Mahindra E2O V/s Renault Twizy V/s Renault Zoe V/s Nissan Leaf – Comparison

Now that the Mahindra E2O has gone to UK… its time to review the car against its younger brothers… the Twizy, Zoe and Leaf… younger brothers because the Mahindra E2O is Version 2.0 of the Chetan Maini’s Reva Car called G-Wiz in UK. The first generation of G-Wiz was an awesome car back then also… and it offered something no car maker ever dared to do 20yrs ago!!! To make an electric car… and also export it to 23 countries. An Era when Tesla as a company was not even born. A car so light which could be pushed by a 5th grade student. The Lead Acid battery in the 1st generation car could last as long as 5 YEARS!!!  The lead Acid battery longevity is unparalleled even today !!! The Version 1 of E2O called Reva Car had also traveled 3,500 kms cross country through 15 Cities in India in the year 2009.  To find an investor/car maker Chetan lost 10 precious years… 5yrs in his chase to find a car maker who could maker bigger investment to take it forward… and another 5yrs to get the car manufactured and released. But even after loosing 10 years the version 2 is almost on par with the Best Electric Car in the business… The Nissan LEAF. Nissan has taken great care to pack the Leaf with a lot of goodies… which made the Leaf cost (£27,230) almost twice as expensive as E2O (£15,995). But then it is no mean task for Mahindra E2O to come out 2nd Best Car !… read on to find out…

E2O Vs Twizy, Zoe & Leaf

E2O Vs Twizy, Zoe & Leaf

E2O Vs Twizy-Zoe & Leaf-3.jpg

The real price of Renault Zoe including Battery Price is as follows. This is kind of hidden from the new car buyer unless you go to the bottom of the website… It’s like they have stated it “very clearly” but its hidden at the same time 😉

The Real Price of Renault Zoe Electric Car is 21,045 while in their website they have shown a much reduced price to attract sales. 


The website shows the price excluding the MANDATORY Battery Hire charges.  

The terrible music system used in Renault Zoe which is similar to the one used in Megane GT is discussed in the below video:



















Nissan Leaf Price


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