Best Scooter…960km per Litre – Hero Photon

While Ather Energy is busy doing breakthrough Research on PopCorn and stuff 😉  Hero Electric has reduced the Price Tag on their Electric scooter by approximately Rs 10,000 making it a very attractive scooter to buy. Lookwise its identical to the Ather Scooter 😉

Hero Photon Scooter

Hero Photon Scooter… NOW AT A PRICE TAG OF Rs 45,890!

This is a must have scooter if you… stay on the ground floor. For those who stay higher up… for charging the scooter… they will have to get a electrician to pull a charging point from their electric meter box to where they intend to park their scooter.

Hero Photon 45kmph Top Speed

Hero Photon 45kmph Top Speed

Full charge of the bike takes 6 hours and just 1 unit of electricity which costs around Rs 5. Thus the  fuel economy is 80kms / Rs 5 = Rs 0.16 per Km which is ridiculously low. In comparison petrol bikes cost Rs 1 per Km!!!… that too depending upon the fluctuating petrol price.

The Photon is powered by a 1500 W waterproof, brush-less DC motor with two drive modes – power and economy.

If you ask “Kitna Deti hai?” (how much mileage per ltr of petrol or its equivalent cost). Now considering a price of Rs 60 for a ltr of Petrol… recharge at the cost of Rs 5 and a range of 80kms. There is no hesitation of saying it gives 960kms per litre of petrol (or petrol’s cost).

Hero Photon Scooter 960kms Per Ltr of Petrol Cost (Petrol cost considered at Rs 60 per ltr)

Hero Photon Scooter 960kms Per Ltr of Petrol Cost (Petrol cost considered at Rs 60 per ltr)

Kitna Deti hai? 960kms per ltr of PETROL… and zero service cost!

1Ltr Petrol = Rs 60… = Recharge 12 times (Rs 60/Rs5 per charge = 12 times).

For the Cost of 1 Ltr of Petrol or Rs 60 one can recharge the bike 12 times and travel 960kms (12 x 80kms =  960kms).

Hero Photon Side view

Hero Photon Side view

The charging time of 6 hours is not a big deal as most of the people would be either charging it overnight or at office and the charger is designed to avoid overcharging.

The cost is something like this:

₹ 45,890/-(Price)

+ ₹ 2,362/- (octroi)

+ ₹ 1,500/- (insurance)

+ ₹ 1,500/- (registration)

Total cost of Scooter = Rs 51,252 – NOTE this is a one time Payment.

Your running cost will be Rs 54.31 per day if you ride 80kms per day for 365 days or cover a distance of 29,200kms. See below calculations:

  • Battery replacement = ₹  18,000  (above 28,000kms)
  • Charging cost = ₹ 1,825/- (Electricity cost ₹ 5/- per unit x 365days)
  • Rs 18,000+Rs 1,825 = Rs 19,825/365 days = Rs 54.31 PER DAY

Riding 28,000km On Photon cost you Rs 19,825 = Rs 0.70 per Km

Riding 28,000km On a petrol bike that give an average of 60kms/ltr petrol bike & Petrol price considered at Rs 60/ltr  cost you Rs 28,000 = Rs 1 per Km ( also add servicing cost to it).

The real world running cost of Photon will be around Rs 27.15 per day if you ride 40kms per day for 730 days or cover a distance of 29,200kms because average usage is about 2yrs to cover 29,000kms. If you are traveling over 80kms on a daily basis you need to upgrade ASAP to a car for better comfort and safety.

Also note that you do not need to pay ₹ 6,000 for Servicing the scooter or do the tiny amount of service needed yourself… all it needs is to clean the contact edges and swap the batteries… be careful as even accidental shorting of the contacts are dangerous due to the high ampere.  It doesn’t really matter even if you dont do any servicing at all as you need to change the battery every 3year. It is not at all as critical as a petrol/diesel car service. If you use your scooter less than 40kms per day then you might need to service your scooter once a year just to check the battery health.

Anyhow the battery needs to be changed after a fixed period so using the bike most would be the best way.

Wondering if the Ather Scooter will be more economical than THIS?

After all Ather Scooter will look exactly like a Twin of this Photon bike… in-spite of the millions of dollars spent in popcorn research… 😉



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