Steam Engines for Human Happiness

Steam Engines are ideally suitable for protecting freedom and liberty of people.

Once you are having your own power, solar or biomass through steam engines, you are not affected by fossil fuel prices or electricity tariffs. Let the diesel prices may go up by 20 times, let the electricity becomes expensive by 40 times, you are not affected at all. This is real freedom.

So enjoy your freedom and liberty through Steam Engines.

Get rid of slavery of government and government sponsored energy companies.

Abolish grid power, boycott grid power.

Grid power is Greed power.

No society can be said as free society if you are using energy from government sponsored big companies.

Mahatma Gandhi has asserted that all the means of… production of primary needs of the people should be in the hands of the common masses. Electricity is primary need, power is primary need. So the equipments to produce the power and electricity should be owned and operated by common masses. It is only possible through steam engine.

Every American farmer had his own steam engine up to 1930. Every American farmer was a free citizen up to 1930. After that he became slave of electricity grid companies. So he is no more enjoying his freedom and liberty.

Man must be of his own destiny. It is not possible without his own power. You cannot get your own power without steam engine.

Please remember steam can be produced by solar concentrators. Do not depend upon diesel or petrol. It may betray you at any moment.

Be independent in energy and you will be independent from government also.

Drive out idea of big things from your mind. Big is always bogus. Think always about small things manageable by you.

Small is always beautiful. Steam engine gives you small power.

Love the steam engine, and hate huge power plants.

Install steam engine and boycott huge power plants.

Love thy neighbor and hate the government.

All big companies are robbers.

Change the base of entire economy from company centered to family centered.

Reduce the size of the production units up to family size.

No big companies are essential in the world.

Produce locally, consume locally. Avoid unnecessary transport.

Do not allow you to be controlled by big companies. Do your own business and earn your own income.

Everywhere steam engine will be your best friend.

Steam engine is the basic infrastructure beneficial to people.

Steam engine is blessing for freedom and liberty.

Managing Director
Tagore road, RAJKOT 360002 INDIA


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