Quadrofoil – The Electric Speed Boat

Quadrofoil - The Electric Boat

Quadrofoil – The Electric Boat

Quadrofoil is a hydrofoiling personal watercraft (PWC), but unlike other PWCs the Quadrofoil produces marginal noise pollution, zero emissions, and creates only the tiniest of waves. As a result, the company claims the quad-finned watercraft could in theory access more environmentally sensitive areas where noise and wave disturbances are prohibited.

hydrofoil is a lifting boat/craft that operate in…water. Boats using hydrofoil technology are also simply termed hydrofoils. As speed is gained, hydrofoils lift the boat’s hull out of the water, decreasing drag and thus allowing greater speeds.

Quadrofoil - awesomeness personified

Quadrofoil – awesomeness personified

Although the 2 models of the craft can carry only 2 adults and the top speed is limited to 30kmph and 40 kmph respectively it has a range of 100kms.

Hydrodynamics: The two types of hydrofoils: surface-piercing and fully submerged. Since air and water are governed by similar fluid equations, albeit with vastly different levels of viscosity, density, and compressibility, the hydrofoil and airfoil (both types of foil) create lift in identical ways. The foil is shaped to move smoothly through the water causing the flow to be deflected downward which according to Newton’s Third Law of Motion exerts an upward force on the foil. This turning of the water causes higher pressure on the bottom and reduced pressure on the top of the foil. This upward force lifts the body of the vessel, decreasing drag and increasing speed. Since wave & water resistance creating drag  on the hull are eliminated and limited to the much smaller surface area of the hydrofoil, this creates a marked increase in speed and also translates to much higher efficiency of the fuel/battery.

Quadrofoil - many benefits

Quadrofoil – many benefits

Best part is that the boat is very eye-catching and pleasingly designed. Made of composite materials and weighing in at only 100 kg (220 lb), the craft is relatively light and the designers claim it is unsinkable thanks to its hollow hull construction.

Launched in 2012, the designers have made a number of technical changes and improvements to the craft. A new outboard motor in conjunction with the craft’s hydrofoils are now controlled simultaneously via a new steering system making the craft more agile. Drift control has apparently been improved to provide more precise handling characteristics.

The Electric Boat with 100kms range and one hour to recharge!

The Electric Boat with 100kms range and one hour to recharge and has can be recharged also via Solar Charger!!

The C-shaped hydrofoils, upgraded from the initial prototype model, now provide better stability and efficiency on the water. A new quick coupling system also now allows users to attach and remove hydrofoils without tools.

Quadrofoil - Take it anywhere

Quadrofoil – Take it anywhere

In terms of safety, the Quadrofoil designers have developed a new anti-collision system to absorb forces in the event of an accident. The makers have also added life jackets, a paddle and a whistle…just in case.

Quadrofoil - 2 Models

Quadrofoil – 2 Models

he limited edition Q2S is available for US$28,000 on pre-order now, with the Q2A version costing significantly less at $18,700. The Quadrofoil series is due to ship in March 2015.


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