Hero ELectric NYX Scooter @ Rs 29,990

Hero Electric has announced an online launch of its latest product – Hero Electric Nyx, starting at 29,990. The e-scooter will be available exclusively on Paytm, and will be the first time that an e-bike company has chosen an online platform to launch their product.

Hero Electric NYX

The Hero Electric NYX was launched on June 5, 2016 which was the World Environment Day. The bike is easily available at India’s largest… mobile payment platform – Paytm. Hero Electric NYX will be launched in 15 different cities across the country and will be followed by the availability of e-bikes across all the local dealerships of Hero Electric.

Hero NYX Electric Scooter - Features

Hero NYX Electric Scooter – Features

Commenting about the launch, Sohinder Gill, CEO Hero Electric said, “Hero is registering a significant rise in demand for its e-bikes. Amid growing awareness about sustainability, we have decided to launch the Hero Electric NYX on World Environment Day to underline the importance of eco-friendly modes of transport. We are eyeing a target of 1000 units within the first two weeks of launch.”

Hero NYX Electric Scooter - Specification

Hero NYX Electric Scooter – Specification

Renu Satti, Vice president Paytm stated that, “We have been receiving an extremely positive response from consumers, regarding different variants of Hero Electric e-bikes and are highly delighted to be the online partner for this exclusive launch of Hero Electric NYX. Paytm has accounted for 5% of the pan-India sales of Hero Electric in the last month. We’re expecting a similar demand for NYX on our platform.”

Hero Electric NYX

Tiny 10 inch wheel takes away the might of the electric vehicle and makes it look like a toy

While the Hero ELectric NYX isn’t as well designed or feature packed as the Ather S340, the other electric scooter that is soon to be launched, the price tag of Rs 29,900 will surely make Hero’s e-scooter the favourite among the masses. Do you think electric vehicles are going to gain mass popularity in India in the following years? Or will their petrol powered counterparts continue to dominate? Let us know in the comments below.

In January 2016 Hero had also launched the electric tipper/dumper costing just Rs 1.84 Lakh and can carry loads as much as 4ooKg or 0.4 Ton.

Hero is also bringing out India’s 1st Li-Ion Battery powered Hero Optima DX with 3 yrs unlimited mileage warranty! This would be almost 3 times the price of the Lead Acid Battery ones currently available and no other advantage other than higher speed (for this you will also need licence, insurance and registration – read more expense). But the Li-Ion vehicle will need battery replacement only after 5yrs instead of 2 years as it is for current vehicles. http://heroelectric.in/optima-dx-li-ion/?view-product=y

The Lead Acid battery vehicles also have lower chances of theft as the second hand vehicles have very low resale value and there is also a chance of the bike stopping midway due to the charge emptying. So bike thives will prefer to steal a petrol scooter or motorcycle than a Lead Acid Battery bike. But battery robbers might take a liking to the bike! Check for the option of carrying the battery home from your bike!!!

Check out Hero’s website: http://heroelectric.in/


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