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Mahindra E2O V/s Renault Twizy V/s Renault Zoe V/s Nissan Leaf – Comparison

Now that the Mahindra E2O has gone to UK… its time to review the car against its younger brothers… the Twizy, Zoe and Leaf.

Younger brothers because the Mahindra E2O is Version 2.0 of the Chetan Maini’s Reva Car called G-Wiz in UK. The first generation of G-Wiz was an awesome car back then… and offered something no car maker ever dared 20yrs ago!!! To make an electric car… and then export it to 23 countries.

It was an era when Tesla as a company was not even born. A car so light which could be pushed by a 5th grade student. The Lead Acid battery in the 1st generation car could last as long as 5 YEARS!!!  The lead Acid battery longevity is unparalleled even today !!! The Version 1 of E2O called Reva Car had also traveled 3,500 kms cross country through 15 Cities in India in the year 2009.

In the process to find an investor/car maker Chetan lost 10 precious years… 5yrs in his chase to find a car maker who could maker bigger investment and take it forward… and another 5yrs to get the car manufactured and released. This was the time when the Indian economy was opening up and there was threat that the US car makers would come and capture the entire market. This never happened… just like iPhone US cars could never become a favorite of Indians.

But after loosing 10 precious years the version 2 is out and we would stick our neck out and say Reva2 (E2O) is almost…almost on par with the Best Electric Car in the business… The Nissan LEAF.

Nissan has taken great care to pack the Leaf with a lot of goodies… which made the Leaf cost (£27,230) almost twice as expensive as E2O (£15,995). But then it is no mean task for Mahindra E2O to come out 2nd Best Car !… read on to find out… Continue reading

Noise on Drought is prelude to Farmer Tax …Jaitley Baba Ki Jai!

All the Noise and Media frenzy on Drought is prelude to Taxing the FARMER… the suicide sector of India… Jaitley Baba Ki Jai!

Looks like the British Raj continues unabated EVEN after INDEPENDENCE of India!!! We already have the Tax on Salt even after the Salt Satyagraha, with the Tax on Agriculture sector the circle will be complete!

Water crisis - Tax Farmers - Stupid Suggestion

While the Agriculture sector is reeling under one suicide after another… and the water table is falling… and the Government has washed its hands off crop damages of farmers (Farmers will have to insure their crops with insurance companies… one more expense… if they need to get crop damage… special Gift from Modi Sarkar) The government Tax Guys have got together and are planning to Tax the Agriculture sector.

Another link: As Crorepati farmers mushroom, tax officials go digging.

 It would not be correct to say that the Agriculture Tax has been… Continue reading

Mahindra’s love with Rent-A-Car & Taxi companies continues…

Mahindra’s love with Rent-A-Car & Taxi companies continues… which suddenly they have started to call “Start-up companies”…

Quote Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd, the maker of E2O, a two-door small electric car, is set to get a boost from a clutch of start-ups that see untapped potential in the commercial application of electric vehicles in a country which is grappling to provide a sustainable urban transport solution to curb air pollution in over-congested cities. “We are working with a bunch of start-ups,” said Arvind Mathew, chief executive, Mahindra Reva in an interview last week. Mathew did not identify all the firms or the order expected from each. Unquote.

So these following 3 companies will buy about 34 cars each per month for the next 12 months. The so called “start-ups” include:

  • Bangalore-based Lithium Urban Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a (technology-based electric vehicle) fleet company;
  • Myles, the self drive company of Carzonrent India Pvt. Ltd; and
  • Dreamz Mynewcar India Pvt. Ltd which runs online car sales portal

The silver lining being “It plans to commence export of the model to the UK from June 2016.”

Then there is another statement that goes on to say “Mahindra is set to launch the electric version of the Verito sedan later this month” dont know if the company forgot that they had fashionably “soft launched” the Verito in the  FAME Eco-drive which was in line with what they promised on their “unofficial website” published in Dec 2014 at an expected price range of 9 Lakhs (US$ 13,700)!!!

Then there is another 3 pieces of Electric Vehicles which they keep releasing annually…from 2012 the Maxximo mini-Truck,  Maxximo mini-school bus and the Maxximo Van… probably Arvind Mathew forgot to mention them 😉






People’s Car – Electric Rickshaw!

Electric Rickshaw has every quality to become the people’s car.

  1. It is more economical than Tata Nano or ANY Electric Car and cost approx Rs 100,000 (US$1,500)
  2. No maintenance issue unlike petrol & diesel vehicles,
  3. Can carry more people (8+) AND Luggage than most SUVs,
  4. Do not need licence to drive one (as it is slow speed vehicle)
  5. A must have on Farms for many work like- ploughing fields, carrying harvest, pumping water using electricity, drilling holes using electricity and even moving earth, stones and sand!


Like he often does with state guests, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat down for…


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Tata doubles Nano production!!!

Tata will double production of its Nano model, spurred on by strong sales in Year 2016-2016

Strong sales of the Tata Nano in recent months will see the firm double its production output of the car.

The move will see up to 20,000 Nanos built per month this fiscal year (April 2016 – March 2017).

Sales in March of the micro car reached 8,707 units, closing in on the firm’s record high of 9,000 sales, which was set in July last year.


For years the competing auto companies regularly pulled down the vehicle citing safety concerns. Tata Nano with is in fact as safe or unsafe as an Hyundai i10 which also doesn’t have Airbags.

Tata Nano is also one thousand times more safer than bikes, scooters & motorcycles and It is also much safer than the 3 wheel auto-rickshaw too. But these are modes of transport of millions of Indians and billions worldwide.

Many people do not understand that NCAP Safety Ruling has been used as a very cunning Trade Barriers to block the entry of Asian cars into US & European countries. NCAP keeps testing frontal crashes at 60kmph when in real life the crashes which happen due to overspeeding is ALWAYS above 100kmph.

All subcompact cars (be it the Alto, i10, WagonR, Celerio, Beat, or from Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW.. all) due to their short bonnet or “nose” are equally UNSAFE at this speed.

Frontal crash of 60kmph mean… both cars are traveling at 30kmph in a head-on crash… get real… 30kmph speed mean city bumper to bumper city traffic…

People have started to realize that Tata NANO GenX Automatic is one awesome car!!!

Tesla’s 35,000 LOL

Tesla trying to sell US$ 35,000 (Rs 23 Lakh) LOL …oops car… and calling it affordable… this bit of news deserves just LOL from us at PlugInCaroo… one of the biggest Joke of the year… after GoGogogaagora scooter…

Tesla take this _l_ and be happy… not even wasting time putting up a picture!

Good cars like Mahindra E2O are blocked from entering both US and Europe to allow local expensive vehicles like Tesla and BMW to florish and keep EVs out of reach of the common man!!!

Tesla is the anti-thesis of the very spirit of Electric cars…

Making something expensive and profiteering from it is similar to profiteering from organic fruits and vegetables by selling it ABOVE the price of commercial fruit and vegetable produce.

Any vehicle that cannot BETTER the regular vehicles in BOTH price AND performance… is an inferior vehicle.

Zero Sales for Mahindra E2O in 2015-2016?

Following is the stats shown on AutoPortal  in which the Sales of Mahindra E2o is shown as Zero!!!

Sales Chart of E2O for 2015

Don’t know how accurate their numbers are… but it’s kind of shocking that there has not a single E2O sold in the year 2015… from March 2015 right up to Feb 2016??!!??  But when you combine it with the fact that Mahindra & Mahindra themselves do not have ANY numbers to show for E2O sales… you might be convinced that those are the real numbers out there.

Mahindra has also refused to release any more variants of ANY model of Electric Vehicles as of date although it keeps promising to release a new variant within the next 6 months. This has been going on for almost 5 yrs now.

All the reason that we at PlugInCaroo believe that the plug on Project E2O might be pulled around the year 2018!

How about Military Grade flashlights for foglights

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the military grade flashlight G700 costing US$200 for foglights on your electric car and electric bike/scooter?

The solution? Military grade tactical flashlights. Powerful technology used by law enforcement to blind and disorient bad guys, Americans are now gearing up and buying their own.

The G700 Tactical Flashlight is currently the most popular tactical flashlight of choice for most American’s due to it’spowerfully disorienting “strobe mode” that allows the user to flash a blinding strobe light into the attackers eyes, leaving them “disoriented beyond belief.” This can also be used as self defence when under attack to disorient the attackers.

G700 Flashlight

G700 Flashlight

G700 Flashlight - Size

G700 Flashlight – Size


Whether you’re walking alone at night, driving somewhere and break down, or just want a light bright enough to deter animals while you’re camping, tactical flashlights are so bright they give you the advantage.