CNG Scorpio… the best car ever!

The dilemma of buying an  SUV in India today is HUGE as diesel cars are a very polluting lot and because of that they are getting banned in quite a lot of cities.

Convert 2.2L Petrol Scorpio to CNG

Convert 2.2L Petrol Scorpio to CNG

Because of the ban M&M is looking forward to introduce the Scoprio with a 2.2L petrol engine into the Indian market which is at present exported to many countries. Actually Mahindra can retrofit these petrol Scorpios with CNG kits and it will be more actractive than even the Diesel Scorpio due to the low fuel expense and low maintenance cost.

Maintenance and service of Diesel engine is also more expensive than Petrol because of the fact that Diesel is a very thick liquid…more thicker than any oil that you have seen…

But to beat the companies the customer must buy Petrol SUVs and convert them to CNG. This is actually very profitable for the people as Petrol is 60% more expensive than CNG as on 2016 CNG = Rs 41 and petrol = Rs 66 in Mumbai. Not only that buy CNG gives better mileage than petrol and there is absolutely no loss of “power”.

Drive SUV at the cost of a scooter

Drive SUV at the cost of a scooter

CNG means Compressed Natural Gas.

The beauty with CNG is that you can have a car at the cost of a bike.

But do note that converting to CNG would void your car warranty. But who cares when you can save around Rs 20,000 per year in fuel costs!!! So instead of buying a tiny unsafe subcompact car it makes great sense to buy a petrol Scorpio and convert it to CNG after the first 1,000 (just in case if the car has some tiny problems its better to test it for 1000 kms).

There are many people who have converted to CNG and are happy they have done it. Check them out here:

Why Is Natural Gas a Good Source of Fuel for Survival Vehicles?

Commercially available natural gas includes 70 – 90% methane. Since methane is made from the decomposition of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, it is actually very easy to make even at home from kitchen and toilet waste (biogas).

(Can you even believe it you will be driving a car fuel of which you can make at home!). But PLEASE AVOID USING LPG OR COOKING GAS as it is very dangerous and thus illegal!!!

Even though you may only get 50 – 80% methane in a home based methane generator, it is still enough to power vehicles and just about anything else in your survival location.

Therefore, even if petroleum based products become unavailable, you will still be able to run farm equipment converted to natural gas and other essentials for making a living without relying on the current society.


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