Tata Nano EV @ 4 Lakhs & 200km Range!!!

Thanks to BHPian tushky who sent the spyshots in to Team-BHP. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts!

Image Source: RushLane

A test mule of the Tata Nano has been spotted testing with… an open fuel filler area, which reportedly houses an electric power socket. This new spotting suggests that Tata Motors might be mulling to launch an Electric Vehicle (EV) variant of the Nano in the near future.

Another important thing worth noticing in the recent spy shots is the gap between the wheel arch and the tyres. The existing Nano AMT variant is currently the heaviest model in the Nano line-up. The car spotted testing has a suspension that has been compressed a lot more, even as compared to the Nano AMT. This might be a result of the heavy battery pack that this Nano EV test mule is lugging around.

Keeping in mind the narrow footprint and tall height of the Nano, Tata Motors would likely place the battery pack closer to the floor of the car in order to enhance its centre of gravity and weight distribution. Though detailed specifications of the electric powertrain on offer aren’t out yet, the Nano Electric would likely retain the rear wheel drive layout.

Image Source: RushLane

We at PlugInCaroo feel that the car looks to be having bigger 13 inch which make it look that the suspension got compressed a lot. The weight of the battery too would play a role but not so much as it would weigh only as much as 2 adults.

The Tata Nano EV was showcased in 2010 and it had a range around 160KM so the Nano EV 2016 could have a range of 200kms which would be awesome because then people need not recharge everyday. Moreover people planning intercity travel should be able to find charging point at least every 200kms anywhere within the country. Also developing such a paid charging infrastructure with 180 to 200kms distance from other charging stations would be easier for Tatas or other infrastructure building business than it is at present for every 80kms.

Mumbai to Goa with stopovers

Mumbai to Goa with stopovers

Thus Mumbai to Goa a distance of 519 kms can be covered by 2 charging stopover of the Nano. The charging cost would be around Rs 100 to Rs 200 meaning the traveling cost for 4 people to goa would be just Rs 400. If this journey would have been made by petrol car it would cost Rs 2,179 (with petrol at Rs 63 and mileage of 15kmpl).

Week Long Holiday Plan: Nano EV owners could take this opportunity to travel to more than one place on their way to Goa like stopover in Lovanala (for Breakfast), Harihareswar (Lunch), Chiplun (Dinner & overnight stay), Ratnagari (Breakfast), Kankavali  (Lunch) and then finally party in Goa for 3 days and then return stopping at Ratnagari for overnight halt and then at Lovanala for late lunch. Generally people are not able to travel to so many places in one year… leave alone a week… and Tata Nano EV could make that possible and that is the power of Electric Vehicles!!!

If Tata Nano EV would have quick charge option of full charge in 2 hrs then it is possible to reach Goa on the same day taking just 13 hours travel time (9hrs +2hrs+hrs).

Image Source: Team-BHP

We at PlugInCaroo feel the vehicle might not make it to the Diwali-2016 release but could be released around July 2017. We had accurately predicated the price of Tata Nano GenX and PlugInCaroo would once again stick our neck out and predict the full option Tata Nano EV 2017 to be 4 Lakhs. If you plan to buy the car please note that there is no use buying the base version… GO FOR THE FULL OPTION… you don’t buy a car everyday.

All those who are willing to pre-book it are encouraged to make enquires at dealers around Diwaly-2016 time. The vehicle will be of very good fit and finish as are all Indian vehicles post 2015. After 2016 all Indian vehicles have the fit and finish of international vehicles.

Families on 2Wheelers

Families on 2Wheelers

And for those people who bring up safety when talking about Nano and then go out and ride scooters/motorbikes and travel by auto-rickshaws every single day  (these 2 vehicles are the most dangerous vehicles on planet earth for its rider) let PlugInCaroo make it very clear that at least Tata Nano is much much safer than both scooter/motorcycle and auto-rickshaw  So if you travel in Scooter/motorcycle or Auto-rickshaw with your family then you are much safer travelling in Tata Nano.

Families on Autorickshaws.jpg

The economics of buying an Electric Vehicle is well known all over the world. And when you have a unique car that is unique and renowned in the world the pride of owning is double. Tata Nano EV would be the most economical car to have and maintain EVER in the WORLD!!!

Tata Nano EV would also become the cheapest 4-Door Electric Car in the World taking the prize away from Mahindra E2O!!! The Nano GenX journey has taught Tata to fill the Nano with goodies as Nano has become a Brand and is no longer just a car model. This again makes its an unique and an awesome and must have car!


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