JBM’s Ecolife Electric Bus

At stall no N-10 in Hall no. 12 at the Auto Expo 2016 Dancing girls come out before JBM unveils the electric bus EcoLife.

The dancing girls at the JBM stall.

The 100 per cent electric bus from JBM, the EcoLife.

Executive Director JBM Nishant Arya says that the 100 per cent electric bus will revolutionise intra-city transportation.The company touted the new release as India’s first bus running on a hundred per cent electric power. The release comes amidst nationwide rising concerns… about depleting air quality across cities in India. The latest offering will be deriving its power from lithium batteries, and has been designed as a city commute.


Executive Director JBM Nishant Arya with the EcoLife.

The vehicle is capable of delivering 10 to 15 hours out of a charge, running for 150 kms to 200 kms.

The company touted the bus as a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV), supporting fast charging through the use of pantograph for quicker turnarounds. The company referred to ECOLIFE as a continuation of the CNG bus product line which the company featured in the last Auto Expo.

JBM mulls selling the bus in two trims of varied lengths, which include 9 metres and 12 metres respectively.

This is the same company that brought in CityLife the CNG BUS:

The company hailed India as a hub of innovation and announced that the buses will be made here in India. The new offering is set to hit production later this year, and is likely to compete with rival Scania, who also released a bus for urban commute at the Auto Expo.

The Executive Director of JBM Group, Nishant Arya, said that the company is committed to the Make in India programme, and will keep taking part in government initiatives like Smart Cities to contribute towards the development of India.

Recently PM Narendra Modi inaugrated the demonstraion of REtro Fit Electric Bus at the Parliament house see below:


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