The Shitty Goodness Drive of Mahindra

Recently Mahindra carried out the “Goodness Drive” a 5,000 Km drive unforgettable journey supposedly “never carried out in India”… except for

  1. Unknown to Mahindra such a drive had been carried out 6yrs earlier in 2009 known as “Climate Solution Road Tour“when the car was known as a 2-seater Reva and traveled 3,500 kms to 15 Indian Cities. Now this was at a  time when the Internet in India was more slower than fast, social media was just about getting noticed, people were not yet familiar with the word “viral”and US regularly used to top the list of Internet users in the world. Not any more things have changed a lot and that required an update.
  2. An updated version of the original idea with 4seat E2O drive was proposed on January 2014 as a 2,500km-in-16-days by PlugInIndia‘s which also had Bradley Berman’s PlugInCars in the team for international exposure…
  3. Mahindra never replied to the proposal…. Then one fine day in Nov 2015 those involved  get an electric “charge” to find the same plan renamed, reproduced as “Goodness Drive”…somewhat tongue-in-cheek? If they did not want to pay well and good… no harm… they could at least have given credit where was due and done the whole damn thing in a proper way.
  4. Unfortunately the Goodness drive messed up big time… it was obvious Mahindra didn’t understand the whole marketing plan that PlugInIndia had drawn-up because it was compressed & “packed down” to bullet points precisely because there was expectation of the scheme being implemented by Mahindra without acknowledging the creators…below is extract of the bullet points:

PlugInIndia Proposal

So what was the point that Mahindra was trying to TOM-TOM with that drive? That E2O can be driven from Kashmir to Kerala on a 5,000Km Journey?

Technically YES… if you have arranged to cheat by “setting up” temporary charging points that will not be there tomorrow for a person driving E2O following the same course.

Mahindra charging using unsafe temporary charging points!

CHEATING – Mahindra charging using unsafe temporary charging points!

Can the journey be done by any normal person in E2O?

NO, DONT EVEN TRY… as there are many kilometers in between without ANY charging points and chances of your vehicle getting stuck without power is SURE if not high. Inter-City travel with E2O right now is only possible between Mumbai-Pune only because of the hardwork of a person called Kamlesh Mallick from PlugInIndia. For upcoming future charging points check their website and forget the useless Mahindra charging website which is not of much use anyway.

This whole expedition was arranged and planed by a bunch of stupid people trying to lul people in a false sense of hope that this car can travel 5,000kms just like any Petrol car. This is ANYTHING BUT THE TRUTH…. IT IS AN UTTER LIE

Mahindra… first please pay and install the charging points THEN talk about traveling Kashmir to Kanyakumari 5,000km or 50,000 km…there needs just 62 charging points (double that… i.e 124 if considered on both sides of the road) which local people are willing to put up with very little investment.

Although we are supporters of electric car and clean energy… one got to call a spade… a spade… we at PlugInCaroo are the biggest, craziest supporters of Clean Energy & Electric cars but will also be your sharpest critique when ever crappy products/events are handed out to fool honest customers.



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