Toyota trying to bring down Modi’s “Brand India”

Toyota has quite irresponsibly started making statements that it does not have confidence in Modi’s Brand India because in a tiny part of India… diesel engines have been banned… that too only those above 2ltrs have been banned. All these years of the country giving Toyota all the tax breaks and advantages of investing in India has been thrown in the garbage by TOYOTA with that statement. The exact statement has been “Toyota Motor’s confidence in India has taken a big knock after the Supreme Court ban since mid-December 2015  on sale of high-end diesel cars and SUVs, and the continuing uncertainty… Is only adding to it. ” There is no uncertainity M/s Toyota…. UK, France and the world have started to realize the problems with diesel car and have started to ban it.

M/s Toyota… What is the problem with replacing diesel engines with Petrol or CNG engines that will benefit the consumer? Are you unable to do that?…something that other car-owners are doing? After all you can send the diesel engines to other state of India and need not re-export them. So even that is not a major problem. Then what is the problem? Gamesmanship… right?

This is a company that has till date not launched a single Electric car or hybrid car in India in spite of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s push on electric cars and renewable energy. They don’t even have a proper sub-compact car to compete in India as the small cars make low profits. Personally I find the Tata Indigo is a much better car than Corolla on top of that Indigo gives a mileage of around 25kmpl! Other cars like Honda City & Civic are much better than Corolla.

Toyota models – the Innova, Fortuner, Land Cruiser and Prado (except the Corolla and lower-end models) have taken a hit. Toyota is concerned with only big PROFITS and not concerned about people’s health…. This is proof by the statements that they are making. Meaning which they will not be launching Electric cars in India.  Who cares?… India already has the best electric car in the world (value for money) in Mahindra’s & Chetan Maini’s E2O.

Toyota company has further stated that “ the element of trust has been broken between Toyota and the country as a whole, he said “it has become very difficult to launch new products or commit fresh investments.”… although the diesel engine ban is effective only in so tiny a part of India…that  it is not even a full State and do not have its own police force although it is the capital of India. Toyota has no doubt insulted the country as a whole.

Companies who wish to invest in ANY country must abide by its laws especially when iwhen the country’s citizen’s health is in question… but Toyota is trying to mount the pressure on India by trying to malign the “Brand India” that our Prime Minsiter Mr. Narendra Modi is so much trying to build.  Such companies who have no respect of India and its people’s health should be kicked out of India at the earliest and they must be very much willing as they don’t want to invest more and have “lost trust”.

Perhaps Toyota do not understand that this is the New India emerging from its ashes and not willing to bend over backwards to accommodate even the biggest companies if they don’t play by the rules. Nestle’s Noodle Ban is a good sample for Toyota to savor before opening its mouth so much that its foot lands in it. Companies like Toyota have become the biggest sellers of car not because of their quality but by exploiting developing countries like us and other under developed countries. Its time for the Government to be strict with such companies and give their balls a real tight squeeze.

Another awesome article on how bad drivers are attracted to Toyota. So if you are a good driver avoid Toyota cars says the article… check it out… talks a lot of sense…


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