Kerala to have Solar E-rickshaws soon!

01 September 2016

Kerala will soon have a solar-powered three-wheeler rickshaws.The solar panels fitted on the roof  will provide power, stored in a battery. The battery can be charged by electricity in the absence of solar power. The project, conceptualized by an entrepreneur, is set to be launched on August 15.

The vehicle is being assembled by Lifeway Solar Private Limited, a Kochi-based enterprise, owned by Georgekutty Karianappally, who said the vehicle could seat five persons.

The solar panels fitted on the roof are 1.5 metres long and 1 metre wide. The vehicle can attain a speed of 40 km and can run a minimum of 80 km with a six-hour charging from solar light, Mr. Karianapally said. After the pilot project, it would be extended to various cities in Kerala, he said.

The project has been submitted for clearance from the Transport Commissionerate hoping that clearance would be received soon.



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