PM Modi distributes E-Boats in Varanasi

PM Modi launches the environment friendly “E-Boats” at Assi Ghat, Varanasi. The boat can be charged by Solar Panels and it can ride for 4 hours straight… this 4 hours could save the boatman about Rs 20,000 in a month or Rs 240,000 in a year.

Boats have an inherent advantage of solar and battery because as they are always out in the sun and surrounding the boat with solar panels will always be an advantage. One 300 watt solar panel cost just Rs 14,000 on Snap Deal and save you lakhs in petrol/diesel! The battery advantage is that the motor need not push out VERY HIGH speed but optimum speed which conserves battery life.

The boat released above is a traditional single hull boat which have the propensity to tilt. Instead double or triple hull pontoon boats are perfect as these do not tilt and are much more steady even over rough waters.

4 years ago the Kerala government too had released solar electric boat

This video is of the second solar boat launched by TeamSustain, Kerala.This boat is 100% powered with Solar Photovoltaic modules, placed at the roof tops. Monocrystalline panels are used for the same. The DC output of the panels are controlled using a charge controller and stored in Batteries. The energy stored in the batteries, are used to power the electric motor propeller and allied component of the boat. This solar boat can run during normal daytime and for extra 8 hours without sunlight.

As backup option an electrical plug in port is provided to charge the batteries using conventional 220V,A.C 50 Hz, electricity . This boat is of 10 seater capacity.  This solar boat is entirely designed and made in India. The components used are from other countries.  All safety rules are considered,while designing and practiced in this boat. This boat is registered and authorized for transportation by governmental authorities. For more details on solar boat or solar related data, refer to or email to

Two years ago the compact 4 person solar boat had been released by the Central Institute of Fisheries Technologies took delivery of its solar fishing boat named CIFT Sun Boat in a ceremony led by Kerala Fisheries Minister K. Babu at Matsyafed Aquatic Farm, Njarakkal.

Andhra too had launched a chinese solar boat with good design on the river Krishna

solar boat on river krishna



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