World’s richest 10% produce 50% of CO2 Shit!

Narendra Modi has done well to stand up to the US & the tiny European Countries bulling larger Asian, Arab and African nations to submit to their demand of abandoning cheap and abundant energy like COAL, GAS & OIL.

For countries like China and India the availability of coal as an energy source is not only cheap but also abundant which they cannot do without. Developing Countries cannot do without coal  until the day comes when the AVAILABILITY of renewable energy is as cheap and as abundant as COAL. The fact is renewable energy like solar panels, wind turbines and their energy plants have become cheaper to build, operate and maintain. But as of now although the price of Renewable Energy is low… the availability is NO WHERE NEAR ABUNDANT. Ways and means of incorporating renewable energy into our daily life are still being considered, planned and designed. Possibly 10 yrs down the developing countries might reach a point where the developed countries are today having installed sufficient Renewable Energy systems to pledge to do away with Coal and all Fossil Fuels.

Oxfam published the numbers as negotiators from 195 countries met in Paris to wrangle over a climate rescue pact.

The richest 10 per cent of people produce half of Earth’s climate-harming fossil-fuel emissions, while the poorest half contribute a mere 10 per cent, British charity said in a study released today.

Oxfam published the numbers as negotiators from 195 countries met in Paris to wrangle over a climate rescue pact.

Disputes over how to share responsibility for curbing greenhouse-gas emissions and… aiding climate-vulnerable countries are among the thorniest and longest-running issues in the 25-year-old UN climate process.

“Rich, high emitters should be held accountable for their emissions, no matter where they live,” Oxfam climate policy head Tim Gore said in a statement.

“But it’s easy to forget that rapidly developing economies are also home to the majority of the world’s very poorest people and while they have to do their fair share, it is rich countries that should still lead the way.”

The report said that an average person among the richest one per cent emits 175 times more carbon than his or her counterpart among the bottom 10 percent.

Rich and developing nations remain deeply divided on the issue of “differentiation” — how to share out responsibility for curbing greenhouse gas emissions, which derive mainly from burning coal, oil and gas.

Developing countries say the West has polluted for much longer and should shoulder a bigger obligation for cutting back.

 They also demand assurances of finance to help them shift to less-polluting renewable energy, shore up defences against climate impacts such as sea level rise, droughts and superstorms, and to cover damage that cannot be avoided.

We hope advanced nations will assume ambitious targets and pursue them sincerely. It’s not just a question of historical responsibility — they also have the most room to make the cuts and make the strongest impact,” Indian Prime Minister told Monday’s opening of the summit by world leaders.

Yet many rich nations, led by the United States, reject the idea of a “bifurcated” approach with obligations placed on one group of countries, and not the other.

They point to the risk of carbon emissions — as measured by volume, rather than per capita — from emerging giants such as China and India.

Oxfam said its analysis “helps dispel the myth that citizens in rapidly developing countries are somehow most to blame for climate change”.


Let us a PlugInCaroo say that benefits of shifting to Cleaner Sources of Energy are skewed HEAVILY IN FAVOR OF DEVELOPED COUNTRIES. Even though they were the ones to put the world in such a dangerous and precarious situation in the first place.

It gives them no right to PREACH. What they have to do is to PAY A PENALTY in ratio to the carbon consumed by them using which the rest of the countries can switch to Renewable Energy. EVEN TODAY AS THEY PLEDGE USA percapita energy consumption is way higher than either China or India. It is evident that they are not targeting Climate Change… what they are targeting is SHIFTING OF INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION TO ASIAN COUNTRIES…

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