Plugin to the ground & harvest water

As the summer approaches and in many places in India the land is going to dry up, thirst for water and stay without water until the monsoon… The question we at PlugInCaroo ask today is have you plugged-in to the recharge system of the Earth?

Nature has provided the world with the greatest storage tank that has ever been built… the Earth itself.  India is a country that receives some of the heaviest rainfall in the World… maybe this is the reason why the people in India do not care to harvest water. It is only now that the water table is getting drained  and our farmers and their fields are thirsting for water that people have started to search ways to store water. It is amazing to see that we in India already have some of the most Grandest and Best Water Harvesting Technology and Systems in the WORLD but have forgotten to use it.

If you throw a bucket of water into the sand… 99% of it will be saved by the ground from evaporation. This water… for which you didn’t have ANY value… will be filtered, and stored drop by every single drop… into various trenches and vaults that mother Earth has built inside itself. Thus 99% of the water will be safely stored underground.

Many times people are taught during water harvesting  to… save the rain water in “tanks or drums”… which is some kind of a bad joke!!… Good they didn’t say to use buckets, bottles and glasses… because such methods can only save less than 0.001%  of the rain water…. and also is relatively expensive.  But if you were to direct all the rainwater into a trench or a dried up well… it would save thousands of liters every year.

Sloping landscape can use swales or bunds on the slopes to hold rainwater. While on flat land bunds can be built to create minature pools of water that will percolate into the ground. Flat lands can save mamoth amounts of water especially if the land is full of earthworms. (Please do not confuse the mediocre vermiculture red worms that live on surface of the soil with the earthworms that burrow the earth. These vermiculture worms are good only in cold & snowy European & Western countries where earthworms are useless. Similarly vermiculture worms have to be avoided in the Indian subcontinent at ALL TIMES. The difference between the two are mentioned more clearly in the link here.)

Flooded Paddy Field

Flooded Paddy Field

If your land is flat you can create square bunds (as in the above flooded paddy field)  1 feet tall every 100 sqft (to trap rainwater the entire monsoon) that would make it look like mini paddy field. Monsoon is the time to Harvest or TRAP RAINWATER… all efforts have to be focussed on this during Monsoon.


ALL water harvesting has to feed the groundwater. IF YOU DO NOT FEED THE GROUND YOU ARE NOT HARVESTING WATER BUT HOARDING WATER in a rather senseless way.

India is lucky to have thousands of step wells built by wise men. Most of them are lying unused and not being used to harvest water which they were originally intended for and are being used as “Tourist Attraction”. These Step Wells are also called Baoli/Baori/Bawdi which is Hindi for water-well.

A small place like Delhi has a lot of water storage capacity… so much so that the it is sufficient to meet the  ENTIRE NEEDS OF EVERY SINGLE FARMER IN DELHI... built hundreds of years ago some of which are:

  1. Nizamuddin Baoli
  2. Rajaon ki baoli
  3. Gandhak ki baoli
  4. Red fort Baoli
  5. Agrasen ki baoli

All these together can store tremendous amount of Water and can not only help the farmers recharge the groundwater and rising the local water table but also help in avoiding flash floods.

Every monsoon efforts have to be taken so that the rainwater is channeled into these stepwells and fill it to brim… in the second year itself every single dry well in Delhi will be full of water and groundwater levels will increase tremendously. This will increase farm output and thus bring down food prices and thus inflation.

Above is the Chand Baori of Rajasthan largest inverted pyramid stepwell in India built over 1000 years ago!

Step Wells and Baolis of India.jpg

Billions of liters of water gets wasted and sent into the sea EVERY YEAR via the Storm Drainage System and Surface Water Drainage systems which can easily be diverted to such water harvesting systems built by our forefathers.

Plug-in… Re-charge… Re-fill… let that be our mantra till the monsoons are over!!!


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