TM E-Speed Electric Scooter Revealed 2016

KTM has announced plans to produce the Speed scooter concept it showed at Tokyo this year as the E-SPEED. Based on the FREERIDE E electric drivetrain, the production version of the E-SPEED is expected to deliver a performance profile similar to a 125cc gas-powered scooter. At nearly 15 hp, the output of the E-SPEED should be well suited to urban riding, especially given its top speed of just under 55 mph. That puts it in Stella or Symba territory performance wise. Take a close look at the front rotor and you’ll see an ABS ring. Will this make it to production? While no mention of range was given, the 4.36kWh battery is said to charge in as little as two hours on 220v of wall power.

Most larger electrics give the performance of a 150cc gas-powered scooter in the form factor of a 650. Meanwhile the electric scooters actually sized like 150s give a performance output that’s shamed by many 50cc gas-powered bikes.


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