huge scale mining, giant thermal power houses, giant cement factories, dangerous nuclear power plants, huge dams, huge skyscrapers etc are emerged in the world in the name of development which in fact exploit billions of people, throwing them into starvation and poverty. The net result of the industrial revolution has not increased happiness on the planet but it has… Continue reading


There are 20 million water pumps running in India for irrigation. Half of them are running with grid power and remaining are diesel operated. All these pumps can be converted to solar power in 4 to 5 years only. Farmers can not afford to buy heavily expensive diesel. Government is not very keen to switch on to solar power. Subsidy scheme is illusive and it is given to a few hundred farmers only. It can not cover even 1% farmers. In fact, Government policy is not farmers friendly. They do not need subsidy. They need loan facility with negligible interest to purchase solar panels and inverters. Solar water pump is nothing but…. Continue reading

E-Raaja – Zero Pollution & Zero emission, plastic body E-Rickshaw

With the view of moving towards a more eco-friendly means of transportation, OK Play India has launched the country’s first indigenously designed and developed e-rickshaw. OK Play India manufactures plastic moulded industrial and automobile products and is best known for the toys it manufactures.

After about two years of in-house research and development, the company has launched E-Raaja – a zero emission, plastic body e-rickshaw.



According to OK Play India’s Managing Director, Rajan Handa, E-Raaja has been made completely in India unlike other e-rickshaws that use about 95% Chinese components. The company will produce these rickshaws from its… Continue reading

Best Scooter…960km per Litre – Hero Photon

While Ather Energy is busy doing breakthrough Research on PopCorn and stuff 😉  Hero Electric has reduced the Price Tag on their Electric scooter by approximately Rs 10,000 making it a very attractive scooter to buy. Lookwise its identical to the Ather Scooter 😉

Hero Photon Scooter

Hero Photon Scooter… NOW AT A PRICE TAG OF Rs 45,890!

This is a must have scooter if you… Continue reading

Mitsubishi Kills i-MiEV Small Electric Car

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Mitsubishi announced last month it will no longer sell its i-MiEV electric hatchback in the United States, ending a five-year run characterized mostly by disappointing sales. Despite high hopes dating back to 2011 when it was released, and the lowest price among EVs, Mitsubishi managed to put fewer than 2,000 units on the road.

Even before the car hit the market, reviewers complained that the i-MiEV’s range was lower than the advertised 62 miles. In fact, under real world conditions, the i-MiEV’s range drops to 50 miles or less—if heat or air conditioning is required, or if driving into a headwind. Between its disappointing range, diminutive size, cartoonish styling and cheap interior, the i-MiEV was not well-suited to American car buyers. (The car fared better in Japan, where it serves as a small city car for short-distance drivers.)

Geting Real with Bigger Cars

On the heels of a financial turnaround, Mitsubishi is positioning itself to compete in the segment where it performs best: SUVs. In an interview with Automotive News, Osamu Masuko, Mitsubishi’s chief executive, said his company will launch three SUV models by 2020. New generations of the Outlander and Outlander Sport, as well as a yet-to-be-named new model, will fit in between its two current platforms.

The company promises that eventually all three platforms will house plug-in hybrid or EV powertrains. For the time being, Mitsubishi is preparing to offer a plug-in model it first promised for 2013, but after repeated delays will finally introduce in the U.S. in the coming spring: The 2017 Outlander Plug-in Hybrid.

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The Shitty Goodness Drive of Mahindra

Recently Mahindra carried out the “Goodness Drive” a 5,000 Km drive unforgettable journey supposedly “never carried out in India”… except for

  1. Unknown to Mahindra such a drive had been carried out 6yrs earlier in 2009 known as “Climate Solution Road Tour“when the car was known as a 2-seater Reva and traveled 3,500 kms to 15 Indian Cities. Now this was at a  time when the Internet in India was more slower than fast, social media was just about getting noticed, people were not yet familiar with the word “viral”and US regularly used to top the list of Internet users in the world. Not any more things have changed a lot and that required an update.
  2. An updated version of the original idea with 4seat E2O drive was proposed on January 2014 as a 2,500km-in-16-days by PlugInIndia‘s which also had Bradley Berman’s PlugInCars in the team for international exposure…
  3. Mahindra never replied to the proposal…. Then one fine day in Nov 2015 those involved  get an electric “charge” to find the same plan renamed, reproduced as “Goodness Drive”… Continue reading