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France to pave 1000km of roads with solar panels

Wattways solar road tile

Over the next five years, France will install some 621 miles (1,000km) of solar roadway using Colas’ Wattway solar pavement.

Solar freakin’ roadways! No, this is not the crowdfunded solar road project that blew up the internet a few years ago, but is a collaboration between Colas, a transport infrastructure company, and INES (France’s National Institute for Solar Energy), and sanctioned by France’s Agency of Environment and Energy Management, which promises to bring solar power to hundreds of miles of roads in the country over the next five years.

One major difference between this solar freakin’ roadway and that other solar freakin’ roadway is that the new Wattway system doesn’t replace the road itself or require removal of road surfaces, but instead is designed to be glued onto the top of existing pavement. The Wattway system is also built in layers of materials “that ensure resistance and tire grip,” and is just 7 mm thick, which is radically different from that other design that uses thick glass panels (and which is also claimed to include LED lights and ‘smart’ technology, which increases the complexity and cost of the moose-friendly solar tiles).

Wattways solar road tile© Wattways

According to Colas, the material is strong enough to stand up to regular traffic, even heavy trucks, and 20 m² of Wattway panels is said to provide enough electricity to power a single average home in France, with a 1-kilometer stretch of Wattway road able to “provide the electricity to power public lighting in a city of 5,000 inhabitants.”

According to Global Construction Review, tenders for France’s “Positive Energy” initiative have already been issued, and tests on the solar roadway panels will begin this spring, although the exact locations (and costs) for the project have not been specified. No word yet on whether these roads will be moose-friendly.

More information about the solar roadway project can be found at the Wattway websit

Quadrofoil – The Electric Speed Boat

Quadrofoil - The Electric Boat

Quadrofoil – The Electric Boat

Quadrofoil is a hydrofoiling personal watercraft (PWC), but unlike other PWCs the Quadrofoil produces marginal noise pollution, zero emissions, and creates only the tiniest of waves. As a result, the company claims the quad-finned watercraft could in theory access more environmentally sensitive areas where noise and wave disturbances are prohibited.

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Solar Boat Wins Intersolar India Project Award

Trojan Battery, a manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, and its project partner, Team Sustain, were named winners of the Intersolar “Solar Projects in India” award.  The companies were recognized for the SunRider solar boat project featuring Trojan’s advanced lead acid Smart Carbon batteries.

Trojan and Team Sustain were selected based on the exceptional pioneering design of the boat in the award’s category of Solar Building, Industrial and Commercial Use projects based in India.

Team Sustain’s SunRider solar boat using Trojan batteries was designed as an eco-friendly transportation solution for water tourism, recreational activities and use in nature reserves.  The SunRider solar boat has zero-emissions and does not pollute lakes and rivers. In addition, due to its inherent silent operation, neither people nor animals are disturbed by noisy diesel motors.

The SunRider solar boat is powered by Trojan’s deep-cycle Smart Carbon batteries which are designed to address Partial State of Charge (PSOC), a common issue in solar applications that has not been addressed by battery manufacturers until today.  SunRider is being used at The Mermaid Hotel and Resorts in Cochin, and the project helped it earn a “green tag,” showcasing an ideal example of “responsible tourism”.

The project eliminated the use of diesel fuel, which has reduced the SunRider solar boat’s carbon footprint by 100%, resulting in zero water pollution and environmental harm.

Team Sustain is a clean, green technology solutions provider based in Cochin, India. The company offers cost-effective logistics and infrastructure solutions for sustainable resource utilization to markets around the world.

Solar-powered boat arrives in Baldwinsville

2012-05-24-mjg-Solar1.JPGThe Solar Star boat skippered by Robert “Bull” Meacham of Arizona turns in the Seneca River before docking at Cooper’s Marina in Baldwinsville. The boat was towed 2,300 miles from Arizona on land and put in water at Tonawanda, NY.


When Robert “Bull” Meacham brings his 23-foot boat to shore, he says he often hears the same question: “Where’s the gas cap?”

His answer is always the same: The boat doesn’t have one, because it’s solar-powered. The solar panels on the roof power the batteries, and the batteries power the motor.

“We’ve been driving this since Buffalo, and we haven’t put a dime in it,” he said early Thursday evening after he and two compatriots arrived at Cooper’s Marina along the Seneca River in Baldwinsville.

After towing the boat on a three-day, 2,300-mile trip from…

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Start-up Electric Boat Company with Tesla Motors’ Drive-train Technology

Hello owners and fans of Tesla Motors,

Since I was aware of how Tesla Motors is revolutionizing the car industry, I have had ideas to replicate a similar business model to help advance the earth’s transition of water transportation off fossil fuels and towards electricity.

Tesla Motors has announced many times that they would sell power-trains to other companies, and the boating industry is one that is long over-due for innovation.

Are there any individuals (engineers and investors), with given skill sets or similar drives, interested in a start-up a company that would provide compelling, high-performance, electric boats?

We would start the same with as…

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Electric Quadrotors for Commandos

What have we learned from Mumbai 26/11 Attacks? Why is our Army, Military and National Security Guards not using Robots, min-Drones and Quadrotor drones in combat situations with terrorist? There is no doubt that we have brave and combat ready army but fatalities are sure when they are dealing with terrorist on suicide missions. In such events not a single solider should loose his life… which will then make it demoralizing for the terrorist and their handlers because after repeated attacks and loss of life the Indian Soldiers are still intact. It is only when 1 Indian soldier dies that these Suicide Missions considered successful. Only then will the terrorist will soon realize that it would be futile launching suicide attacks against India as no soldiers will die.

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Why Gogoro Electric Scooter is a Joke!

Gogoro is a scooter that travels 100km IF…IF…. IF driven at 25kms speed and possibly 50kms if driven at higher speed. It has battery you cannot charge at home or anywhere at all… if you want to charge it then you got to take it to the charging station… for which you have to drive to the nearest charging station to swap the batteries… The Scooter itself is so short and small that only 1 adult can sit on the scooter. But in its website it keeps talking about “carrying another passenger”…wonder where? On your lap or your shoulder? Which is why of all the thousands of images of the scooter very few is there of the scooter with side view like below… even in this the rider has been pushed to the front and his knees is touching the front part of the bike.To go through all this torture you have to shell out…

Gogoro is an expensive 1 person scooter!

Gogoro is an expensive 1 person scooter! CNG vehicles have equivalent running cost as electric vehicles without the higher initial cost of the Electric Vehicles!!!

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ARAI, Sarabhai Space Centre to develop car batteries

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) are to collaborate to develop a battery for passenger cars using technology which is used to make batteries for space vehicles.

ARAI will develop and test the batteries for use in electric and hybrid electric vehicles and offer the technology to manufacturers for mass production. This will significantly cut their cost, ARAI Director Rashmi Urdhwareshe said. She was speaking to reporters at the golden jubilee celebrations of the research organisation.

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CNG Karoo Kya?

CNG Karoo Kya?… Haan…jaldi karo bhai… fayda hi fayda hai!

CNG V/s Diesel/Petrol

What are the advantages of CNG as Automotive fuel?

  1. Low operational cost
  2. Environment friendly
  3. Adulteration free
  4. Increased life of lubricating oils
  5. high auto-ignition temperature of 540 C

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