Ather has a chance to dominate the world tractor market

Ather Energy has a chance to dominate the world tractor market… bigger and wider wheels are paramount… it can completely capture Mahindra Tractor sales… whether Ather prefers to do this is completely up to them…. 70% of India resides in villages and of that 90 percent of Indian farms are small holding between 1 to 5 acres. It is expensive for a farmer to hire tractor and transport services frequently not only for ploughing his field… but also to transport his goods to the nearby market… and also to use as a work horse on the farm…. like carrying stuff like saplings or harvest to and from house, etc.

It would make great economic sense for Ather if it can combine the torque and low cost-per-usage advantages of Electric Vehicle to design a small ELECTRIC TRACTORS the size of electric rickshaw would be a great welcome and also lower the expense of the Indian farmer who are having to make do with very high expenses of farming…

Actually the existing electric rickshaw can be modified a little by adding bigger and wider wheel on the rear and the front. This vehicle can be a rickshaw and also double up as a tractor when needed. Since the vehicle will be under the sun providing solar panels to  dc-recharge the batteries would be a boon too. The vehicle could have Li-Ion or Lead Acid batteries….

Its sad that Enfield has chosen to ignore this huge market…. the problem with Indian market is that there is so much profit in any sector that there is no need to even innovate… just keep doing the same thing… The bullet has more or less remained the same until the last few years, Bajaj kept making auto rickshaws for so many years… but never thought of making a trike or an ATV buggy… and TVS bikes have been similar from ages…. the Nano has been the only vehicle to undergo so many changes… but even there you dont see the open top convertible Nano…. or the muscle Nano. Now even the Nano has reached a comfortable stage after GenX from where it will stay almost boringly unchanged for another decade…. the classic example is the Ambassador and Padmini… never changed its shape… neither its boot… not its hood.

Indian Engineers have yet to make… impact on India’s biggest industry… the Agriculture and Diary Industry where except for Mahindra most of the manufacturers from Farm Machines and Diary Machines are foreign companies. India’s biggest SUV maker is Mahindra and even Mahindra makes more than half of its money from selling tractors… proving how major the tractor industry in India is. But unlike in Automobiles Mahindra is a respected name in Tractors since a long time. Mahindra is the world’s 15th best Tractor maker see it here in the list just below Lamborginhi. You can even vote your favorite tractor there!

The below innovation can be done with any bike and also with electric rickshaw… with obviously bigger and wider wheels else the existing tiny wheels of electric rickshaw will get stuck in the mud.

Farmers in India generally use bullocks for ploughing their land, and if they are well off, they use tractors. But there are some farmers who are unable to afford none and as they say necessity is the mother of all inventions, a Gujarati farmer, Mansukh Jagani has converted a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle into a ploughing machine.

Christened as Bullet ‘Santi’, meaning Bullet Ploughing, Mr Jagani developed the ploughing motorcycle back in 1994. In 1993, Mr Jagani’s village named Mota Devaliya in Amreli District, Gujarat faced drought, because of which he was forced to sell the pair of bullocks he owned. “There was no point in going back to bullocks as they had become extremely expensive due to lack of water and fodder in a drought year,” adds Mr Jagani.

This is what led to Bullet Santi. Mr Jagani, who is a school drop-out, had seen motorcycles in his village which were modified as rickshaws for transportation. He applied the same logic behind Santi, replaced the rear wheel with two smaller wheels and attached a detachable instrument which enables the motorcycle to plough land when needed and when not needed, the same instrument can be removed and used like a normal motorcycle.

Talking about the advantages of Santi, Mr Jagani says, “Bullet Santi cuts down expenses by over 40 per cent. Moreover, you have to feed bullocks through the year whether they can be used in farming or not. Bullet Santi, on the other hand, drinks fuel only when used.”

After almost two decades, the situation today is such that, Mr Jagani owns a workshop where he builds modifies Bullet Motorcycles in Bullet Santi. Everday hundreds of farmers in Saurashtra, Gujarat start their Bullet Santi and plough an acre of land within half an hour and utilizing just 1 liters of diesel. Mr Jagani says, “Till now, I have made 500 such devices and there are more than 500 people who are making it. It can sow 20 bighas of land using one litre of diesel for every four bighas (1 acre). There is no other alternative given the benefits you get.”

Sanedo with full length differential running on uneven land

Bullet Santi has been granted patent in the US. Jaganis motorbike-polycultivator bagged a national award at NIFs first National Competition for Grassroots Innovations and Traditional Knowledge in 2001. According to official website of Bullet Santi;

Salient features:

Easy to assemble and disassemble, therefore the motorcycle can be used for transportation after completing farm operations.

Field capacity (coverage) of the machine is 4 acres/hr (1.8 ha/hr) for groundnut cultivation. However, it may vary for different crops depending upon the soil conditions and cropping pattern.

The unit is capable of performing all the agricultural operation carried out by pairs of bullock and subset of operations performed by tractor.

Can also be used for goods transporting operations by attaching a small trailer.

Fuel consumption of the machine is 1 lit/hr for groundnut cultivation.

 IPR status:

Patent granted in USA & Patent filed in India.

Size of the market opportunity in India:

Rs 20 to 30 crore (on the basis of the installed base of bullet motorcycles in rural India)


Main attachment – Rs. 22000 and Multiple tool – Rs. 3000

Current status:

The product is ready for commercialization and the innovator has so far sold 60 attachments in Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

Special Achievements: Awarded by National Innovation Foundation

The Ubco 2x2 is a dual electric motorbike that will redefine the way you work 
outdoors. Watch the 2x2 in action:



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