Solar Roof on Electric Vehicles are possible!

Spolar paneled roof on electric vehicles are very much possible and it is not a new concept AT ALL. In fact it has been successfully experimented by many people over the years for 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, trikes, one Indian guy went to UK to travel there by Solar powered auto-rickshaw developed here in India, Solar Ahmed drives around in his electric car which is powered by solar panels on his vehicle roof.

Also most mainstream motor companies have ALSO not released ANY electric vehicles other than Mahindra. The following links are for the peoples who have tried out Solar panels on their vehicle roof successfully:…

 (there are a lot more available on youtube) and THERE IS NO DRAWBACK OF LEAD ACID BATTERIES as suggested by some manufacturers as you can see Solar Ahmed has driven his car with Lead Acid Batteries for over 100,000 kms and at the same time SOLAR AHMED  WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO AFFORD Li-Ion BATTERY to drive so far a distance and replace batteries. IN THAT ASPECT Li-Ion BATTERY HAS A MAJOR DISADVANTAGE:

For building Electric Cycle, Bikes, carts, and vans there is no requirement for ANY ENGINEERING knowledge to connect battery to charge controller and then connect to the motor safely. This connection involve connecting “+ve” & “-ve” connectors to its sockets like connecting clips.This work any teenage kid without ANY EDUCATION can do… It is very easy stuff… only thing is there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO INNOVATION going on in electric vehicle work in INDIA. There is a great danger of India missing the electric vehicle revolution and African countries could overtake India in this field in 10 yrs time BECAUSE they NEED it more. Right now they have more innovative Solar power , biogas, and mobility than in India.

a WOMAN goes CROSS COUNTRY on a Electric Bike powered by just 2 Solar Panels:

The below is a little better designed bike storage space having solar roof…

This guy covered the desert WITHOUT EVEN A BATTERY nor… There was no pedal power. There are no batteries and the electricity from the solar panel goes directly to the motor….yet he is able to overtake animal powered vehicle.


THESE ARE CALLED INNOVATION WHICH UNFORTUNATELY our bunch of engineers have completely shut off and disciplined themselves and follow the directed path while competing for higher marks and mugging up stuff. Probably they should take off on some Treks in some remote village spend one year away from their friends and city… do some adventure sports… get back the zest that is so much connected to innovation… ALL OF THESE PEOPLE IN THE ABOVE VIDEO HAVE A STREAK OF ADVENTURE IN THEM… get back the adventure… open your brains to thought… stop following the pack…

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