End of Road for Diesel Vehicles…

VW Cheating is biggest proof that Diesel cannot meet emission standards!!!

                  VW Cheating is biggest proof that Diesel cannot meet emission standards!!!

The dangers of vehicles polluting our fresh air is a real one… and finally the world is waking up to the fact and taking action accordingly. Global fight against Polluting Vehicles is a battle for the survival of Mankind. Not only in Delhi & Bihar but also in the World the governments are considering taking active steps on curbing vehicles that pollute the most – Diesel & Petrol Vehicles… whether they are.. Euro or Bharat III, IV or V or even VI compliant the fact is that these vehicle pollute more than cng vehicles and especially Diesel as diesel is thicker.

It is exactly the reason that the thickness of the diesel fuel get the vehicles stuck in snowy weather because the fuel hardens much earlier than petrol and doesn’t pass through the fuel injectors to reach the engine chamber. Fuel thinner has to be added to fuel during freezing temperatures. Diesel Cars also have heating mechanism powered from car batteries to heat it or some even have external plugs to connect to grid to heat the car before starting it. The desi juggad method to thaw such vehicles is to lite fire under the engine to heat it up and once heated and the fuel becomes thinner it is possible to pass through the fuel injectors and the vehicle comes alive. Some stupid “over intelligent” cars like the second generation Toyota Prius, pump hot coolant from the cooling system into a 3-litre insulated thermos-style reservoir at shutdown, where it stays warm for up to 3 days… instead of reducing parts and making simple electric vehicles these moronic hybrid cars are increasing parts… now they have polluting fuel, polluting battery and a 3ltr tank and myriad of sensors & motors to empty, store & refill!!!

Viscosity of Fuel

Viscosity of Fuel – Note Diesel is almost as thick as crude oil!

The thickness of the fuel also makes it easy to create multiple problems around the engines. This is why diesel vehicles are easy to malfunction and require much more service or maintenance than petrol vehicles and thus is more expensive to maintain. All malfunctioning diesel engines give out thick smoke.

Low temperatures aren’t a problem for petrol engines because petrol is much more flammable than diesel. Even at room temperature and pressure, gasoline is partly vapor. Toss a match into a pool of gasoline, and the match need not even hit the surface of the liquid; it will ignite the layer of vapor above the pool. That’s why gasoline has to be handled extremely carefully around any ignition source. Diesel isn’t so volatile; if you tossed that match into a pool of diesel, it would go out.

Diesel as a fuel is a dirty fuel that pollutes more than ANY OTHER FUEL other than COAL…Not only in Delhi and Bihar but the World has pledged at the Paris Conclave against using Coal, Diesel & Petrol and to stop its use COMPLETELY by 2100. This means developed countries and the major developing countries like China and India would have to reach the goal much much earlier than other countries… probably by 2080 if not by 2050 and for this to happen you will start to see mass movement away from usage of COAL, DIESEL & PETROL right from the year 2020.

VW Golf TDI - VNT17 - 1749VB - Dual Side Exit Exhaust - Straight Piped - MK4 Turbo Diesel

VW Golf TDI – VNT17 – 1749VB – Dual Side Exit Exhaust – Straight Piped – MK4 Turbo Diesel

Let PlugInCaroo warn you that IT WOULD NOT BE PRUDENT TO BUY DIESEL CAR ANYMORE… the first nail in the coffin of Diesel Car has been put in the Paris conclave.


If you buy a diesel car in 2016 it will be obsolete within 4yrs… nobody will want your car by 2020… DIESEL CARS WILL NOT HAVE ANY RESALE VALUE in the near future… this is also true for Petrol cars.


Tata-Nano-CNG-Emax 36kmpkg… almost double the Petrol Car’s mileage!!!

We at PlugInCaroo advice you to buy ONLY CNG cars as most of the CNG cars are dual fuel and CNG-mileage is almost DOUBLE the petrol mileage!!!

Today all CNG vehicles give better mileage than Petrol Cars. CNG cars are more economical than even some Bikes as AGP says in the #7 comment on Team BHP. Best CNG Car is Tata Nano CNG… which gives a mileage of 36kms per kg of gas @ Rs 42 (Oct 2015 Mumbai rate)

Petrol cars give a mileage of around 21kms and @ Rs 68 (Oct 2015 Mumbai rate)

The difference is SO HUGE that in TEN YEARS you can buy another TATA NANO CNG… see the calcuations;

In one year approximate distance covered is 10,000kms… if you travel less than this obviously means you cannot afford a car and you do not use car as a “means of transportation” but rather as a “social status symbol” and it is better to use call cabs/taxi. For occasional car users it is much more advantageous, convenient and economical to use Rent-A-Car, cabs/Taxis.

Diesel Pollution Levels

Diesel Pollution Levels

If you use Nano CNG: 10,000Kms / 36kms per kg = 277kg of CNG. Meaning to travel 10,000kms you will need 277kg of CNG gas which is available at a cheaper price of Rs 42 per kg which will cost a total of Rs 42 x 277kg = Rs 11,634.

If you use Petrol Car: 10000 / 21kms per ltr = 476 Ltr of Petrol. Meaning to travel 10,000kms you will need 476 Ltr of Petrol which is 50% more expensive than CNG at a price of Rs 68 per Ltr which will cost a total of Rs 68 x 476 Ltr= Rs  32,368.

This is a difference of Rs 20,734 EVERY SINGLE YEAR YOU OWN THE CAR

Many people dissuade people from buying the Nano citing safety issues. As far as Safety is concerned TATA NANO IS AS SAFE OR UNSAFE as any car of its size like 800, Alto, WagonR, i10, Santro, Celerio, or even the Volkswagon Golf & Polo… all of them have failed equally at the NCAP testing… when tested without airbags… which proves all these cars stand EQUAL.


Always buy any Car with the FULL OPTIONS.. after all its for your comfort and you will use it a long time… atleast 10 yrs… but even airbags cannot save you in case of above 60kmph crash… (if both cars are traveling at 60kmph in head on collusion).

Please note that NCAP cheats are testing at slow speed 60kmph… by driving a car into a stationary object at 60kmph… while a head-on collusion usually occurs when a car tries to overtake a truck/bus by slipping into the  opposite lane… over take at say 100kmph … and then comes back to its own lane.

It is generally during such an act of failed-overtaking that a head-on collusion happens. In such a scenario both vehicles are traveling around 100kms if not more but even if we consider that both cars manage to step on the brakes and slow down to 60kmph on the point of impact… the resultant impact is 60kmph + 60kmph = 120kmph crash. Rate of survival is almost ZERO for the driver, & front passenger, 10% for kids in the rear &  25% for kids with seat-belts in the rear and around 50% for adults wearing seat-belts in the rear.

SMALL CARS, 2 wheelers & auto-rickshaws ARE NEVER SAFE IN ANY CRASH….especially a high-speed one. The point of impact is too close for the metal to save your life. If you want safer cars you will need SUVs. Indian SUV cars above 8 Lakhs price are safer than ANY sedan cars. But then there are manipulative car companies like Volkswagen who play on your sense of “safety for family” and try to peddle you an UNSAFE SMALL CAR like GOLF and POLO by saying it has airbags. Every year they keep updating small features as safety-features to stay ahead of Asian car makers.

If India tests US & European cars at 80kmph all of them will fail… but if India produces cars that can withstand 80kmph crash would that mean they are safe? NO! Because they will be unsafe in a 90kmph crash where 2 cars are in head-on collusion with each car traveling at 45kmph!!! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SAFE CAR. Its just an illusion and a fear that these car manufacturing companies play on the buyers’ mind. After all don’t you regularly ride in an Auto-rickshaw or a bike? Both of these are far, far, far more dangerous than ANY car!

To move around in the City and for the weekend getaway out of the city and even for the once a year vacation in the country side the Nano CNG dual-fuel car is a good choice. Because on longer out-of-city vacation-runs the car with petrol & CNG can run longer than CNG-only Cars.

Right now the only small problem with CNG cars were that the fuel stations are jampacked with vehicles in queue for CNG… but even that condition will improve considerably after the Paris summit and even Narender Modi is keen to develop and use CNG use all over India.

So if Subcompact Car is something you are looking at… then Tata Nano Emax is something you must seriously consider especially as the world is moving away from both DIESEL & PETROL.



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