What do we take from Auto Expo 2016 – Delhi

With Delhi pollution control discussion in the background the Auto Expo 2016 at Delhi happened at a very opportune moment as far as Electric Vehicles were concerned. It was the right moment when the people were aware of the effects of pollution and how badly Delhi is affected by it.

Diesel car manufacturing companies complain that their car takes in polluted air and leave out cleaner exhaust doesn’t hold much water as after a few years with age and neglected maintenance diesel vehicles will give out more harmful exhaust than petrol. The fact is Diesel is as thick as Crude Oil and is always going to be a dangerous fuel for the lungs.

Auto Rickshaws have moved on to CNG and Electric Rickshaws in Delhi and the next bunch of vehicles  to be converted would be the school buses, mini-buses and the regular Buses and then finally the Trucks.

The enlightened Delhi saw more than six lakh footfalls at the Expo.

The best part was that this was one of the AutoExpo having the record number of Electric Vehicles on Display in India. It had everything from scooters, sports bike, auto rickshaws, cars, sports cars, mini-vans and bus… it had the complete package.

It could have had more vehicles like electric Trikes, Electric ATVs, Quads/buggies & Electric Tractors. But what makes the Expo all the more exciting is the promise of what could come next year because it was just late 2015 that the Paris Pledge was taken to do away with Petrol and Diesel as fuel and to retain CNG and Electric as the fuel of the future.

Auto Expo 2017 will surely have more electric vehicles like Ather Energy, and Hero Motorcorp. The 110cc Navi bike from its look it is evident that it is purely designed with battery in the mind as the source of fuel.

But the biggest hope is that there will be at least a few startup companies that will out smart existing Vehicle makers like Tata and Mahindra and have better vehicles on display… and there is a very good chance of this happening.

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