Developed Countries Trying To Shift Responsibility On Climate Change: India

Well done Modi…this is one subject that Narendra Modi needs the entire country’s backing… we at PlugInCaroo completely agree with him. Due to the requirements of the larger investment required in Countries having large land areas like India, China, Brazil, and African countries like Congo, Sudan, Chad, Indonesia, Iran, Libia, Angola, Mali, Ethiopia and other countries which are quite large in size and cannot change quickly to renewable energy as easily as the tiny European countries. Moreover it was the developed countries who became “developed” by exploiting these very Asian & African countries by running factrories upon factories to put gases out to pollute the environment both in US & Euro countries and also by setting up pouting factories in Asian & African countries.

US doesn’t even have the right to speak on Climate Change because even today most of the  pouting  in the world is done by American companies else they would not have the biggest GDP. Even though America has been the biggest FACE OF TERROR the world has EVER SEEN since Nazi Germany by bombing Japan with nuclear weapons, creating wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and trying to create internal stability inside Middle East countries using “Revolution” through social media. But then that has not stopped America from pretending to be the Crusader for Peace or a Victim of Terror.

Countries like USA talk about clean energy but continue to produce 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder petrol guzzling monster cars without any penalty. It is estimated that more than half (i.e. 61%) of the energy that flows through American economy is ultimately wasted. This inspite of the economy being in recession and almost all of their industries moving to China.

India strongly voiced its concern over the new draft released yesterday at COP21 summit, saying “a durable agreement cannot be crafted by putting the polluters and the victims at the same level”.

The revised draft incorporated new recommendations but  key issues were still unresolved, which include common but differentiated principles, climate finance and technology transfer, transparency and reviews of national targets proposed by countries.

“It is deeply disappointing that developed countries are not fulfilling their finance obligations and are trying to shift their responsibilities to developing countries,” said Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar.

“I must stress that the concept of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) is a great innovation and has proved a game-changer. It has enabled the participation of over 186 countries. Yet, INDCs are not even mentioned in the draft,” the minister said.

On India’s crucial role at the climate change talks, Chairperson of the G77-China group, Ambassador Nozipho Joyce Mxakato Diseko told NDTV, “I do not imagine that India would depart from negotiating, from the interests of those (developing) countries. My view is that when people say India is being difficult they want India to behave like a developed country.”

“It is quite clear from this text that we are moving towards a weak climate agreement at Paris and this agreement is going to be voluntary bottom up,” said Chandra Bhushan, Deputy Director, Centre for Science and Environment.

Thankfully we have China to lead us into a “new world order” in which USA would be reduced to a despotic and power hungry nation who meddled in other countries border issues to help their defense contracting companies.

Its time all the 138 countries tear the NATO countries “DEMANDS” on climate change.

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