Tata doubles Nano production!!!

Tata will double production of its Nano model, spurred on by strong sales in Year 2016-2016

Strong sales of the Tata Nano in recent months will see the firm double its production output of the car.

The move will see up to 20,000 Nanos built per month this fiscal year (April 2016 – March 2017).

Sales in March of the micro car reached 8,707 units, closing in on the firm’s record high of 9,000 sales, which was set in July last year.


For years the competing auto companies regularly pulled down the vehicle citing safety concerns. Tata Nano with is in fact as safe or unsafe as an Hyundai i10 which also doesn’t have Airbags.

Tata Nano is also one thousand times more safer than bikes, scooters & motorcycles and It is also much safer than the 3 wheel auto-rickshaw too. But these are modes of transport of millions of Indians and billions worldwide.

Many people do not understand that NCAP Safety Ruling has been used as a very cunning Trade Barriers to block the entry of Asian cars into US & European countries. NCAP keeps testing frontal crashes at 60kmph when in real life the crashes which happen due to overspeeding is ALWAYS above 100kmph.

All subcompact cars (be it the Alto, i10, WagonR, Celerio, Beat, or from Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW.. all) due to their short bonnet or “nose” are equally UNSAFE at this speed.

Frontal crash of 60kmph mean… both cars are traveling at 30kmph in a head-on crash… get real… 30kmph speed mean city bumper to bumper city traffic…

People have started to realize that Tata NANO GenX Automatic is one awesome car!!!


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