St Stanislaus, Bandra goes solar

St.Stanislaus High School

In a bid to cut down expenses, St Stanislaus High School, a semi-aided school in Bandra, has turned to generating power for itself by installing solar panels. According to the school, the panels, which were installed at a cost of `70 lakh, which was arranged…

for by way of a loan, generate enough electricity to cater to the primary and secondary section, and the school is left with a surplus. The school says it is mulling supplying the surplus power to residential and commercial premises located adjacent to the school so that it can generate revenue to pay off the loan. Taking a cue from St Stanislaus High School, another school has also installed solar panels.

Speaking about the initiative, Ms Anna Correa, principal of the school, said that the costs of running the school were very high and one of the recurring expenses it had to bear was for electricity. “The school pays above `3 lakh per month towards electricity usage charges and it was becoming difficult to pay the bills. The problem was placed before the alumni of the school, who suggested the installation of solar panels,” said Ms Correa.

The St Stanislaus Ex-Students Association (SSESA) was instrumental in not only convincing the school to install the solar panels but also contributed towards purchasing them as well as arranged for loans for the same. “Though the investment seems high, by saving on electricity bills the school can pay off the loan within 30 months and thus become self-sufficient,” said an alumnus of the school, who did not wish to be named.

Ms Correa agreed and said that the panels were installed on the roof of St Peter’s church, which is adjacent to the school premises, and they generate enough energy to power up both the primary and secondary sections of the school.

“We have adequate power and in fact for the past few months we have been generating surplus power, which we are passing onto the Reliance power grid. However, we are mulling selling the additional power to residential and commercial premises adjacent to the school, which will help pay off the loan too,” said Ms Correa.

Taking a cue from the successful generation of electricity from solar panels, Apostolic Carmel, a school close to St Stanislaus, has also installed solar panels. “Our school is the first to install the panels and the principal of Carmel Convent school had also expressed her willingness to install the panels in their school. We are glad to have started an initiative, which is not only environment friendly but also very economical,” said Ms Correa.

So check it out when you go to the”Bandra Fair” which will be on  11 Sept to 18 Sept 2016! The last 2 days will witness huge crowds so try to go before that.

Not only that…twenty-seven-year-old Rakesh Gupta’s Pani Puri stall is a unique one for many reasons. Rakesh runs his small-scale business on Hill Road in Bandra (W), opposite St. Stanislaus High School.

This Pani Puri wala goes green by using electricity from solar panel

Rakesh has installed solar panel on top of his stall in order to use the energy when it gets dark on the street. Rakesh purchased the solar panel, last year, from his hometown in Uttar Pradesh, for Rs 2,000. “I get enough electricity during night now. Installing the solar panel has been very useful. It cuts down on my light expenditures too,” he said.


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