People’s Car – Electric Rickshaw!

Electric Rickshaw has every quality to become the people’s car.

  1. It is more economical than Tata Nano or ANY Electric Car and cost approx Rs 100,000 (US$1,500)
  2. No maintenance issue unlike petrol & diesel vehicles,
  3. Can carry more people (8+) AND Luggage than most SUVs,
  4. Do not need licence to drive one (as it is slow speed vehicle)
  5. A must have on Farms for many work like- ploughing fields, carrying harvest, pumping water using electricity, drilling holes using electricity and even moving earth, stones and sand!


Like he often does with state guests, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat down for…


a ‘chai pe charcha’ with recipients of e-rickshaws he distributed in Noida on Tuesday, adding weighty symbolism to the launch of his government’s latest initiative – Stand Up India.

Sipping tea from an earthen cup outside a stall specifically set up for this tea-a-tete, Modi spent nearly 14 minutes with his audience of 23 – 17 of them e-rickshaw recipients – for a session of ‘mann ki baat’ in which he heard more than he spoke.

Satish Tiwari, an e-rickshaw driver who has been driving a rented vehicle, told the PM what a boon the micro-credit scheme was to people like him.

“The rent for the rickshaw I drive is Rs 300-400 per day. That’s a lot. Sometimes, I don’t take home enough for the family.” Now he need not pay the rent as he got the E-Rickshaw. The PM, who had asked the recipients about their livelihoods, was thanked by another recipient, a woman, for the initiative.

E-Rickshaw carrying Scooter and 3 persons

E-Rickshaw carrying Scooter and 3 persons – Now how many SUVs can do dat?

The stall on the Sector 62 ground was set up by another e-rickshaw recipient and bore his name, ‘Babu bhai chaiwale’. Babu bhai, however, has nothing to do with selling tea. He paints houses and is happy to have an e-rickshaw of his own, linked to the Ola app, that he hopes will fetch him more bookings and transform the e-rickshaw scene, just as it has done for cabs.

Modi himself took an e-rickshaw ride and demonstrated the app for beneficiaries, making a booking through Ola and paying for the ride through a mobile wallet. He distributed 5,100 e-rickshaws to promote self-employment.

At the launch, the PM also outlined the vision behind initiatives like Startup India and Stand Up India. “The one who is a job seeker today will become a job creator…. The one who is searching for a job will transform into one who will provide jobs… It will open a new avenue for employment for the country’s youth,” he said. The PM also handed out loans for self-employment and entrepreneurship development.

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