PlugInIndia establishes EV Charging Infrastructure

Our friends at have successfully created India’s 1st and ONLY community  charging infrastructure. Its kind of Zero Budget Infrastructure that was set up by the community to enable Electric cars to travel much beyond their range-boundary of 100kms. The best thing about the charging infrastructure is it pays the Infrastructure-developer an income from anybody who comes to charge the vehicle. The charging fee range from free charging to Rs 100 per hour depending upon the shop that is providing the charging. If charging is done from a shop then charging is done from a commercial meter at commercial rates and thus they charge Rs 100 per hour. Some people have opened their hearts and let the EV community charge free from their house or housing society.

This effort has made trips between Mumbai to Pune and back a distance of 300kms (150kms each way) completely possible for anybody with E2O which has a range of just 100km  WITHOUT ANY DIFFICULTY.

The fact remains that Mahindra were NEVER ABLE TO IMPLEMENT highway charging “infrastructure” is proof to our below statement of “incompetence”. These are the same guys who tried to sell Manual Transmission (MT) Scorpio in countries where people do not touch MT without realizing that the “MT-era” had passed in those countries 😉

Lol…looks like the EV community have got pissed off with Mahindra’s go-slow approach and started to implement their own solution while all the petrol car makers have have developed Electric Car since 2010… but refuse to release it and hold the Govt responsible for its delay. Companies like Tata, Maruti & Mahindra talk EVERY YEAR about “releasing the NEW Electric car next year”… and which never got released for 5 straight years.  Zero work also on Infrastructure development.

Its time the Government start to fine all who flout the below rule:

  1. Car manufacturers who do not manufacture 10%  Electric vehicles.
  2. All Companies must have at least 10% of their 2-wheeler/car/bus fleet as Electric cars.

We at PlugInCaroo believe as a rule of thumb that Petrol Car companies the world over are incompetent to make electric car… at the efficiency of say Solar Ahmed‘s Vehicle… at the same price, range and distance.

For Eg. The 63yr old Solar Ahmed whose car is robest enough to have traveled above 100,000 Kms with a Rs 100,000 car, and even covered a 3,000kms journey in 30 days.  Thus he can travel all over India even the Ghats without a single drop of petrol… At that rate… he was covering a distance of 100kms per day charging from Solar Panels…  a task not even equaled by Mahindra’s Rs 9,00,000 E2O especially considering the price of Solar Ahmed’s car. Now dont even mention the BMW’s or Tesla’s price tag for they have to hang their head in SHAME.

…for now lets check out the magic that PlugInIndia has woven…

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