The Year that was 2015 !

Wow!!!…What a year it was… Year 2015!

PlugInCaroo managed to press out about 100 blogs through the year at a rate of 1 Blog every 3 days!!! Blogs mostly based on Electric Vehicles, Solar & Wind Energy, CNG & BioGas Fuels.

Year 2015's Popular Blogs

Year 2015’s Popular Blogs

No any Electric Vehicles were launched in the market in-spite of tall promises by many companies. The best electric two wheeler & best electric car titles are still held unconquered by… Hero Photo Scooter & Mahindra E2O respectively.

Mahindra Verito EV was supposed to be launched in 2015… its launched… but it is not launched… if it had a “relationship status “it would read “its complicated”.

US & European electric car manufacturers have stayed out of the Indian car markets afraid of the embarrassment they might suffer with “ZERO CAR SALES”.

Year 2015 - Heat Map of Countries from where People are reading PlugInCaroo

Year 2015 – Heat Map of Countries from where People are reading PlugInCaroo

One positive thing that Mahindra did was to do the “Goodness Drive” but they had to cheat to do this by placing temporary charging points in places where there will not be any charging points.

The year was full of Promises…multiple false dawns and again many more promises and above all the new hope that has risen with the PARIS PLEDGE to move ahead to a newer tomorrow and use of cleaner fuel.

Year 2015 People Clicked on these links available on PlugInCaroo

Year 2015 People Clicked on these links available on PlugInCaroo

The year started with hope of FAME doing some kind of magic production by somebody existing in the atmosphere to increase production of electric vehicles as last year all vehicle manufacturers blamed the Government of not doing enough. Now once that was done Mahindra started to complain that the Government should install charging stations also. We wonder if the Government did that… then Mahindra would say the Government should build Electric Cars too as it is not economical for them! Mahindra once again got another excuse when the world Petrol Prices fell but in India it fell by just Rs 10 yet Mahindra said this drop will make electric vehicle development difficult for them. But the knockout punch would only be delivered to Mahindra on the last Month of the Year by Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal who banned Diesel vehicles in Delhi, followed by Nitish Kumar in Bihar. This will soon be followed the world over starting from year 2016 as the Paris Pledge is soon to take effect and countries will be forced to do away with their most polluting vehicles… starting with Diesel.

With the petrol prices crashing below $40 (although the prices in India were held steady at the pre-crash levels by the Government’s sudden reverse on its policy of “Petrol Prices will be decided by International Markets and Government’s work is to govern and not to decide petrol price” thus cheating people from benefiting from crores of rupees and this also failed to bring down inflation. This price hike have benefited all the corporate oil companies and most directly Reliance) especially geared towards to using CNG & Biogas more than Electric cars. The Government has gained a lot by way of Tax on Fuel and has given example of using Tax for “benefit of the country”… but isn’t that excuse what EVERY GOVERNMENT in the WORLD tells its Citizens?

Price hike because every time the crude price fell the Govt had to increase tax to keep it at the same level. If one considers that the Oil Prices fell 65% (from $105 Dec 2014 to $37 Dec 2015) the Govt gave its citizens just 2 percent benefit or less than Rs 10 which is quite SERIOUS case by a popular Government especially when considering Modi requesting people to give up subsidy on LPG.

On one hand the Government doesn’t want to give subsidy and then on the other hand wants to take back whatever subsidy exists in the market and all this directly benefiting Corporate houses and detrimental to the common people. And all this giving up of cylinder subsidy by “Rich People” is such a big SCAM as most rich people live in cities and they no longer use Cylinder but use Piped Gas… who is this Government fooling?

Although the Government pledge support for Electric vehicles (EV) not a single EV was bought by any Government Department. Nitin Gadkari has called for Pilot Testing of Electric Buses all of which should be over by July 2016 MAXIMUM… probably this Pilot Test Repot will not be filed away into history as was at least 5 Pilot Projects done on Electric Buses before it since 2010.

But the biggest hope of vehicles using Cleaner fuel like CNG is due to the Paris Pledge that makes it mandatory and binding on countries to switch away from Diesel and Petrol. By this account all vehicles will either switch to CNG or Electric… in our life time… within the next 30 yrs… as every single car maker will rush to make such cars to get the first mover advantage and a bigger pie of the market and the biggest winner would be CNG cars.


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