Sunny Days for the EV Charging Kiosks

What is an EV charging Kiosk? This is an EV Charging Station that could (depending upon the location) charge your EV for free or for a FEE. This fee could also vary depending upon the location of the station.

How does it work?

How the Smart EV Charging Kiosk/Station would function. These are already functioning in UK
How the Smart EV Charging Kiosk/Station functions in UK. The 3rd step can be avoided by getting RFID built in the vehicle. This will also protect against theft.

There is also another challenge… about places with power cuts. There is solution for this also. In places like Kerala even today they almost live in the dark ages… electricity keeps going and coming through the day. But most houses have inverters & batteries… meaning half the work is done. Only solar panels have to be installed and they can totally kiss goodbye to the grid.

                                    Image result

But Kerala in spite of its literacy has been very superbly kept in the dark-ages by its politicians. They have a completely solar powered airport but not a single house is powered by the Solar panels. Ok a few people in the government got their houses solar paneled for free from companies who were supposed to install it for the people in the state in line with ANERT /MNRE. To scare people from using Solar Panels a scam was created/manipulated called Solar-Sarita. Today every single malayali is scared of the very word “solar-panel”.

Places with power-cut could install Solar Panels to charge the bike/car along with their batteries.

Long story short… those places without power already have inverters & batteries and they only need solar panels just about Rs 100,000 is enough. This plus a few hours of the grid is enough to re-charge 4 bikes or 2 cars. If such stations can be placed 60 to 80kms apart on the highways it would be great. Not only would the cities and villages be lit-up but also the EVs can be charged.

Today most houses experiencing power cut have Inverter & batteries… now they only need Solar Panels to turn into power producers!!!

Also Tork guys should talk with Ather & Mahindra to coordinate the infrastructure buildup. But both being VC funded and controlled and coordinating with “know-it-all” Mahindra petrol-head guys would be an uphill task. Tork & Ather are afraid to even release pictures and testing footages as if they are building some kind of atom bomb.

Maybe only way out is for Tork to do all the hard-work. But then there is as much profit in building the charging network as much as the bike itself. Because many existing Chinese scooters, Ather scooters, Mahindra cars, BMW i8, Nissan Leaf and possibly even Tesla might charge from it and give them profit. Also creating the charging kiosk & app will give them a huge advantage in the market almost like software company Microsoft had in a PC hardware market back in 1975. The charging companies would get to know the existing market pulse as how many of these EVs are charging from it and all the riding/driving statistics.

 This would be a huge boon for these companies if they look to build electric cars someday.

One day if at all Tesla enters India… which they might do… because after Apple comes out with an electric car in 2019… the interest for Tesla cars might be very low… Today Tesla is already on its knees with finances. So Tesla in India might not even be in a position to set up charging points.

So those entering the charging-kiosk-business must keep these aspects in mind so that the quality of look and finish of the kiosk might appeal to brands like Nissan, BMW, Tesla & Apple… so much so that they would be happy to come together. Because building charging infrastructure across 50% to 70% of the 7th biggest landscape in the world is not easy.

If at all they are going to build charging stations IT HAS TO BE ON HIGHWAYS. There is absolutely no two ways about it. This point was put across to Mr Chetan Maini in year 2015 by PlugInIndia and even he had agreed that they could connect the north and south of India with just about 50 charging stations. This is a problem every EV has faced sometime or the other when out on the highways. So Solve this INTERCITY PROBLEM FIRST.

If I had an E-Car and I had a pay-charging station next to my house I would charge the car at my house 100% of the time. Similarly if I was traveling I would ensure (like all EV people) to charge my car before I leave.

But If I was traveling intercity I would have no option but to charge at the Highway pay-charge station.

Another Question would come to mind… should some of the charging stations be free? Absolutely NO! No.1 Since this is a new business venture and they would need money to build more charging stations to enable more people. Thus all charging MUST BE PAID unless the Govt steps in and decides it can provide power free to charge the EVs. This they can do easily by putting solar panels on all Govt Buildings Schools, Parks, Flyovers, Foothpaths, Bus Stops, Bus Stations, Railway Stations & Parking Spaces.

The more I think about it… the more strongly I feel… that those who dominate the charging infrastructure will be more successful and dominate the EV market in India!

Mahindra & Tata for that sake has missed the bus COMPLETELY… and never gonna understand it… nor will they ever catch up. These guys sat on the Indian EV Industry for close to a decade and hatched a few under-marketed eggs. These colonial era companies will surely be leaped over… just like Meru, Ola and Uber leaped over Yellow taxis in Mumbai.


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