Tesla’s 35,000 LOL

Tesla trying to sell US$ 35,000 (Rs 23 Lakh) LOL …oops car… and calling it affordable… this bit of news deserves just LOL from us at PlugInCaroo… one of the biggest Joke of the year… after GoGogogaagora scooter…

Tesla take this _l_ and be happy… not even wasting time putting up a picture!

Good cars like Mahindra E2O are blocked from entering both US and Europe to allow local expensive vehicles like Tesla and BMW to florish and keep EVs out of reach of the common man!!!

Tesla is the anti-thesis of the very spirit of Electric cars…

Making something expensive and profiteering from it is similar to profiteering from organic fruits and vegetables by selling it ABOVE the price of commercial fruit and vegetable produce.

Any vehicle that cannot BETTER the regular vehicles in BOTH price AND performance… is an inferior vehicle.


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