Kejriwal’s Odd-Even Formula

Kejriwal’s Odd-Even Formula & having the guts to ban Diesel Vehicles could push India to lead the Automobile world out of the fossil fuel era. It seems like one small step in that direction… but in fact is a huge gigantic leap for MANKIND.

All of us are aware that the Odd Even Formula is temporary, kind of a stop gap,  “puncture repair” till the time the real issue can be addressed properly… he is able to source enough extra Buses… (around 10,000 extra buses) probably powered by CNG. If he is able to get even half of that then the number of Delhi’s public buses would double. This in itself would provide enough relief for the daily commuters. This will improve the overall impact of… Public Transportation tremendously as never in the history of any country was there ever a plan to introduce 10,000 buses at one go.

To control the dust he has also planned to plant trees and grass, foliage near the roads and the median (the middle part of the road) most of which are now lying neglected or abused. This would also improve the look of the City.

But what is the most outstanding of the plan is the idea to ban diesel vehicle all together. This is a step in the right direction and also in line with the Paris Climate Deal where it has been agreed by all countries to stop using Fossil Fuel by 2100.

Fossil Fuel includes mainly Coal & Crude Oil.

Coal – and all its derivatives such as Coal Tar.

Oil  – Crude Oil and all it derivatives like – jet fuel, diesel fuel, heating oil, propaneasphalt, tar, paraffin wax, Slack wax, Sulfur and the whole list of  Petrochemicals  as Petrochemicals are organic compounds that are the ingredients for the chemical industry, ranging from polymers and pharmaceuticals. Representative petrochemicals are ethylene and benzenetoluenexylenes (“BTX”).

Till now due to the happy nexus between the Oil & Automobile companies no government in the World had the guts to ban vehicles based on fossils fuels like Petrol & Diesel. This would mean that the best of the Diesel vehicles developed by the West & Europe are unfit to run on Delhi roads. This is also the first time Indian Standards have been set above the West & European Safety Standards for Cars. This act makes us at PlugInCaroo very proud and also encourage the Government of India to implement 2 more Safety Standards which are above the standards of West & Europe:

  1. Auto-lock for all vehicle engine to India’s top legal-speed to ensure  ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHANCES OF SPEEDING ACCIDENTS instead of installing speed cameras which are an expensive option.
  2. Installation of local Navigation Devices on ALL vehicles 2-wheeler or 4-wheelers. Local because of the Right/Left hand drive and obviously local maps have information in local languages.

It is mainly the Oil Companies and the Automobile companies who are stalling the development in the field of Electric vehicles & other similar fuels in the markets. All this while it was said Shale Gas was very difficult and very expensive if at all possible. But to imagine the price levels plummeting to rock bottom at just the emergence of Shale gas and the willingness shown by the oil lobby to destroy shale gas investors are proof of the cut throat market of the Oil and Automobile industry.

Most of the vehicle manufacturers in India like Mahindra, Tata & Maruti have developed electric cars from the year 2010 but do not want to release their cars although the year is 2015.

Till 2014 these very manufacturers kept blaming the govt saying there is no subsidy for EVs in India and such a market is non conducive for EVs and so they have decided to wait for a favorable date. Now when the Modi Govt have given them the subsidy then they have noting to say and not a single Electric Vehicle has been released. Mind you the E2O was not Mahindra’s car it was Chetan Maini’s car which Mahindra was forced to put out on sale due to probably some kind of takeover agreement. Mahindra has never promoted the car and whatever little promotion done  was of very low key… to such an extent that PlugInCaroo had feared that Mahindra would pull the plug on E2O by 2018. Probably even Chetan Maini got fed up of Mahindra’s bureaucracy of “chalta-hai” attitude and left the company.

The Paris climate deal gave E2O  a fresh lease of life and finally some work might have started on the EV in earnest unlike their approach in the years before.

Mahindra has Electric Maxximo 8 seater van, Maxximo Truck & Electric Verito which is a 5-seater 4-door sedan and both of these cars are much sought after and inquired vehicles but Mahindra refuses to release them. Tata had showcased the Nano EV with some faadu specs in year 2010 and they also have the Tata Ace EV too. Above all Nissan too has readied the Evalia NV200 for India.

All State Governments must implement schemes to penalize climate polluting vehicles (irrespective of how little they pollute). Because the companies are not interested to implement green-climate scheme. So it is imperative that the government should penalize such companies to discourage car usage and double the available public transport so people can travel in peace.

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