Models for EV Projects!

Its amazing to  see that it can seat so many!!! Good model for an EV project.

This is Revision 3 of the electric go kart. It has a new Ramsey winch motor and a 400amp curtis 1204-410 motor controller. The sprockets have been upgraded to hold a #35 chain and the new size chain has been added. I the motor specs: 8000RPM at 24v, 32 in pounds of torque, 45 amps no load, 140 amps full load 6 hp continuous, 11 peak, running currently at 36v 85amps. Thanks for watching. Please leave your comments in the section below. Please note: this is not supposed to be professional looking or super-functionalal for that metter, it was meant to be a fun project.

The Solar Powered Go Kart is Made by Solar Power Expert from FFG Solar Power Trading based in San Lorenzo South, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna , Philippines. Powered by 190 watts Mono Crystalline Solar Panel, 200watts DC Brushless Motor, 50AH/24V Battery and Digital Controller. Eco friendly and no emission.

The quadricycle was built by Charles Oravec, Lab Supervisor & Electronics Tech for the Occidental College Physics Department and Awot Ghirmai.

It has four car batteries, which are charged using a solar panel. It is driven by two electronic motors, one in each front wheel.

Also present at the testing were: Jean-Luc Gauvreau, Post-Doctoral Fellow and Steve Sadler, a PhD student at the University of Sheffield, UK.

The bike was created as a summer exercise.

For more info go to:
Locally made 4 wheel bicycle is fun to drive.




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