Mahindra’s love with Rent-A-Car & Taxi companies continues…

Mahindra’s love with Rent-A-Car & Taxi companies continues… which suddenly they have started to call “Start-up companies”…

Quote Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd, the maker of E2O, a two-door small electric car, is set to get a boost from a clutch of start-ups that see untapped potential in the commercial application of electric vehicles in a country which is grappling to provide a sustainable urban transport solution to curb air pollution in over-congested cities. “We are working with a bunch of start-ups,” said Arvind Mathew, chief executive, Mahindra Reva in an interview last week. Mathew did not identify all the firms or the order expected from each. Unquote.

So these following 3 companies will buy about 34 cars each per month for the next 12 months. The so called “start-ups” include:

  • Bangalore-based Lithium Urban Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a (technology-based electric vehicle) fleet company;
  • Myles, the self drive company of Carzonrent India Pvt. Ltd; and
  • Dreamz Mynewcar India Pvt. Ltd which runs online car sales portal

The silver lining being “It plans to commence export of the model to the UK from June 2016.”

Then there is another statement that goes on to say “Mahindra is set to launch the electric version of the Verito sedan later this month” dont know if the company forgot that they had fashionably “soft launched” the Verito in the  FAME Eco-drive which was in line with what they promised on their “unofficial website” published in Dec 2014 at an expected price range of 9 Lakhs (US$ 13,700)!!!

Then there is another 3 pieces of Electric Vehicles which they keep releasing annually…from 2012 the Maxximo mini-Truck,  Maxximo mini-school bus and the Maxximo Van… probably Arvind Mathew forgot to mention them 😉






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