Electric Autorickshaws launched in Bengaluru

RJMS-EV, a private company that is into manufacturing of electric vehicle and components in Bengaluru has a patent in their name for their innovation in switching a typical auto that runs on gas to a solar-run auto rickshaw. The rickshaw was launched officially in Bengaluru on Saturday.

Electric Autorickshaws launched in Bengaluru

Electric Autorickshaws launched in Bengaluru

Umesh Chandra, one of the directors of the company says, “This is a pilot project that we have to spend money for Rs 4 crores. The government is giving the opportunities for entrepreneurs, solar power sector and mobility providers. Two stroke auto owners should be enabled to accommodate the technology in their autos to make the transition happen.”

The company claims that the maintenance cost of a solar auto rickshaw will cost Re 1 per kilometre while it is Rs5 per km. ElecRic can go 110 km with five hours of charge if batteries are charged fully one time. Umesh suggested that if the government can create charging points underneath each metro stations or at government offices and banks, there will be two benefits—accessibility to charging points will be easier for all types of electric vehicles and secondly metro commuters can hop off the stations and find an EV to get home (serves last mile commute).

We at PlugInCaroo feel that if the whole chasis of the vehicle was made of Aluminium and Motorcycle wheels could replace these wheels then the efficience of the vehicle could be increased by about 40%.

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